Catalogue karaoké ENHARMONIE Complet (40235 titres)

& juliet (musical) one more time 2019
& juliet (musical) Domino 2019
& juliet (musical) Everybody (backstreet's back) 2019
& juliet (musical) It's my life 2019
& juliet (musical) Larger than life 2019
& juliet (musical) One more try 2019
& juliet (musical) Show me love 2019
& juliet (musical) Teenage dream / break free 2019
& juliet (musical) That's the way it is 2019
't vrije schaep Duitse medley 2009
't vrije schaep Ik ben blij dat ik je niet vergeten ben 1974
'til tuesday Voices carry 1985
(həd) planet earth Blackout 2003
(həd) planet earth Other side 2003
10 years Through the iris 2005
10,000 maniacs Because the night 1993
10,000 maniacs Like the weather 1987
10,000 maniacs More than this 1997
101 dalmatians (1996 film) Cruella de vil 1996
10cc Donna 1972
10cc Dreadlock holiday 1978
10cc I'm not in love 1975
10cc Life is a minestrone 1975
10cc Rubber bullets 1973
10cc The things we do for love 1977
10cc The wall street shuffle 1974
112 Cupid 1996
112 Peaches and cream 2001
12 gauge Dunkie butt 1994
12 stones Crash 2003
12 stones Far away 2004
1789, les amants de la bastille A quoi tu danses
1789, les amants de la bastille A quoi tu danses ? 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Allez viens (c'est bientôt la fin) 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Allez viens (c'est bientôt la fin)
1789, les amants de la bastille Au palais royal 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Ca ira mon amour
1789, les amants de la bastille Ça ira mon amour 2011
1789, les amants de la bastille Fixe 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Fixe / les droits de l'homme 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Fixe / les droits de l'homme
1789, les amants de la bastille Hey ha
1789, les amants de la bastille Hey ha 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Je mise tout 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Je suis un dieu 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Je veux le monde 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Je veux le monde
1789, les amants de la bastille Je vous rends mon âme
1789, les amants de la bastille Je vous rends mon âme 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille La guerre pour se plaire
1789, les amants de la bastille La guerre pour se plaire 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille La nuit m'appelle 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille La nuit m'appelle
1789, les amants de la bastille La rue nous appartient 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille La rue nous appartient
1789, les amants de la bastille La sentence 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille La sentence
1789, les amants de la bastille Le cri de ma naissance 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Le cri de ma naissance
1789, les amants de la bastille Le temps s'en va 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Les mots que l'on ne dit pas 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Les mots que l'on ne dit pas
1789, les amants de la bastille Nous ne sommes 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Pour la peine
1789, les amants de la bastille Pour la peine 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Pour un nouveau monde 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Pour un nouveau monde
1789, les amants de la bastille Sur ma peau 2012
1789, les amants de la bastille Tomber dans ses yeux
1789, les amants de la bastille Tomber dans ses yeux 2012
1800s standards Home on the range 1873
1800s standards Home sweet home 1823
1800s standards Over the river and through the woods 1840
1800s standards Over the river and through the woods (xmas version) 1840
1910 fruitgum company Simon says 1967
1910s standards Darktown strutters ball 1917
1910s standards The daughter of rosie o'grady 1918
1920s standards 'ain't no sin (to dance around in your bones) 1929
1920s standards At sundown 1927
1920s standards Bugle call rag 1923
1920s standards Bye bye blackbird 1926
1920s standards Chili bom bom 1923
1920s standards Dinah 1925
1920s standards How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm 1919
1920s standards I love my baby (my baby loves me) 1925
1920s standards I wonder where my baby is tonight 1925
1920s standards I've been working on the railroad 1927
1920s standards It had to be you 1924
1920s standards Lover come back to me 1928
1920s standards Makin' whoopee 1928
1920s standards Me and my shadow 1927
1920s standards My blue heaven 1927
1920s standards My mammy 1928
1920s standards Softly, as in a morning sunrise 1928
1920s standards This little light of mine 1920
1920s standards What can i say after i say i'm sorry 1926
1920s standards When you're smiling (the whole world smiles with you) 1929
1930s standards About a quarter to nine 1935
1930s standards All the things you are 1939
1930s standards Begin the beguine 1935
1930s standards Body and soul 1930
1930s standards Cheek to cheek 1935
1930s standards Did you ever see a dream walking? 1933
1930s standards Heartaches 1931
1930s standards I love a parade 1932
1930s standards I love a parade (short version) 1932
1930s standards I thought about you 1939
1930s standards I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter 1935
1930s standards Isle of capri 1934
1930s standards It's time to say aloha 1938
1930s standards Kumbaya 1931
1930s standards Man on the flying trapeze 1933
1930s standards My romance 1935
1930s standards Pennies from heaven 1936
1930s standards Remember me 1937
1930s standards Santa claus is coming to town 1934
1930s standards Sleepy head 1934
1930s standards Smiles 1936
1930s standards Smoke gets in your eyes 1933
1930s standards That certain party 1934
1930s standards The gold diggers' song (we're in the money) 1933
1930s standards The last time i saw paris 1935
1930s standards We gather together 1935
1930s standards When my ship comes in 1934
1930s standards With plenty of money and you 1936
1930s standards Would you like to take a walk 1930
1930s standards Yes sir, that's my baby 1935
1930s standards You must have been a beautiful baby 1938
1930s standards You're my everything 1931
1930s standards You're the top 1936
1940s standards 'til then 1944
1940s standards (i've got a gal in) kalamazoo 1942
1940s standards Aren't you glad you're you 1945
1940s standards Bésame mucho (english vocal) 1944
1940s standards Bésame mucho (spanish vocal) 1941
1940s standards Button up your overcoat 1946
1940s standards Daddy's little girl 1949
1940s standards Deep in the heart of texas 1941
1940s standards For me and my gal 1942
1940s standards Hawaiian hula eyes 1945
1940s standards I know why (and so do you) 1941
1940s standards I'll be home for christmas 1943
1940s standards I'm looking over a four leaf clover 1948
1940s standards Laura 1945
1940s standards Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! 1946
1940s standards Mister meadowlark 1940
1940s standards No love no nothin' 1943
1940s standards On the beach at waikiki 1943
1940s standards Personality 1946
1940s standards Route 66 1946
1940s standards Someday you'll want me to want you 1944
1940s standards Sunday, monday or always 1943
1940s standards That old black magic (man voice) 1942
1940s standards That old black magic (woman voice) 1942
1940s standards The old lamplighter 1946
1940s standards This heart of mine 1946
1940s standards What are you doing new year's eve 1947
1950s standards An affair to remember 1957
1950s standards Around the world in eighty days 1958
1950s standards Christmas in killarney 1951
1950s standards Crawdad song 1956
1950s standards Fly me to the moon 1954
1950s standards Get me to the church on time 1957
1950s standards Here's that rainy day (woman voice) 1953
1950s standards Housewife's lament 1952
1950s standards I saw mommy kissing santa claus (man voice) 1952
1950s standards I saw mommy kissing santa claus (woman voice) 1952
1950s standards In the cool, cool, cool of the evening 1951
1950s standards It's beginning to look a lot like christmas 1951
1950s standards Lullaby of birdland 1952
1950s standards My own true love (tara's theme) 1954
1950s standards Nice work if you can get it 1956
1950s standards Organ grinder's swing 1953
1950s standards Quien sera (sway) 1953
1950s standards Rags to riches 1951
1950s standards Something's gotta give 1955
1950s standards Sunshine cake 1950
1950s standards That's amore 1954
1950s standards Yellow rose of texas 1955
1950s standards Zing a little zong 1952
