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6669Elvis presley(anyone) could fall in love with you1964duoeuropeParolesYoutube
39573Jake owenAlone with you2011duoeuropeParolesYoutube
60248Mike denverAlone with you2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
31007Tevin campbellAlone with you1992duoeuropeParolesYoutube
15615Dwight yoakamAlways late with your kisses1987duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7288Enrique iglesiasBe with you2000duoeuropeParolesYoutube
50955HalestormBeautiful with you2012duoeuropeParolesYoutube
18573Smokey robinsonBeing with you1981duoeuropeParolesYoutube
57494Ariana grandeBreak up with your girlfriend, i'm bored2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
18530Karyn whiteCan i stay with you1994duoeuropeParolesYoutube
29552India arieCan i walk with you2003duoeuropeParolesYoutube
45001Harry connick jr.Can't help falling in love with you2009duoeuropeParolesYoutube
61376Brandi carlileCarried me with you2020duoeuropeParolesYoutube
62345GleeChristmas eve with you2011duoeuropeParolesYoutube
60363Sasha sloanDancing with your ghost2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
56377Carrie underwoodEnd up with you2018duoeuropeParolesYoutube
32214Cliff richardFall in love with you1960duoeuropeParolesYoutube
21792The wedding singer (1998 film)Grow old with you1997duoeuropeParolesYoutube
19069Pat benatarHit me with your best shot1980duoeuropeParolesYoutube
43172GleeHit me with your best shot / one way or another2011duoeuropeParolesYoutube
13675Ian duryHit me with your rhythm stick1978duoeuropeParolesYoutube
14346George jonesI always get lucky with you1983duoeuropeParolesYoutube
21372The cranberriesI can't be with you1995duoeuropeParolesYoutube
14688Hank williams, sr.I can't help it (if i'm still in love with you)1951duoeuropeParolesYoutube
50771Linda ronstadtI can't help it (if i'm still in love with you)1974duoeuropeParolesYoutube
32556Cliff richardI could easily fall (in love with you)1964duoeuropeParolesYoutube
58260Elton johnI don't wanna go on with you like that1988duoeuropeParolesYoutube
55762Luke combsI got away with you2017duoeuropeParolesYoutube
9001George straitI just want to dance with you1998duoeuropeParolesYoutube
44355Nathan carterI just want to dance with you2011duoeuropeParolesYoutube
11469Modern englishI melt with you1982duoeuropeParolesYoutube
36403Bay city rollersI only wanna be with you1976duoeuropeParolesYoutube
14912Samantha foxI only wanna be with you1989duoeuropeParolesYoutube
13954Dusty springfieldI only want to be with you1963duoeuropeParolesYoutube
32785Vonda shepardI only want to be with you2002duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7431Jessica simpsonI think i'm in love with you1999duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7371Mandy mooreI wanna be with you2000duoeuropeParolesYoutube
38832Gallagher & lyleI wanna stay with you1976duoeuropeParolesYoutube
12106Boris gardinerI wanna wake up with you1980duoeuropeParolesYoutube
33158Eddy arnoldI want to go with you1966duoeuropeParolesYoutube
28497WestlifeI want to grow old with you2001duoeuropeParolesYoutube
58218Alan jacksonI want to stroll over heaven with you2006duoeuropeParolesYoutube
40601Donna summerI will go with you (con te partirò)1999duoeuropeParolesYoutube
34754Jimmy barnesI'd die to be with you tonight1985duoeuropeParolesYoutube
29847Joshua radinI'd rather be with you2008duoeuropeParolesYoutube
29795The andrews sistersI'll be with you in apple blossom time1941duoeuropeParolesYoutube
39135Peter murphyI'll fall with your knife1995duoeuropeParolesYoutube
15885Gigi d'agostinoI'll fly with you1999duoeuropeParolesYoutube
43769Sagi reiI'll fly with you (l'amour toujours)2006duoeuropeParolesYoutube
11138The beatlesI'm happy just to dance with you1964duoeuropeParolesYoutube
24776Taylor swiftI'm only me when i'm with you2006duoeuropeParolesYoutube
16814Al greenI'm still in love with you1972duoeuropeParolesYoutube
