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31171Dean martin(i love you) for sentimental reasons1965duoeuropeParolesYoutube
21256Nat king cole(i love you) for sentimental reasons1946duoeuropeParolesYoutube
44668Sam cooke(i love you) for sentimental reasons1957duoeuropeParolesYoutube
10612Elvis presleyAnd i love you so1975duoeuropeParolesYoutube
30115Perry comoAnd i love you so1970duoeuropeParolesYoutube
25575Aretha franklinBaby i love you1967duoeuropeParolesYoutube
21267Peter framptonBaby i love your way1975duoeuropeParolesYoutube
35152RamonesBaby, i love you1980duoeuropeParolesYoutube
11407Big mountainBaby, i love your way1994duoeuropeParolesYoutube
30237Will to powerBaby, i love your way / freebird medley1988duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7237Stevie bBecause i love you1996duoeuropeParolesYoutube
42218Lenny williamsCause i love you1978duoeuropeParolesYoutube
55309South park: bigger, longer & uncutChocolate salty balls (p.s. i love you)1998duoeuropeParolesYoutube
38736Billy squierChristmas is the time to say i love you1981duoeuropeParolesYoutube
58137LizzoCuz i love you2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
56025Frank wilsonDo i love you (indeed i do)1965duoeuropeParolesYoutube
17419Cinderella (musical)Do i love you because you're beautiful?1980duoeuropeParolesYoutube
9643Shania twainDon't be stupid (you know i love you)1997duoeuropeParolesYoutube
36189Jason donovanEvery day (i love you more)1989duoeuropeParolesYoutube
52646BoyzoneEvery day i love you1999duoeuropeParolesYoutube
14071Kaiser chiefsEveryday i love you less and less2005duoeuropeParolesYoutube
13477RihannaHate that i love you2007duoeuropeParolesYoutube
9142Elvis presleyHave i told you lately that i love you1957duoeuropeParolesYoutube
43680Michael bubléHave i told you lately that i love you2013duoeuropeParolesYoutube
57333The andrews sistersHave i told you lately that i love you1950duoeuropeParolesYoutube
36647The overtonesHave i told you lately that i love you2010duoeuropeParolesYoutube
15837Gene autryHave i told you lately that i love you?1945duoeuropeParolesYoutube
43961Tony orlando & dawnHe don't love you (like i love you)1975duoeuropeParolesYoutube
30458GleeHello, i love you2010duoeuropeParolesYoutube
6496The doorsHello, i love you1968duoeuropeParolesYoutube
45414Ellie gouldingHow long will i love you2013duoeuropeParolesYoutube
60219Mike denverHow long will i love you2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
55982The waterboysHow long will i love you1990duoeuropeParolesYoutube
22070Céline dionI hate you then i love you1998duoeuropeParolesYoutube
61241Jason allenI just called to say i love you2008duoeuropeParolesYoutube
10092Stevie wonderI just called to say i love you1984duoeuropeParolesYoutube
57944Billie eilishI love you2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
17288Céline dionI love you1996duoeuropeParolesYoutube
10338Climax blues bandI love you1980duoeuropeParolesYoutube
15722Faith evansI love you2001duoeuropeParolesYoutube
42505Faith hillI love you1998duoeuropeParolesYoutube
37030Frank michaelI love you1977duofranceParolesYoutube
37594Ilse delangeI love you2006duoeuropeParolesYoutube
61366MaejorI love you2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
50834GalavantI love you (as much as someone like me can love anyone)2015duoeuropeParolesYoutube
16524Lefty frizzellI love you a thousand ways1952duoeuropeParolesYoutube
31865Jim reevesI love you because1964duoeuropeParolesYoutube
53217Beth hartI love you more than you'll ever know2013duoeuropeParolesYoutube
42436Donny hathawayI love you more than you'll ever know1973duoeuropeParolesYoutube
32723Dan bairdI love you period1992duoeuropeParolesYoutube
31709Patsy clineI love you so much it hurts1959duoeuropeParolesYoutube
37392Scotty mccreeryI love you this big2011duoeuropeParolesYoutube
5729Jimmy wayneI love you this much2003duoeuropeParolesYoutube
59678MidlandI love you, goodbye2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
32435Charlie winstonI love your smile2009duoeuropeParolesYoutube
6381ShaniceI love your smile1991duoeuropeParolesYoutube
40563Raul maloI said i love you2001duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7518The partridge familyI think i love you1970duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7032Elvis presleyI want you, i need you, i love you1956duoeuropeParolesYoutube
16304Jim croceI'll have to say i love you in a song1973duoeuropeParolesYoutube
23162Surf mesaIly (i love you baby)2019duoeuropeParolesYoutube
55893FirefallJust remember i love you1977duoeuropeParolesYoutube
56295The delfonicsLa-la means i love you1968duoeuropeParolesYoutube
57366Lost frequenciesLike i love you2018duoeuropeParolesYoutube
7156Annie lennoxNo more i love you's1995duoeuropeParolesYoutube
25570Michael franti & spearheadSay hey (i love you)2008duoeuropeParolesYoutube
41409Die flippersSha la la i love you1970duoallemagneParolesYoutube
36157The mojo menSit down, i think i love you1969duoeuropeParolesYoutube
55979Cody jinksSomewhere between i love you and i'm leavin'2018duoeuropeParolesYoutube
54267Eddy arnoldThat's how much i love you1959duoeuropeParolesYoutube
8059Phil vassarThat's when i love you2000duoeuropeParolesYoutube
61624PassengerThe way that i love you2020duoeuropeParolesYoutube
53824Johnny tillotsonWhy do i love you so?1959duoeuropeParolesYoutube
59172Major.Why i love you2016duoeuropeParolesYoutube
34210MonicaWhy i love you so much1996duoeuropeParolesYoutube