1960s standards Autumn leaves 1966
1960s standards Born free 1966
1960s standards Clementine 1960
1960s standards Do you hear what i hear? (woman voice) 1962
1960s standards Happy days are here again (man voice) 1963
1960s standards Happy days are here again (woman voice) 1963
1960s standards Love me with all your heart 1964
1960s standards Love walked in 1960
1960s standards My little grass shack in kealakekua, hawaii 1968
1960s standards Put the blame on mame 1960
1960s standards She'll be coming 'round the mountain 1965
1960s standards We need a little christmas (man) 1966
1960s standards We need a little christmas (woman) 1966
1970s standards After you've gone 1976
1970s standards Dem bones, dry bones 1971
2 brothers on the 4th floor Dreams (will come alive) 1994
2 brothers on the 4th floor Let me be free 1994
2 chainz Birthday song 2012
2 chainz We own it (fast & furious) 2013
2 shy I'd love you to want me 1996
2 unlimited No limit 1993
20 fingers Lick it 1995
20 fingers Short dick man 1994
257ers Holz 2016
2be3 2 be 3
2be3 Partir un jour 1997
2be3 Partir un jour
2be3 Toujours là pour toi 1997
2be3 Toujours la pour toi
2ne1 (투애니원) I am the best 2011
2pac California love 1995
2pac California love (remix) 1995
2pac Changes 1998
2pac Dear mama 1995
2pac Do for love 1998
2pac How do u want it 1996
2pac I get around 1993
2pac Thugz mansion 2002
2raumwohnung 36grad 2007
2raumwohnung Besser geht's nicht 2007
3 doors down Away from the sun 2002
3 doors down Be like that 2000
3 doors down Behind those eyes 2005
3 doors down Better life 2000
3 doors down Dangerous game 2002
3 doors down Duck and run 2000
3 doors down Going down in flames 2002
3 doors down Here without you 2002
3 doors down It's not my time 2008
3 doors down Kryptonite 2000
3 doors down Landing in london 2005
3 doors down Let me go 2005
3 doors down Live for today 2005
3 doors down Loser 2001
3 doors down The road i'm on 2003
3 doors down Ticket to heaven 2002
3 doors down When i'm gone 2002
3 of hearts Christmas shoes 2002
30 seconds to mars Closer to the edge 2010
30 seconds to mars From yesterday 2005
30 seconds to mars Kings and queens 2009
30 seconds to mars The kill 2004
30 seconds to mars Up in the air 2013
30 seconds to mars Walk on water 2017
311 Amber 2002
311 Beyond the gray sky 2004
311 Creatures (for a while) 2003
311 I'll be here awhile 2001
311 You wouldn't believe 2001
38 special Back where you belong 1983
38 special Caught up in you 1982
38 special Hold on loosely 1981
38 special Second chance 1988
3js Je vecht nooit alleen 2011
3js Kom 2007
3js Never alone 2011
3js Wiegelied 2007
3lw No more (baby i'ma do right) 2000
3oh!3 Don't trust me 2008
3oh!3 Double vision 2010
3oh!3 My first kiss 2010
3oh!3 Starstrukk 2009
3t 24/7 1996
3t Anything 1995
3t I need you 1996
3t Tease me 1996
3t Why 1996
4 non blondes What's up
4 pm (for positive music) Sukiyaki 1995
4 the cause Ain't no sunshine 1998
4 the cause Stand by me 1998
42nd street Forty-second street 1934
42nd street I'm young and healthy 1933
42nd street Lullaby of broadway 1935
5 seconds of summer Amnesia 2014
5 seconds of summer Don't stop 2014
5 seconds of summer Easier 2019
5 seconds of summer Ghost of you 2018
5 seconds of summer Girls talk boys 2016
5 seconds of summer Good girls 2014
5 seconds of summer Hey everybody! 2015
5 seconds of summer She looks so perfect 2014
5 seconds of summer Teeth 2019
5 seconds of summer Want you back 2018
5 seconds of summer What i like about you 2014
5 seconds of summer Youngblood 2018
50 cent Baby by me 2009
50 cent Candy shop 2005
50 cent Hate it or love it 2005
50 cent In da club 2003
50 cent Outta control 2005
50 cent P.i.m.p. (remix) 2003
5th dimension Aquarius / let the sun shine in
69 boyz Tootsee roll 1994
702 Get it together 1997
702 Where my girls at 1999
7669 Joy 1994
8 femmes Toi jamais 2002
883 Come mai 1993
883 Gli anni 1998
883 Hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno 1992
883 Nord sud ovest est 1993
883 Sei un mito 1993
883 Tieni il tempo 1995
911 A little bit more 1999
98 degrees Give me just one night (una noche) 2000
98 degrees I do (cherish you) 1998
98 degrees My everything 2000
98 degrees The hardest thing 1998
98 degrees Why (are we still friends) 2002
A cause des garçons A cause des garçons
A cause des garçons A cause des garçons 1987
A chorus line (film) Let me dance for you 1985
A chorus line (film) One 1985
A chorus line (film) What i did for love 1985
A chorus line (musical) Dance: ten, looks: three 1975
A chorus line (musical) Nothing 1975
A day to remember All i want 2010
A fine frenzy Almost lover 2007
A fine frenzy Ashes and wine 2007
A fine frenzy Near to you 2007
A flock of seagulls I ran (so far away) 1982
A flock of seagulls Space age love song 1982
A flock of seagulls Wishing (if i had a photograph of you) 1982
A funny thing happened on the way to the forum Comedy tonight 1996
A great big world Already home 2014
A great big world Hold each other 2015
A great big world I really want it 2014
A great big world Rockstar 2014
A great big world Say something 2013
A great big world You'll be okay 2014
A little night music (musical) Send in the clowns 1973
A perfect circle 3 libras 2000
A perfect circle Imagine 2004
A perfect circle Judith 2000
A perfect circle Passive 2005
A star is born Alibi 2018
A star is born Always remember us this way 2018
A star is born Before i cry 2018
A star is born Black eyes 2018
A star is born Diggin' my grave 2018
A star is born Hair body face 2018
A star is born Heal me 2018
A star is born I don't know what love is 2018
A star is born I'll never love again 2018
A star is born Is that alright? 2018
A star is born La vie en rose 2018
A star is born Look what i found 2018
A star is born Maybe it's time 2018
A star is born Music to my eyes 2018
A star is born Shallow 2018
A star is born Shallow (nesco remix) 2018
A star is born Too far gone (bradley cooper) 2018
A star is born Why did you do that? 2018
A star is born (1976 film) Evergreen 1977
A star is born (1976 film) Everything 1976
A star is born (1976 film) I believe in love 1976
A taste of honey Boogie oogie oogie
A taste of honey Boogie oogie oogie 1976
A taste of honey Sukiyaki 1981
A thousand horses Smoke 2015
A-ha Foot of the mountain 2009
A-ha Forever not yours 2002
A-ha Hunting high and low 1985
A-ha I've been losing you 1986
A-ha Stay on these roads 1988
A-ha Summer moved on 2000
A-ha Take on me 1984
A-ha Take on me (live from mtv unplugged) 2017
A-ha The living daylights 1987
A-ha The sun always shines on tv 1986
A-ha Touchy! 1988
A-ha You are the one 1988
A-teens Halfway around the world 2001
A-teens Mamma mia 1999
A1 Caught in the middle 2002
Aaliyah Are you that somebody? 1998
Aaliyah At your best (you are love) 1994
Aaliyah Back & forth 1994
Aaliyah I don't wanna 2000
Aaliyah Rock the boat 2000
Aaliyah The one i gave my heart to 1996
Aaliyah Try again 1999
Aaliyah We need a resolution 2003
Aaron Le tunnel d'or 2007
Aaron U-turn (lili) 2007
Aaron carter Aaron's party (come get it) 2000
Aaron carter American ao 2002
Aaron carter I want candy 2000
Aaron carter I'm all about you 2006
Aaron carter That's how i beat shaq 2001
Aaron goodvin Lonely drum 2017
Aaron hall All the places (i will kiss you) 1998
Aaron lewis Country boy 2010
Aaron lewis That ain't country 2016
Aaron neville Don't take away my heaven 1993
Aaron neville Even if my heart would break 1992
Aaron neville Everybody plays the fool 1991
Aaron neville O holy night 1993
Aaron neville Tell it like it is 1966
Aaron tippin Kiss this 2000
Aaron tippin Where the stars and stripes and the eagle fly 2002
Aaron watson Freight train 2015
Aaron watson Outta style 2016
Aaron watson That look 2014
Abandoned pools Remedy 2002
Abba Abba medley 1992
Abba Andante andante 1980
Abba Angeleyes 1979
Abba As good as new 1979
Abba Bang-a-boomerang 1975
Abba Chiquitita 1978
Abba Chiquitita (spanish version) 1980
Abba Dance (while the music still goes on) 1974
Abba Dancing queen
Abba Dancing queen 1976
Abba Does your mother know 1978
Abba Eagle 1978
Abba Fernando
Abba Fernando 1975
Abba Gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight) 1979
Abba Gimmie gimmie gimmie
Abba Happy new year 1980
Abba Hasta mañana 1974
Abba He is your brother 1972
Abba Head over heels 1982
Abba Honey, honey 1974
Abba I do, i do, i do, i do, i do 1975
Abba I have a dream 1978
Abba Knowing me, knowing you 1977
Abba Lay all your love on me 1981
Abba Mamma mia 1975
Abba Money, money, money 1976
Abba My love, my life 1976
Abba One man, one woman 1977
Abba One of us 1981
Abba Our last summer 1980
Abba Ring ring 1973
