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karafunElvis presley(anyone) could fall in love with you1964duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunLuther vandrossAny love1989duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunIrma thomasAnyone who knows what love is (will understand)1964duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunThe stylisticsCan't give you anything (but my love)1975duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunJoe cockerDon't you love me anymore1986duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunDean martinI can't give you anything but love1957duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunDiana krallI can't give you anything but love1999duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunJudy garlandI can't give you anything but love1958duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunPeggy leeI can't give you anything but love1948duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunTony bennettI can't give you anything but love2014 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunThe mavericksI don't care if you love me anymore1990duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunGalavantI love you (as much as someone like me can love anyone)2015 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunTrisha yearwoodI would've loved you anyway2001duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunMeat loafI'd do anything for love (but i won't do that)1993duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunTake thatLove ain't here anymore1994duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunMadonnaLove don't live here anymore1984duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunRose royceLove don't live here anymore1978duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunLuther vandrossLove don't love you anymore1996duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunEngelbert humperdinckLove is a many splendored thing1968duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunFrank sinatraLove is a many splendored thing1960duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunAndy williamsLove is a many-splendored thing1962duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunPinkLove me anyway2019 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunMarc anthonyLove won't get any better2002duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunMichael bubléLove you anymore2018duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunBoyzoneLove you anyway2008duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunTrisha yearwoodLove you anyway2019 duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunAlan jacksonSo you don't have to love me anymore2012duoeurope Paroles Youtube
karafunAnita meyerThey don't play our lovesong anymore1981duoeurope Paroles Youtube