57157Johnny mathisI'm stone in love with you1974duoeuropeParolesYoutube
18035The stylisticsI'm stone in love with you1972duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7201Avril lavigneI'm with you2002duoeuropeParolesYoutube
28319The passionsJust to be with you1959duoeuropeParolesYoutube
33611The proclaimersLife with you2007duoeuropeParolesYoutube
10423James taylorLittle more time with you1997duoeuropeParolesYoutube
9753BreadMake it with you1970duoeuropeParolesYoutube
42534Stardust (band)Music sounds better with you1998duoeuropeParolesYoutube
35081MýaMy first night with you1999duoeuropeParolesYoutube
25093Michael bubléNevertheless (i'm in love with you)2013duoeuropeParolesYoutube
57622GalleryNice to be with you1972duoeuropeParolesYoutube
10825Hootie & the blowfishOnly wanna be with you1992duoeuropeParolesYoutube
14817Hank locklinPlease, help me, i'm falling (in love with you)1960duoeuropeParolesYoutube
38999Suzi quatroShe's in love with you1979duoeuropeParolesYoutube
6310SurfaceShower me with your love1988duoeuropeParolesYoutube
36823TexasSo in love with you1994duoeuropeParolesYoutube
36750U.n.v.So in love with you1995duoeuropeParolesYoutube
35740Kenny chesneySomewhere with you2010duoeuropeParolesYoutube
22398Eric benetSpend my life with you1999duoeuropeParolesYoutube
61987Guy sebastianStanding with you2020duoeuropeParolesYoutube
35698John legendStay with you2004duoeuropeParolesYoutube
27268Jonas brothersStill in love with you2008duoeuropeParolesYoutube
37133SadeStill in love with you2011duoeuropeParolesYoutube
57454Thin lizzyStill in love with you1974duoeuropeParolesYoutube
9645Travis trittStill in love with you1997duoeuropeParolesYoutube
54289Collin rayeStuck in the middle with you2009duoeuropeParolesYoutube
60626Grace potterStuck in the middle with you2017duoeuropeParolesYoutube
5219LouiseStuck in the middle with you2001duoeuropeParolesYoutube
15180Michael bubléStuck in the middle with you2007duoeuropeParolesYoutube
13903Stealers wheelStuck in the middle with you1972duoeuropeParolesYoutube
44595The jeff healey bandStuck in the middle with you1995duoeuropeParolesYoutube
21091Huey lewis & the newsStuck with you1985duoeuropeParolesYoutube
58497Carl perkinsSure to fall (in love with you)1955duoeuropeParolesYoutube
41285Vince gillTake your memory with you1992duoeuropeParolesYoutube
10246George straitThe man in love with you1993duoeuropeParolesYoutube
8495Kenny chesneyThe woman with you2004duoeuropeParolesYoutube
16009Herb alpertThis guy's in love with you1968duoeuropeParolesYoutube
31621Maroon 5Through with you2002duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7189Mr. bigTo be with you1991duoeuropeParolesYoutube
36269Rod stewartTo be with you2001duoeuropeParolesYoutube
9888The mavericksTo be with you1998duoeuropeParolesYoutube
13297Crowded houseWeather with you1992duoeuropeParolesYoutube
17076Barry whiteWhat am i gonna do with you1975duoeuropeParolesYoutube
50864SheriffWhen i'm with you1982duoeuropeParolesYoutube
357371920s standardsWhen you're smiling (the whole world smiles with you)1929duoeuropeParolesYoutube
15797Frank sinatraWhen you're smiling (the whole world smiles with you)1950duoeuropeParolesYoutube
53801Nat king coleWhen you're smiling (the whole world smiles with you)1962duoeuropeParolesYoutube
47724Chris youngWho i am with you2014duoeuropeParolesYoutube
47952Vince gillWho wouldn't fall in love with you2011duoeuropeParolesYoutube
43157Boyce avenueWith you2008duoeuropeParolesYoutube
14641Chris brownWith you2007duoeuropeParolesYoutube
5795Jessica simpsonWith you2003duoeuropeParolesYoutube
56969Mariah careyWith you2018duoeuropeParolesYoutube
42794Matt simonsWith you2012duoeuropeParolesYoutube
18977PippinWith you1972duoeuropeParolesYoutube
34278Tony terryWith you1991duoeuropeParolesYoutube
53172Cody johnsonWith you i am2016duoeuropeParolesYoutube
34251Billy prestonWith you i'm born again1979duoeuropeParolesYoutube
18110Jefferson starshipWith your love1976duoeuropeParolesYoutube