Abba Rock me 1975
Abba S.o.s. 1976
Abba Slipping through my fingers 1981
Abba So long 1974
Abba Summer night city 1978
Abba Super trouper 1980
Abba Take a chance on me 1977
Abba Thank you for the music 1978
Abba The day before you came 1982
Abba The name of the game 1978
Abba The way old friends do 1980
Abba The winner takes it all 1980
Abba Under attack 1982
Abba Voulez-vous 1979
Abba Waterloo
Abba Waterloo 1974
Abba When all is said and done 1981
Abba When i kissed the teacher 1976
Abby anderson Make him wait 2018
Abc Be near me 1985
Abc Poison arrow 1982
Abc The look of love 1982
Abc When smokey sings 1987
Abel Onderweg 2000
Ac/dc Back in black 1980
Ac/dc Big balls 1976
Ac/dc Big gun 1993
Ac/dc Dirty deeds done dirt cheap 1976
Ac/dc For those about to rock (we salute you) 1981
Ac/dc Girls got rhythm 1979
Ac/dc Given the dog a bone 1980
Ac/dc Go down 1977
Ac/dc Have a drink on me 1980
Ac/dc Heatseeker 1988
Ac/dc Hell ain't a bad place to be 1977
Ac/dc Hells bells 1980
Ac/dc High voltage 1975
Ac/dc Highway to hell 1979
Ac/dc If you want blood (you've got it) 1979
Ac/dc It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll) 1975
Ac/dc Jailbreak 1976
Ac/dc Let there be rock 1977
Ac/dc Live wire 1975
Ac/dc Night prowler 1979
Ac/dc Play ball 2014
Ac/dc Problem child 1976
Ac/dc Ride on 1976
Ac/dc Riff raff 1978
Ac/dc Rock 'n roll dream 2008
Ac/dc Rock 'n' roll train 2008
Ac/dc Rock and roll ain't noise pollution 1980
Ac/dc Rock or bust 2014
Ac/dc Shoot to thrill 1981
Ac/dc Shot down in flames 1979
Ac/dc Sin city 1978
Ac/dc Stiff upper lip 2000
Ac/dc T.n.t 1976
Ac/dc The jack 1975
Ac/dc Thunderstruck 1990
Ac/dc Touch too much 1979
Ac/dc War machine 2008
Ac/dc Whole lotta rosie 1978
Ac/dc You shook me all night long 1980
Accept Balls to the wall 1983
Acda en de munnik Cd van jou cd van mij 2000
Acda en de munnik De stad amsterdam 1997
Acda en de munnik Het regent zonnestralen 1999
Acda en de munnik Niet of nooit geweest 1998
Ace How long 1974
Ace hood Bugatti 2013
Ace of base All that she wants
Ace of base All that she wants 1993
Ace of base Always have, always will 1998
Ace of base Beautiful life 1995
Ace of base Cruel summer 1998
Ace of base Don't turn around 1993
Ace of base Everytime it rains 1999
Ace of base Life is a flower 1998
Ace of base Living in danger 1994
Ace of base The sign 1993
Ace of base Travel to romantis 1999
Ace of base Wheel of fortune 1992
Achille lauro Rolls royce 2019
Achim reichel Aloha heya he 1989
Achim reichel Der spieler 1981
Achim reichel Kreuzworträtsel 1989
Across the universe Come together 2007
Across the universe Helter skelter 2007
Across the universe Hey jude 2007
Across the universe I want to hold your hand 2007
Across the universe If i fell 2007
Across the universe It won't be long 2007
Across the universe Let it be 2007
Across the universe Oh darling! 2007
Across the universe While my guitar gently weeps 2007
Adam & eve Adam et Ève : les passages 2011
Adam & eve Ce qu'on ne m'a jamais dit 2012
Adam & eve Demain comme la veille 2011
Adam & eve Do u wanna be my luv 2011
Adam & eve Je te jure 2011
Adam & eve Ma bataille 2011
Adam & eve Rien ne se finit 2011
Adam & the ants Antmusic 1980
Adam & the ants Prince charming 1981
Adam & the ants Stand and deliver 1981
Adam ant Goody two shoes 1982
Adam ant Strip 1983
Adam brand Ready for love 2009
Adam cohen We go home 2014
Adam craig Just a phase 2016
Adam harvey Seven spanish angels 2009
Adam lambert A change is gonna come 2009
Adam lambert Aftermath 2009
Adam lambert Another lonely night 2015
Adam lambert Believe 2018
Adam lambert Better than i know myself 2011
Adam lambert Broken open 2009
Adam lambert Feel something 2019
Adam lambert Feeling good 2009
Adam lambert Fever 2009
Adam lambert For your entertainment 2009
Adam lambert Ghost town 2015
Adam lambert If i had you 2009
Adam lambert Mad world 2009
Adam lambert Music again 2009
Adam lambert Never close our eyes 2012
Adam lambert No boundaries 2009
Adam lambert Play that funky music 2009
Adam lambert Ring of fire 2009
Adam lambert Sleepwalker 2009
Adam lambert Soaked 2009
Adam lambert Strut 2009
Adam lambert Time for miracles 2009
Adam lambert Underneath 2012
Adam lambert Voodoo 2010
Adam lambert Whataya want from me 2009
Adam lambert Whataya want from me (acoustic) 2010
Adam levine Locked away 2015
Adam levine Lost stars 2014
Adam sandler Ode to my car 1996
Adam sandler Phone wallet key 2018
Adam sandler The chanukah song 1994
Adan & eve Ce qu'on ne m'a jamais dit
Adan & eve Demain comme la veille
Adan & eve Do u wanna be my luv
Adan & eve Je te jure
Adan & eve Les passages
Adan & eve Ma bataille
Adan & eve Rien ne se finit
Adel tawil Dna 2019
Adel tawil Ist da jemand 2018
Adel tawil Lieder 2013
Adel tawil Tu m'appelles 2019
Adel tawil Unsere lieder 2015
Adel tawil Weinen 2014
Adel tawil Zuhause 2014
Adele All i ask 2015
Adele Best for last 2008
Adele Best for last (live) 2008
Adele Black and gold 2010
Adele Chasing pavements 2008
Adele Chasing pavements (live) 2008
Adele Cold shoulder 2008
Adele Crazy for you 2009
Adele Crazy for you (demo version) 2008
Adele Daydreamer 2008
Adele Don't you remember
Adele Don't you remember 2011
Adele Fastlove 2017
Adele He won't go 2011
Adele Hello
Adele Hello 2015
Adele Hiding my heart 2011
Adele Hometown glory 2008
Adele I can't make you love me 2011
Adele I found a boy 2011
Adele I miss you 2015
Adele I'll be waiting 2011
Adele If it hadn't been for love 2011
Adele Love in the dark 2015
Adele Make you feel my love 2008
Adele Melt my heart to stone 2008
Adele Million years ago 2015
Adele My same 2008
Adele My same (short version) 2008
Adele One and only 2011
Adele One and only
Adele Promise this (live lounge special) 2011
Adele Remedy 2015
Adele Right as rain 2008
Adele River lea 2015
Adele Rolling in the deep
Adele Rolling in the deep 2010
Adele Rolling in the deep (acoustic) 2010
Adele Rolling in the deep (live) 2011
Adele Rolling in the deep (remixed) 2011
Adele Rumour has it 2011
Adele Send my love (to your new lover) 2015
Adele Set fire to the rain
Adele Set fire to the rain 2011
Adele Set fire to the rain (acoustic) 2011
Adele Set fire to the rain (moto blanco edit) 2011
Adele Set fire to the rain (reggaesta reggae remix) 2012
Adele Set the fire to the rain (live at the royal albert hall) 2011
Adele Skyfall 2012
Adele Someone like you
Adele Someone like you 2011
Adele Someone like you (thin red men remix) 2011
Adele Sweetest devotion 2015
Adele Take it all 2011
Adele That's it, i quit, i'm movin' on 2008
Adele Tired 2008
Adele Turning tables 2011
Adele Water under the bridge 2015
Adele When we were young 2015
Adele Why do you love me 2015
Adele cover sara'h Hello cover sara'h
Adema Giving in 2001
Adema Unstable 2003
Adiemus Adiemus 1995
Adoro Liebe ist 2007
Adrian gurvitz Classic 1982
Adriano celentano Azzurro
Adriano celentano Azzurro 1968
Adriano celentano Don't play that song (you lied) 1977
Adriano celentano I want to know 1976
Adriano celentano Il ragazzo della via gluck 1966
Adriano celentano Il tempo se ne va 1980
Adriano celentano L'emozione non ha voce 1999
Adriano celentano Preghero (stand by me) 1965
Adriano celentano Preghero (stand by me)
Adriano celentano Soli
Adriano celentano Soli 1979
Adriano celentano Svalutation 1976
Adriano celentano Svalutation
Adriano celentano Ti penso e cambia il mondo 2011
Adriano celentano Una carezza in un pugno 1968
Adriano celentano Una festa sui prati 1966
Adrienne liesching In christ alone 2003
Adrienne pauly J'veux un mec 2006
Aerosmith Amazing 1993
Aerosmith Angel 1988
Aerosmith Baby, please don't go 2004
Aerosmith Back in the saddle 1977
Aerosmith Big ten inch record 1975
Aerosmith Blind man 1994
Aerosmith Come together 1978
Aerosmith Crazy 1993
Aerosmith Cryin' 1993
Aerosmith Dream on 1973
Aerosmith Dude (looks like a lady) 1987
Aerosmith Falling in love (is hard on the knees) 1997
Aerosmith Fly away from here 2001
Aerosmith Girls of summer 2002
Aerosmith Hole in my soul 1997
Aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing 1998
Aerosmith Jaded 2001
Aerosmith Janie's got a gun 1989
Aerosmith Last child 1976
Aerosmith Livin' on the edge 1993
Aerosmith Love in an elevator 1989
Aerosmith Luv lies 2001
Aerosmith Mama kin 1973
Aerosmith Pink 1997
Aerosmith Rag doll 1988
Aerosmith Same old song and dance 1974
Aerosmith Sunshine 2001
Aerosmith Sweet emotion 1975
Aerosmith Train kept a rollin' 1974
Aerosmith Walk this way 1975
Aerosmith Walk this way (duet) 1999
Aerosmith What could have been love 2012
Aerosmith What it takes 1989
Afi Miss murder 2006
Afi Silver and cold 2003
