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karafunAlan jacksonSo you don't have to love me anymore2012duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunAlan jacksonWhen somebody loves you2000duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunBoyce avenueSomeone you loved2020duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunBuzzcocksEver fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't 've)1978duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunCarole kingWill you love me tomorrow? / some kind of wonderful / up on the roof) (live)1971 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunCats on treesLove you like a love song2014duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunCharley prideSomeone loves you honey1978duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunCody jinksSomewhere between i love you and i'm leavin'2018duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunDean martin(i love you) for sentimental reasons1965duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunDean martinYou're nobody 'til somebody loves you2011duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunDean martinYou're nobody till somebody loves you1968duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunDelilahLove you so2011duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunDerek ryanSomeday you'll love me2014duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunElton johnYou gotta love someone1990duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunElvis presleyAnd i love you so1975duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunEpic coversSomeone you loved2020duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunEva cassidyNeed your love so bad1997 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunFleetwood macNeed your love so bad1968duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunFrank sinatraYou're nobody till somebody loves you1960duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunGalavantI love you (as much as someone like me can love anyone)2015 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunGeorge straitYou look so good in love1983duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunJames arthurYou're nobody 'til somebody loves you2013duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunJames twWhen you love someone2016duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunJim croceI'll have to say i love you in a song1973duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunJohnny tillotsonWhy do i love you so?1959duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunKiefer sutherlandSomething you love2019duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunLewis capaldiSomeone you loved2018duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunLewis capaldiSomeone you loved (future humans remix)2019duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunLewis capaldiSomeone you loved (madism radio mix)2019duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunLina santiagoFeels so good (show me your love)1996duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunMichael bubléFly me to the moon / you're nobody 'til somebody loves you / just a gigolo2019duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunMichael bubléYou're nobody till somebody loves you2009duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunMonicaWhy i love you so much1996duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunNat king cole(i love you) for sentimental reasons1946duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunNoisettesEver fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've)2010duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunPatsy clineI love you so much it hurts1959duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunPerry comoAnd i love you so1970duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunReba mcentireWhen you love someone like that2007 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunSam cooke(i love you) for sentimental reasons1957duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunSam cookeYou're nobody till somebody loves you1965duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunSelena gomezLove you like a love song2011duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunStingIf you love somebody set them free1985duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunStingIf you love somebody set them free (my songs version)2019duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunTeddy pendergrassWhen somebody loves you back1978duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunTexasSo in love with you1994duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunThe carpentersAll you get from love is a love song1977duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunU.n.v.So in love with you1995duoeurope Paroles Youtube