Afi The leaving song, pt. 2 2003
African connection Ami-oh 2004
Afro medusa Pasilda 2000
Afrojack As your friend 2013
Afrojack Hey 2016
Afrojack Take over control 2010
Afrojack Ten feet tall 2014
Afrojack The spark 2013
Afroman Because i got high 2001
Afroman Crazy rap 2000
After 7 'til you do me right 1995
After 7 Ready or not 1990
Against me! Thrash unreal 2007
Age of love The age of love 1990
Aggro santos Candy 2010
Aggro santos Like u like 2011
Agnes & björn skifs When you tell the world you're mine 2010
Agnes carlsson I need you now 2009
Agnes carlsson On and on 2009
Agnes carlsson Release me 2008
Agnes obel Riverside 2010
Ahmed chawki Notre moment 2014
Ahmed chawki Notre moment (time of our lives)
Ahmed chawki Time of our lives 2014
Aida (musical) Easy as life 1999
Aida (musical) Elaborate lives 1999
Aida (musical) How i know you 1999
Aida (musical) I know the truth 1999
Aida (musical) My strongest suit 1999
Ain't misbehavin' Ain't misbehavin' 1929
Air All i need 1998
Air supply All out of love 1980
Air supply Even the nights are better 1982
Air supply Every woman in the world 1980
Air supply Lost in love 1980
Air supply Making love out of nothing at all 1983
Air supply Sweet dreams 1981
Air supply The one that you love 1981
Aitana ocaña Lo malo 2018
Aitana ocaña Teléfono 2018
Ajr I'm ready 2014
Ajr Sober up 2017
Akon Angel 2010
Akon Beautiful 2009
Akon Don't matter 2007
Akon Locked up 2004
Akon Lonely 2005
Akon Oh africa 2010
Akon Smack that 2006
Akon Sorry, blame it on me 2007
Al b. sure! I love it (papi aye, aye, aye) 2009
Al b. sure! Right now 1992
Al bano & romina power Ci sarà
Al bano & romina power Ci sarà 1984
Al bano & romina power Felicità
Al bano & romina power Felicità 1982
Al bano & romina power Il ballo del qua qua 1981
Al bano & romina power Liberta
Al bano & romina power Liberta 1982
Al bano & romina power Sempre sempre
Al bano & romina power Sempre sempre 1986
Al bano & romina power Tu, soltanto tu (mi hai fatto innamorare)
Al bano & romina power Tu, soltanto tu (mi hai fatto innamorare) 1982
Al corley Square rooms 1984
Al green Call me (come back home) 1973
Al green For the good times 1972
Al green Here i am (come and take me) 1973
Al green I'm still in love with you 1972
Al green Let's stay together 1972
Al green Look what you've done for me 1972
Al green Love and happiness 1972
Al green Sha la la (make me happy) 1974
Al green Take me to the river 1974
Al green Tired of being alone 1969
Al green You ought to be with me 1972
Al jarreau After all 1984
Al jarreau Agua de beber 1976
Al jarreau Boogie down
Al jarreau Boogie down 1983
Al jarreau Breakin' away 1981
Al jarreau Mas que nada 1993
Al jarreau Mornin' 1983
Al jarreau Roof garden 1981
Al jarreau Since i fell for you 1986
Al jarreau Spain (i can recall) 1980
Al jarreau Take five 1977
Al jarreau Teach me tonight 1981
Al jarreau We're in this love together 1981
Al jarreau Your song 1976
Al jolson April showers 1947
Al jolson California, here i come 1924
Al jolson My mammy 1928
Al jolson Rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody 1918
Al martino Love is blue 1968
Al martino Spanish eyes 1966
Al martino Speak softly love 1972
Al stewart Year of the cat 1976
Al wilson Show and tell 1973
Al wilson The snake 1968
Al.hy Echo 2013
Al.hy Echo
Alabama Angels among us 1993
Alabama Born country 1997
Alabama Christmas in dixie 1985
Alabama Dancin', shaggin' on the boulevard 1997
Alabama Dixieland delight 1982
Alabama Down home 1991
Alabama Feels so right 1980
Alabama Forever's as far as i'll go 1990
Alabama Forty hour week (for a livin') 1985
Alabama Give me one more shot 1994
Alabama Here we are 1991
Alabama I'm in a hurry (and don't know why) 1992
Alabama I'm in the mood 2002
Alabama If i had you 1989
Alabama If you're gonna play in texas (you gotta have a fiddle in the band) 1984
Alabama Jukebox in my mind 1990
Alabama Lady down on love 1983
Alabama Louisiana moon 1985
Alabama Love in the first degree 1981
Alabama Mountain music 1982
Alabama Old flame 1981
Alabama Roll on (eighteen wheeler) 1984
Alabama Song of the south 1988
Alabama Take me down 1982
Alabama Tennessee river 1980
Alabama The closer you get 1983
Alabama The woman he loves 2002
Alabama You've got the touch 1987
Alabama 3 Woke up this morning 1997
Alabama shakes Don't wanna fight 2015
Alabama shakes Hold on 2012
Alabina Alabina 1996
Alabina C'est la vie 2001
Alabina C'est la vie
Alabina Salma ya salama 1998
Aladdin Ce rêve bleu
Aladdin (1992 film) A whole new world 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) A whole new world (aladdin's theme) 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Arabian nights 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Arabische nächte 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Ce rêve bleu 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Ce rêve bleu (le thème d'aladdin) 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Ein traum wird wahr 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Friend like me 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Il mondo è mio 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Il mondo è mio (tema di aladdin) 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Je suis ton meilleur ami 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Nuits d'arabie 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Prince ali 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Prince ali (version française) 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Un mundo ideal 1992
Aladdin (1992 film) Un mundo ideal (tema de aladdin) 1992
Aladdin (2019 film) A whole new world 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) A whole new world (end title) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Arabian nights 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Arabische nächte 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Callar (parte 1) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Callar (parte 2) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Callar (versión completa) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Ce rêve bleu 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Ein traum wird wahr 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Einen freund wie mich 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Friend like me 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Ich werd niemals schweigen (teil 1) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Ich werd niemals schweigen (teil 2) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Il mondo è mio 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Il principe alì 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Je suis ton meilleur ami 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) La mia voce (parte 1) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) La mia voce (parte 2) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) La mia voce (versione per soundtrack) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Ninguém me cala (parte 2) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Ninguém me cala (versão completa) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Nuits d'arabie 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Parler (1ère partie) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Parler (2ème partie) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Parler (version longue) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Prince ali 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Prince ali (version française) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Príncipe alí (español) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Prinz ali 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Samyi luchshiy drug 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Smeloy (chast 1) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Smeloy (chast 2) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Speechless (full) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Speechless (part 1) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Speechless (part 2) 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Um mundo ideal 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Un amico come me 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Un amigo fiel 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Un mundo ideal 2019
Aladdin (2019 film) Volshebnyi mir 2019
Aladdin (musical) A million miles away 2011
Aladdin (musical) A whole new world 2011
Aladdin (musical) Arabian nights 2011
Aladdin (musical) Babkak, omar, aladdin, kassim 2011
Aladdin (musical) Diamond in the rough 2011
Aladdin (musical) Finale ultimo 2011
Aladdin (musical) Friend like me 2011
Aladdin (musical) High adventure 2011
Aladdin (musical) One jump ahead 2011
Aladdin (musical) Prince ali 2011
Aladdin (musical) Proud of your boy 2011
Aladdin (musical) Somebody's got your back 2011
Aladdin (musical) These palace walls 2011
Alain barrière A coup de nuits 1970
Alain barrière A regarder la mer
Alain barrière A regarder la mer 1970
Alain barrière Cathy
Alain barrière Cathy 1961
Alain barrière Elle était si jolie 1963
Alain barrière Elle était si jolie
Alain barrière Emporte moi
Alain barrière Emporte-moi 1968
Alain barrière Et tu fermes les yeux 1978
Alain barrière Et tu fermes les yeux
Alain barrière La marie-joconde
Alain barrière La marie-joconde 1963
Alain barrière Le bel amour 1974
Alain barrière Le bel amour
Alain barrière Les guinguettes 1966
Alain barrière Les guinguettes
Alain barrière Ma vie
Alain barrière Ma vie 1964
Alain barrière Plus je t'entends 1963
Alain barrière Plus je t'entends
Alain barrière Rien qu'un homme 1970
Alain barrière Rien qu'un homme
Alain barrière Toi 1966
Alain barrière Tu t'en vas
Alain barrière Tu t'en vas 1975
Alain bashung Gaby, oh gaby 1980
Alain bashung Gaby, oh gaby
Alain bashung Hier à sousse 2008
Alain bashung Hier à sousse
Alain bashung Immortels 2018
Alain bashung Je t'ai manqué 2008
Alain bashung Je t'ai manqué
Alain bashung La nuit je mens 1998
Alain bashung La nuit je mens
Alain bashung Les mots bleus 1993
Alain bashung Les mots bleus
Alain bashung Ma petite entreprise 1994
Alain bashung Ma petite entreprise
Alain bashung Madame rêve
Alain bashung Madame rêve 1991
Alain bashung Osez joséphine
Alain bashung Osez joséphine 1991
Alain bashung Résidents de la république 2008
Alain bashung Résidents de la république
Alain bashung Vertige de l'amour 1981
Alain bashung Vertige de l'amour
Alain chamfort Adieu mon bébé chanteur 1974
Alain chamfort Bambou
Alain chamfort Joy
Alain chamfort Joy 2015
Alain chamfort La fièvre dans le sang 1986
Alain chamfort Manureva
Alain chamfort Manureva 1979
Alain clark Back in my world 2013
Alain clark Blow me away 2008
Alain clark Change will come 2014
Alain clark Father and a friend 2008
Alain clark This ain't gonna work 2007
Alain delorme Romantique avec toi 1975
Alain delorme Trouver dans ma vie ta présence 2002
Alain morisod Adieu et bonne chance 1984
Alain morisod Adieu et bonne chance
Alain morisod Le marchand de bonheur 2009
Alain morisod Le marchand de bonheur
Alain morisod River blue
Alain morisod River blue 1977
Alain morisod Une chanson italienne 1984
Alain morisod Une chanson italienne
Alain souchon Allô maman bobo 1977
Alain souchon Allo maman bobo
Alain souchon Ballade de jim
Alain souchon Ballade de jim 1985
Alain souchon Bidon 1976
Alain souchon Bidon
Alain souchon C'est comme vous voulez 1985
Alain souchon C'est déjà ça 1995
Alain souchon C'est déjà ça
Alain souchon Derrière les mots
Alain souchon Derrière les mots 2014
Alain souchon Ecoutez d'où ma peine vient 2008
Alain souchon Ecoutez d'ou ma peine vient
Alain souchon Et si en plus y'a personne 2005
Alain souchon Et si en plus y'a personne
Alain souchon Foule sentimentale 1993
Alain souchon Foule sentimentale
Alain souchon J'ai dix ans
Alain souchon J'ai dix ans 1974
Alain souchon J'ai dix ans (live 2016) 2016
Alain souchon Jamais content 1977
Alain souchon Jamais content
Alain souchon L'amour à la machine 1993
Alain souchon L'amour à la machine
Alain souchon L'amour en fuite 1979
Alain souchon La ballade de jim
Alain souchon La beauté d'ava gardner 1988
Alain souchon La beauté d'ava gardner
Alain souchon La vie ne vaut rien 2002
Alain souchon La vie ne vaut rien
Alain souchon Le bagad de lann-bihoué 1977
Alain souchon Le bagdad de lann-bihoué
Alain souchon Le baiser 1999
Alain souchon Le baiser
Alain souchon Le jour et la nuit 2011
Alain souchon Le jour et la nuit
Alain souchon Les saisons 2008
Alain souchon Les saisons
Alain souchon Oiseau malin 2014
Alain souchon Oiseau malin
Alain souchon On avance 1983
Alain souchon On avance
Alain souchon Parachute doré 2008
Alain souchon Parachute doré
Alain souchon Poulailler's song 1977
Alain souchon Quand j'serai ko 1988
Alain souchon Quand je serai ko
Alain souchon Rame 1980
Alain souchon Rame
Alain souchon S'assoir par terre 1989
Alain souchon Somerset maugham 1995
Alain souchon Somerset maugham
Alain souchon Sous les jupes des filles 1993
Alain souchon Sous les jupes des filles
Alain souchon Y a d'la rumba dans l'air 1977
Alain souchon Y'a d'la rumba dans l'air
Alan jackson (who says) you can't have it all 1994
Alan jackson 1976 2008
Alan jackson A little bluer than that 2002
Alan jackson A woman's love 2006
Alan jackson Ain't just a southern thing 2015
Alan jackson Amarillo 1999
Alan jackson Angels and alcohol 2015
Alan jackson Another good reason 1998
Alan jackson Between the devil and me 1997
Alan jackson Blessed assurance 2006
Alan jackson Blue ridge mountain song 2013
Alan jackson Buicks to the moon 1996
Alan jackson Burnin' the honky tonks down 2004
Alan jackson Chasin' that neon rainbow 1989
Alan jackson Chattahoochee 1993
Alan jackson Chattahoochee (extended mix) 1993
Alan jackson Country boy 2008
Alan jackson Dallas 1991
Alan jackson Designated drinker 2002
Alan jackson Dixie highway 2012
Alan jackson Dog river blues 1990
Alan jackson Don't rock the jukebox 1991
Alan jackson Drive (for daddy gene) 2002
Alan jackson Every now and then 2010
Alan jackson Everything i love 1997
Alan jackson Freight train 2010
Alan jackson Gone before you met me 2015
Alan jackson Gone country 1994
Alan jackson Gone crazy 1999
Alan jackson Gonna come back as a country song 2012
Alan jackson Good time 2008
Alan jackson Here in the real world 1989
Alan jackson Home 1990
Alan jackson How great thou art 2006
Alan jackson I could get used to this lovin' thing 2010
Alan jackson I don't even know your name 1995
Alan jackson I love to tell the story 2006
Alan jackson I only want you for christmas 1993
Alan jackson I still like bologna 2009
Alan jackson I want to stroll over heaven with you 2006
Alan jackson I'll go on loving you 1998
Alan jackson I'll try 1995
Alan jackson If love was a river 2004
Alan jackson If tears could talk 2016
Alan jackson It must be love 1999
Alan jackson It's five o'clock somewhere 2003
Alan jackson It's just that way 2009
Alan jackson Jim and jack and hank 2015
Alan jackson Laid back 'n low key 2008
Alan jackson Let it be christmas 2002
Alan jackson Like red on a rose 2006
Alan jackson Little bitty 1996
Alan jackson Little man 1998
Alan jackson Livin' on love 1994
Alan jackson Long long way 2008
Alan jackson Long way to go 2011
Alan jackson Love's got a hold on you 1992
Alan jackson Margaritaville 1999
Alan jackson Mercury blues 1992
Alan jackson Mexico, tequila and me 2015
Alan jackson Midnight in montgomery 1991
Alan jackson Monday morning church 2004
Alan jackson Pop a top 1999
Alan jackson Remember when 2003
Alan jackson Ring of fire 2010
Alan jackson Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 1996
Alan jackson She's got the rhythm (and i got the blues) 1992
Alan jackson Sissy's song 2009
Alan jackson Small town southern man 2007
Alan jackson So you don't have to love me anymore 2012
Alan jackson Someday 1991
Alan jackson Song for the life 1994
Alan jackson Strong enough 2004
Alan jackson Summertime blues 1994
Alan jackson Talk is cheap 2012
Alan jackson Talkin' song repair blues 2005
Alan jackson Tall tall trees 1995
Alan jackson Thank god for the radio 1994
Alan jackson That'd be alright 2002
Alan jackson That's where i belong 2010
Alan jackson The blues man 1999
Alan jackson The older i get 2017
Alan jackson The one you're waiting on 2015
Alan jackson There goes 1996
Alan jackson Too much of a good thing 2004
Alan jackson Tropical depression 1992
Alan jackson Usa today 2004
Alan jackson Walkin' the floor over me 1991
Alan jackson What a friend we have in jesus 2006
Alan jackson When god paints 2015
Alan jackson When somebody loves you 2000
Alan jackson Where i come from 2000
Alan jackson Where were you (when the world stopped turning) 2002
Alan jackson Who's cheatin' who 1997
Alan jackson Www.memory 2001
Alan jackson You can always come home 2015
Alan jackson You never know 2015
Alan sorrenti Non so che darei
Alan sorrenti Non so che darei 1980
Alan sorrenti Tu sei l'unica donna per me 1979
Alan walker Alone 2016
Alan walker Darkside 2018
Alan walker Diamond heart 2018
Alan walker Faded 2015
Alan walker Sing me to sleep 2016
Alanis morissette 21 things i want in a lover 2002
Alanis morissette All i really want 1995
Alanis morissette Crazy (james michael mix) 2006
Alanis morissette Eight easy steps 2004
Alanis morissette Everything 2004
Alanis morissette Guardian 2012
Alanis morissette Hand in my pocket 1995
Alanis morissette Hands clean 2002
Alanis morissette Head over feet 1996
Alanis morissette Ironic
Alanis morissette Ironic 1996
Alanis morissette Joining you 1999
Alanis morissette Let's do it (let's fall in love) 2004
Alanis morissette Mary jane 1995
Alanis morissette Not as we 2008
Alanis morissette Precious illusions 2002
Alanis morissette Reasons i drink 2019
Alanis morissette Right through you 1995
Alanis morissette So pure 1999
Alanis morissette So unsexy 2003
Alanis morissette Thank u 1998
Alanis morissette That i would be good 1998
Alanis morissette That particular time 2002
Alanis morissette Underneath 2008
Alanis morissette Uninvited 1998
Alanis morissette Unsent 1999
Alanis morissette You learn 1996
Alanis morissette You oughta know 1995
Alannah myles Black velvet 1989
Alannah myles Love is 1989
Alannah myles Lover of mine 1989
Alannah myles Still got this thing 1989
Alaska Bailando 1982
Alaska Ni tú ni nadie 1998
Alaska ¿a quién le importa? 1986
Albert farrington It's a long way to tipperary 1915
Albert hammond I'm a train 1974
Albert hammond It never rains in southern california 1972
Albert hammond The free electric band 1973
Albert hammond Under the christmas tree 1989
Albert king Born under a bad sign 1967
Albert king I'll play the blues for you 1972
Albert west Ginny come lately 1973
Alberto cortez El vagabundo 1970
Alcazar Crying at the discoteque 2000
Aldebert On n'est pas là pour se faire engueuler 2004
Alderliefste Laat me / vivre 2005
Aldo nova Fantasy 1982
Alec benjamin Let me down slowly 2018
Alec benjamin Let me down slowly (feat. alessia cara) 2019
Aled jones Little drummer boy 2008
Aled jones Walking in the air 2007
Alejandra guzmán Hacer el amor con otro 1991
Alejandra guzmán Soy solo un secreto 2007
Alejandro fernández Canta corazón 2004
Alejandro fernández Como quien pierde una estrella 1995
Alejandro fernández Eres 2008
Alejandro fernández Las mañanitas 2001
Alejandro fernández Mátalas 2003
Alejandro fernández Me dediqué a perderte 2004
Alejandro fernández Me estoy enamorando 1997
Alejandro fernández Se me va la voz 2009
Alejandro fernández Te voy a perder 2007
Alejandro lerner Amarte asi 1990
Alejandro lerner No hace falta que lo digas 1984
Alejandro lerner Todo a pulmón 1983
Alejandro sanz Aprendiz 1998
Alejandro sanz Corazón partío 1998
Alejandro sanz Deja que te bese 2016
Alejandro sanz Desde cuando 2009
Alejandro sanz Looking for paradise 2009
Alejandro sanz No es lo mismo 2003
Alejandro sanz Te lo agradezco, pero no 2006
Alejandro sanz Tú no tienes alma 2004
Alejandro sanz Y solo se me ocurre amarte 2001
Alesha dixon Breathe slow 2009
Alesha dixon Drummer boy 2010
Alesha dixon Every little part of me 2010
Alesha dixon Radio 2010
Alesha dixon The boy does nothing 2008
Alesha dixon To love again 2009
Alessandra amoroso Mambo salentino 2019
Alessandro safina Luna 1999
Alessi brothers Oh lori 1977
Alessia cara Growing pains 2018
Alessia cara Guess that's why they call it the blues 2018
Alessia cara Here 2015
Alessia cara Out of love 2019
Alessia cara River of tears 2015
Alessia cara Scars to your beautiful 2016
Alessia cara Wild things 2016
Alesso Heroes (we could be) 2014
Alestorm Drink 2014
Alestorm Fucked with an anchor 2017
Alex & sierra Little do you know 2014
Alex & sierra Scarecrow 2014
Alex aiono One dance / hasta el amanecer (mashup) 2016
Alex band Tonight 2010
Alex baroni Cambiare 1997
Alex beaupain Après moi le déluge 2013
Alex beaupain Grands soirs 2013
Alex christensen The sign 2019
Alex clare Too close 2011
Alex clare Too close (unplugged) 2012
Alex ferrari Bara bará bere berê 2012
Alex ferrari Guere guerê 2012
Alex gardner I'm not mad 2010
Alex gaudino Destination calabria 2007
Alex gaudino I'm in love (i wanna do it) 2010
Alex gaudino What a feeling 2011
Alex goot Someone like you 2011
Alex hepburn Under 2012
Alex hepburn Under (acoustic) 2013
Alex nevsky Nous chanterons 2016
Alex nevsky Nous chanterons
Álex ubago A gritos de esperanza 2009
Álex ubago Dame tu aire 2004
Álex ubago Dime si no es amor 2001
Álex ubago Siempre en mi mente 2008
Alexa feser Das gold von morgen 2014
Alexa feser Das gold von morgen (akustik piano version) 2014
Alexander knappe Bis meine welt die augen schließt 2016
Alexander knappe Sing mich nach hause 2002
Alexander o'neal Criticize 1987
Alexander rybak Fairytale 2009
Alexandra Zigeunerjunge 1967
Alexandra burke All night long 2010
Alexandra burke Bad boys 2009
Alexandra burke Broken heels 2009
Alexandra burke Elephant 2012
Alexandra burke Hallelujah
Alexandra burke Hallelujah 2008
Alexandra burke Start without you 2010
Alexandra burke The silence 2009
Alexandra lucci Le destin de lisa 2007
Alexandra lucci Le destin de lisa
Alexandra stan Get back (asap) 2011
Alexandra stan Mr. saxobeat 2010
Alexandre desrousseaux Dors, min p'tit quinquin 1855
Alexandre pires Usted se me llevó la vida 1991
Alexia Uh la la la 1997
Alexis jordan Good girl 2011
Alexis jordan Happiness 2010
Alexis jordan Hush hush 2011
Alfie boe Bring him home 2010
Alfie boe The impossible dream 2010
Alfie zappacosta Overload 1988
Alfred garcía Tu canción 2018
Ali gatie It's you 2019
Alias More than words can say 1991
Alibert Adieu, venise provençale 1934
Alibert Le plus beau tango du monde 1935
Alice cooper Be my lover 1971
Alice cooper Billion dollar babies 1973
Alice cooper Cold ethyl 1975
Alice cooper Department of youth 1975
Alice cooper Feed my frankenstein 1992
Alice cooper I never cry 1997
Alice cooper I'm eighteen 1970
Alice cooper Lost in america 1986
Alice cooper Man of the year 1988
Alice cooper Mr. and misdemeanor 1970
Alice cooper No more mister nice guy 1973
Alice cooper Only women bleed 1975
Alice cooper Poison 1989
Alice cooper School's out 1972
Alice cooper Welcome to my nightmare 1975
Alice deejay Better off alone 1998
Alice dona Chanson hypocalorique 1978
Alice in chains Again 1995
Alice in chains Angry chair 1992
Alice in chains Don't follow 1994
Alice in chains Down in a hole 1996
Alice in chains Fear the voices 1999
Alice in chains Got me wrong 1992
Alice in chains Heaven beside you 1996
Alice in chains I stay away 1994
Alice in chains Junkhead 1992
Alice in chains Man in the box 1990
Alice in chains No excuses 1994
Alice in chains Nutshell 1993
Alice in chains Rooster 1992
Alice in chains Sea of sorrow 1991
Alice in chains Would? 1992
Alice in wonderland (1951 film) Dans le monde de mes rêves 1951
Alice in wonderland (1951 film) I'm late 1951
Alice in wonderland (1951 film) In a world of my own 1951
Alice in wonderland (1951 film) Je suis en retard 1951
Alice merton Easy 2019
Alice merton Lash out 2018
Alice merton Learn to live 2019
Alice merton No roots 2017
Alice merton Why so serious 2018
Alice smith Dream 2006
Alicia bridges I love the nightlife
Alicia bridges I love the nightlife 1976
Alicia keys A woman's worth
Alicia keys A woman's worth 2002
Alicia keys Brand new me 2012
Alicia keys Butterflyz
Alicia keys Butterflyz 2001
Alicia keys Diary 2004
Alicia keys Distance and time 2009
Alicia keys Doesn't mean anything
Alicia keys Doesn't mean anything 2009
Alicia keys Empire state of mind (part ii) broken down 2009
Alicia keys Every little bit hurts 2006
Alicia keys Fallin'
Alicia keys Fallin' 2001
Alicia keys Girl on fire 2012
Alicia keys Girl on fire (inferno version) 2012
Alicia keys Girl on fire (main version) 2012
Alicia keys Girlfriend 2002
Alicia keys Hallelujah 2016
Alicia keys If i ain't got you
Alicia keys If i ain't got you 2004
Alicia keys In common 2016
Alicia keys Lesson learned
Alicia keys Like you'll never see me again
Alicia keys Like you'll never see me again 2007
Alicia keys Love is blind 2009
Alicia keys Loving you 2003
Alicia keys Never felt this way 2001
Alicia keys No one
Alicia keys No one 2007
Alicia keys No one (intimate) 2011
Alicia keys Piano & i (clean) 2001
Alicia keys Put it in a love song 2009
Alicia keys Superwoman
Alicia keys Tears always win 2012
Alicia keys Teenage love affair 2007
Alicia keys That's how strong my love is 2009
Alicia keys Try sleeping with a broken heart 2009
Alicia keys Un-thinkable (i'm ready) 2009
Alicia keys Unbreakable 2005
Alicia keys Underdog 2020
Alicia keys Why do i feel so sad 2001
Alicia keys Wild horses 2005
Alicia keys Wreckless love 2007
Alicia keys You don't know my name 2003
Alicia myers Just can't stay away 1984
Alien ant farm Smooth criminal 2001
Alien ant farm These days 2003
Alina Die einzige 2017
Alina Nie vergessen 2017
Alisha chinai Made in india 1996
Alisha chinai Made in india (indian vocals) 1996
Alison krauss Baby, now that i've found you 1995
Alison krauss Down to the river to pray 2002
Alison krauss I will 1995
Alison krauss I'll fly away 2001
Alison krauss Lay down beside me 2007
Alison krauss Let me touch you for awhile 2001
Alison krauss Losing you 2017
Alison krauss Maybe 2000
Alison krauss Simple love 2007
Alison krauss The lucky one 2001
Alison krauss When you say nothing at all 1994
Alison krauss & union station When you say nothing at all 1995
Alison limerick Where love lives 1990
Alison moyet All cried out 1984
Alison moyet Love letters 1987
Alison moyet That ole devil called love 1985
Alison moyet The first time ever i saw your face 1995
Alive A ceux qu'on aime
Alive A ceux qu'on aime 2004
Alive Dis à l'amour 2004
Alive Jusqu'à la tolérance 2005
Alive La cour des anges
Alive La cour des anges 2004
Alive Pourquoi j'ai mal 2004
Alizée Blonde
Alizée Blonde 2014
Alizée Fifty-sixty
Alizée Fifty-sixty 2007
Alizée J'ai pas vingt ans ! 2003
Alizée J'en ai marre ! 2003
Alizée Les collines (never leave you)
Alizée Les collines (never leave you) 2010
Alizée Mademoiselle juliette
Alizée Mademoiselle juliette 2007
Alizée Moi lolita
Alizée Moi... lolita 2000
All about she Higher (free) 2013
All angels I'll fly away 2009
All in the family Those were the days 1971
All saints Bootie call 1997
All saints Never ever 1997
All saints Pure shores 2000
All shook up Teddy bear / hound dog 2005
All star tribute What's going on? 2001
All that remains The thunder rolls 2017
All time low I feel like dancin' 2011
All time low Time bomb 2012
All-4-one I can love you like that 1995
All-4-one I swear 1994
All-4-one Someday 1996
Allan sherman Hello muddah! hello fadduh! 1963
Allan théo Emmène-moi
Allan théo Emmène-moi 1998
Allan théo Lola
Allan théo Lola 1998
Allan théo Sonar
Alle farben Bad ideas 2016
Alle farben Little hollywood 2017
Alle farben Only thing we know 2018
Alle farben Please tell rosie 2016
Alle farben She moves (far away) 2014
Alle farben Supergirl 2015
Allen stone Consider me 2019
Allen stone Sleep 2012
Allen stone Unaware 2012
Allgäu power Böhmischer traum 2008
Alliage Baila
Alliage Je sais
Alliage Le temps qui court
Alliage Lucy
Alliage Lucy 1997
Alliance ethnik Respect
Alliance ethnik Respect 1995
Allison iraheta Friday i'll be over u 2009
Allison moorer A soft place to fall 1998
Allison moorer Up this high 2002
Allure All cried out 1997
Allure You're the only one for me 1999
Alma La chute est lente
Alma La chute est lente 2016
Alma Requiem
Alma Requiem 2017
Alma cogan Never do a tango with an eskimo 1955
Almklausi & specktakel Mama laudaaa 2018
Aloe blacc Brooklyn in the summer 2018
Aloe blacc Green lights 2011
Aloe blacc I do 2020
Aloe blacc I need a dollar 2010
Aloe blacc Loving you is killing me 2011
Aloe blacc The man 2013
Aloe blacc The world is ours 2014
Aloe blacc Wake me up (acoustic) 2013
Alok Hear me now 2016
Alpenrebellen Rock mi 2013
Alpenzusjes Naar voren, naar achter 2011
Alpha blondy Sweet fanta diallo 1987
Alphabeat 10.000 nights of thunder 2007
Alphabeat Boyfriend 2008
Alphabeat Dj (i could be dancing) 2010
Alphabeat Fascination 2007
Alphabeat The spell 2009
Alphaville Big in japan 1984
Alphaville Forever young 1984
Alphonse brown Le frunkp 2002
Alt-j Breezeblocks 2012
Alter bridge Broken wings 2004
Alter bridge In loving memory 2004
Alter bridge Open your eyes 2004
Alter bridge Watch over you 2008
Altered images Happy birthday 1981
Altiyan childs Somewhere in the world 2010
Alunageorge Attracting flies 2013
Alunageorge Best be believing 2013
Alunageorge You know you like it 2012
Álvaro soler Animal 2017
Álvaro soler El mismo sol 2015
Álvaro soler La cintura 2018
Álvaro soler La libertad 2019
Álvaro soler Libre 2016
Álvaro soler Libre (feat. emma marrone) 2016
Álvaro soler Loca 2019
Álvaro soler Sofia 2016
Álvaro soler Yo contigo, tù conmigo 2017
Alvin and the chipmunks Funky town 2007
Alvin and the chipmunks Here comes santa claus 2007
Alvin and the chipmunks I love rock 'n' roll 2007
Alvin and the chipmunks O christmas tree (o tannenbaum) 2008
Alvin and the chipmunks The chipmunk song (christmas don't be late) 2007
Alvin and the chipmunks The chipmunk song (christmas don't be late) remix 2008
Alvin and the chipmunks Witch doctor 1990
Alvin lee Bluest blues 1993
Alvin stardust I feel like buddy holly 1984
Alvin stardust My coo ca choo 1973
Alvin stardust Pretend 1981
Aly & aj Chemicals react 2006
Aly & aj Greatest time of year 2006
Aly & aj Potential breakup song 2007
Aly & aj Rush 2005
Aly & aj Walking on sunshine 2005
Alyssa reid Alone again 2011
Amadou et mariam La réalité 2004
Amaia montero Caminando 2011
Amália rodrigues La maison sur le port 1973
Amanda Everybody doesn't 2001
Amanda lear Follow me 1978
Amanda marshall Beautiful goodbye 1996
Amanda marshall Believe in you 1999
Amanda marshall Dark horse 1997
Amanda marshall If i didn't have you 1999
Amanda marshall Sunday morning after 2002
Amanda perez Angel 2002
Amanda perez I pray 2004
Amanda seyfried Little house 2010
Amandine bourgeois Il est cinq heures, paris s'éveille 2014
Amandine bourgeois L'eau à la bouche 2014
Amandine bourgeois L'enfer et moi 2013
Amandine bourgeois L'homme de la situation 2009
Amandine bourgeois La ballade de jim
Amandine bourgeois La ballade de jim 2014
Amandine bourgeois Love me, please love me 2014
Amandine bourgeois Ma gueule 2014
Amandine bourgeois Sans amour 2011
Amandine bourgeois Savoir aimer
Amandine bourgeois Savoir aimer 2014
Amaral Mi alma perdida 2005
Amaury vassili J'ai encore rêvé d'elle 2015
Amaury vassili Laisse-moi t'aimer 2014
Amaury vassili Sognu 2011
Amazulu Too good to be forgotten 1986
Amber lawrence Good girls 2008
Ambrosia Biggest part of me 1980
Ambrosia How much i feel 1978
Amedeo minghi Vattene amore 1990
Amel bent A 20 ans
Amel bent A 20 ans 2007
Amel bent A trop t'aimer
Amel bent A trop t'aimer 2009
Amel bent Au café des délices
Amel bent Au café des délices (live) 2007
Amel bent Cette idée-là
Amel bent Cette idée-là 2009
Amel bent Comme tous les soirs 2007
Amel bent Délit
Amel bent Délit 2011
Amel bent Désolée
Amel bent Désolée 2008
Amel bent En silence 2014
Amel bent Eye of the tiger 2006
Amel bent J'attends
Amel bent J'attends 2004
Amel bent Je me sens bien
Amel bent Je me sens bien 2009
Amel bent Je reste
Amel bent Je reste 2011
Amel bent Je reste seule
Amel bent Je reste seule 2007
Amel bent Je voulais juste que tu m'aimes
Amel bent Je voulais juste que tu m'aimes 2007
Amel bent La bohème
Amel bent La bohème 2004
Amel bent Le droit a l'erreur
Amel bent Le droit à l'erreur 2004
Amel bent Le mal de toi 2009
Amel bent Les temps qui courent 2014
Amel bent Ma chance 2012
Amel bent Ma philosophie
Amel bent Ma philosophie 2004
Amel bent Ne retiens pas tes larmes
Amel bent Ne retiens pas tes larmes 2004
Amel bent Ne retiens pas tes larmes (piano/voix) 2007
Amel bent Nouveau français 2007
Amel bent Nouveau français
Amel bent Ou je vais
Amel bent Où je vais 2009
Amel bent Pardonnez-moi
Amel bent Pardonnez-moi 2004
Amel bent Regarde-nous 2014
Amel bent Sans toi 2013
Amel bent Si on te demande
Amel bent Si on te demande 2018
Amel bent Si tu m'entends
Amel bent Si tu m'entends 2007
Amel bent Tu n'es plus là
Amel bent Tu n'es plus là 2007
Amel bent Vivre ma vie
Amel larrieux For real 2004
Amelia lily Party over 2013
Amelia lily Shut up (and give me whatever you got) 2013
Amelia lily You bring me joy 2012
Amélie, a new musical Time are hard for dreamers (pop version) 2017
America A horse with no name 1972
America All my life 1979
America Daisy jane 1975
America I need you 1972
America Inspector mills 1982
America Lonely people 1974
America Muskrat love 1973
America Right before your eyes 1982
America Sandman 1971
America Sister golden hair 1973
America Sister golden hair (live) 1973
America The last unicorn 1982
America Tin man 1974
America Ventura highway 1972
America You can do magic 1973
American authors Best day of my life 2013
American hi-fi Another perfect day 2001
American hi-fi Flavor of the weak 2001
American hi-fi The art of losing 2003
American idol God bless the u.s.a. 2003
American orchestra When johnny comes marching home 1863
Amerie 1 thing 2005
Amerie Take control 2006
Amerie Talkin' to me 2002
Amerie Why don't we fall in love 2002
Ames brothers Hawaiian war chant 1951
Amigos 110 karat 2018
Amigos Baby blue 2017
Amigos Das weiße schiff 2008
Amigos Du bist der helle wahnsinn 2007
Amigos Ich geh' für dich durchs feuer 2007
Amigos Komm tanz mit mir 2008
Amigos Weisst du, was du für mich bist 2010
Amigos Wie ein feuerwerk 2016
Amii stewart Knock on wood
Amii stewart Knock on wood 1979
Aminé Caroline 2016
Amine Señorita
Amine mounder My girl 2005
Amine mounder Señorita 2015
Amir 5 minutes avec toi 2019
Amir A ta manière
Amir A ta manière 2016
Amir Au coeur de moi
Amir Au coeur de moi 2016
Amir États d'amour
Amir États d'amour 2017
Amir Il est temps qu'on m'aime
Amir Il est temps qu'on m'aime 2016
Amir J'ai cherché
Amir J'ai cherché 2016
Amir J'ai cherché (tom maiz remix) 2016
Amir J'ai cherché (tom maiz remix)
Amir Les rues de ma peine
Amir Les rues de ma peine 2017
Amir Longtemps 2018
Amir Longtemps
Amir On dirait
Amir On dirait 2016
Amir On dirait (acoustic version) 2016
Amir Très haut
Amir Très haut 2016
Amos lee Arms of a woman 2004
Amy grant A christmas to remember 1999
Amy grant Baby baby 1991
Amy grant Baby, it's christmas 2008
Amy grant Big yellow taxi 1994
Amy grant Breath of heaven (mary's song) 1992
Amy grant Christmas can't be very far away 1999
Amy grant El shaddai 1982
Amy grant Every heartbeat 1991
Amy grant Have yourself a merry little christmas 1992
Amy grant House of love 1994
Amy grant I will remember you 1991
Amy grant I'll be home for christmas 1992
Amy grant It's the most wonderful time of the year 1992
Amy grant Jingle bell rock 1999
Amy grant Rockin' around the christmas tree 1992
Amy grant Sing your praise to the lord 1982
Amy grant Sleigh ride 1983
Amy grant Takes a little time 1997
Amy grant Tennessee christmas 1983
Amy grant Winter wonderland 1992
Amy macdonald Across the nile 2012
Amy macdonald An ordinary life 2010
Amy macdonald Don't tell me that it's over 2010
Amy macdonald Dream on 2017
Amy macdonald L.a. 2007
Amy macdonald Let's start a band 2010
Amy macdonald Love love 2010
Amy macdonald Mr. rock and roll 2007
Amy macdonald Pride 2012
Amy macdonald Run 2007
Amy macdonald Slow it down 2012
Amy macdonald Spark 2010
Amy macdonald The furthest star 2012
Amy macdonald This is the life 2007
Amy macdonald This pretty face 2010
Amy macdonald Troubled soul 2010
Amy macdonald What happiness means to me 2010
Amy meredith Lying 2010
Amy wadge Faith's song 2018
Amy winehouse 'round midnight 2003
Amy winehouse (there is) no greater love 2003
Amy winehouse A song for you 2011
Amy winehouse Addicted 2006
Amy winehouse All my lovin' 2004
Amy winehouse Amy amy amy 2003
Amy winehouse Back to black 2006
Amy winehouse Back to black (acoustic) 2007
Amy winehouse Best friends, right? 2011
Amy winehouse Between the cheats 2011
Amy winehouse Cupid 2007
Amy winehouse Fuck me pumps 2004
Amy winehouse He can only hold her 2006
Amy winehouse Help yourself 2003
Amy winehouse Hey little rich girl 2006
Amy winehouse I heard it through the grapevine 2006
Amy winehouse I heard love is blind 2002
Amy winehouse Just friends 2008
Amy winehouse Love is a losing game 2007
Amy winehouse Love is a losing game (acoustic) 2008
Amy winehouse Me & mr jones 2006
Amy winehouse Monkey man 2007
Amy winehouse Moody's mood for love / teo licks 2003
Amy winehouse Mr magic 2003
Amy winehouse Our day will come 2011
Amy winehouse Rehab 2006
Amy winehouse Some unholy war 2006
Amy winehouse Stronger than me 2003
Amy winehouse Take the box 2004
Amy winehouse Teach me tonight 2008
Amy winehouse Tears dry on their own 2006
Amy winehouse The girl from ipanema 2011
Amy winehouse To know him is to love him 2006
Amy winehouse Valerie 2007
Amy winehouse Valerie ('68 version) 2011
Amy winehouse Valerie (acoustic) 2007
Amy winehouse Valerie (live bbc radio 1 in lounge) 2007
Amy winehouse Wake up alone 2006
Amy winehouse Will you still love me tomorrow 2004
Amy winehouse Will you still love me tomorrow? (2011) 2011
Amy winehouse You know i'm no good 2006
Amy winehouse You know i'm no good (feat. ghostface killah) 2006
Amy winehouse You sent me flying 2003
Ana belén Cuéntame 1968
Ana guerra Bajito 2018
Ana guerra Ni la hora 2018
Ana johnsson We are 2004
Ana torroja Duele el amor 2005
Anaïs Christina 2006
Anaïs Le 1er amour 2009
Anaïs Mon coeur, mon amour
Anaïs Mon coeur, mon amour 2005
Anaïs Peut-être une angine 2008
Anaïs delva Histoire éternelle 2015
Anaïs delva Où est la vraie vie 2015
Anakelly November rain 2006
Anakelly One love (people get ready) 2005
Anastacia Cowboys & kisses 2001
Anastacia Heavy on my heart 2004
Anastacia I ask of you 2000
Anastacia I can feel you 2008
Anastacia I do 2004
Anastacia I dreamed you 2001
Anastacia I'm outta love
Anastacia I'm outta love 2000
Anastacia Left outside alone 2004
Anastacia Lifeline 2014
Anastacia Made for lovin' you 2001
Anastacia Not that kind 2000
Anastacia One day in your life 2001
Anastacia Paid my dues 2001
Anastacia Pieces of a dream 2005
Anastacia Sick and tired 2004
Anastacia Stupid little things 2014
Anastacia Welcome to my truth 2004
Anastacia Who's gonna stop the rain 2000
Anastacia Why'd you lie to me 2001
Anastasia (1997 film) A rumor in st. petersburg 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) At the beginning 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) C'est le début 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) Journey to the past 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) Journey to the past (aaliyah version) 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) La rumeur de saint petersbourg 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) Loin du froid de décembre 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) Once upon a december 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) Reise durch die zeit 1997
Anastasia (1997 film) Voyage dans le temps 1997
Anastasia (musical) In a crowd of thousands 2017
Anastasia (musical) In my dreams 2017
Anders nilsen Salsa tequila 2014
Anderson .paak Make it better 2019
Andra day Burn 2016
Andra day Forever mine 2015
Andra day Rise up 2015
André claveau Cerisier rose et pommier blanc 1950
André claveau Domino, domino 1950
André claveau Le tango des jours heureux 1959
André hazes Als je alles weet 1988
André hazes Bloed, zweet en tranen 1985
André hazes Buona sera / oh marie 1985
André hazes Dat ene moment 1985
André hazes De vlieger 1977
André hazes Diep in mijn hart 1982
André hazes Een beetje verliefd 1981
André hazes Eenzaam zonder jou 2000
André hazes Hoogste tijd 1990
André hazes Ik heb de zomer in m'n bol 1994
André hazes Ik leef m'n eigen leven 1994
André hazes Ik meen 't 1985
André hazes Op de schoorsteen staat een foto 1980
André hazes Uit m'n bol 1933
André hazes Waarom 1980
André hazes Wat is dan liefde 1980
André hazes Wij houden van oranje 2006
André hazes Zij gelooft in mij 1999
André hazes jr. Dit is voor altijd 2016
André hazes jr. Doe het licht maar uit 2020
André hazes jr. Een laatste kans 2013
André hazes jr. Hé ouwe 2016
André hazes jr. Ik haal alles uit het leven 2017
André hazes jr. Later komt de spijt 2018
André hazes jr. Leef 2015
André hazes jr. Niet voor lief 2015
André hazes jr. Wat is de waarheid 2016
André hazes jr. Wie kan mij vertellen 2017
André van duin Als de zon schijnt 1982
André verchuren Les fiancés d'auvergne
André verchuren Les fiancés d'auvergne 1961
Andrea berg Andrea berg party mix 2006
Andrea berg Atlantis lebt 2013
Andrea berg Bin ich von allen guten geistern verlassen 2013
Andrea berg Danke, dass es dich gibt 2019
Andrea berg Das gefühl 2013
Andrea berg Das hat die welt noch nie gesehen 2016
Andrea berg Das kann kein zufall sein 2011
Andrea berg Davon geht mein herz nicht unter 2019
Andrea berg Der letzte tag im paradies 2013
Andrea berg Dich soll der teufel hol'n 2009
Andrea berg Die gefühle haben schweigepflicht 1995
Andrea berg Die geheimen träumer 2019
Andrea berg Diese nacht ist jede sünde wert 2016
Andrea berg Diese nacht ist jede sünde wert (live) 2016
Andrea berg Drachenreiter 2016
Andrea berg Du bist das feuer 2016
Andrea berg Du hast mich tausendmal belogen 2001
Andrea berg Du kannst noch nicht mal richtig lügen 2010
Andrea berg Du musst erst fallen 2019
Andrea berg Ein schiff wird kommen 2003
Andrea berg Ein tag mit dir im paradies 2003
Andrea berg Endlich du 2010
Andrea berg Es muß ja nicht für immer sein 2016
Andrea berg Feuervogel 2016
Andrea berg Flieg mit mir fort 2011
Andrea berg Geh doch, wenn du sie liebst 2002
Andrea berg Hallo houston 2019
Andrea berg Hallo houston (king & white dj mix) 2019
Andrea berg Herztattoo 2011
Andrea berg Himmel auf erden 2013
Andrea berg Ich liebe das leben 2010
Andrea berg Ich liebe das leben (25 jahre remix) 2017
Andrea berg Ich schieß dich auf den mond 2011
Andrea berg Ich sterbe nicht nochmal 2001
Andrea berg Ich werde lächeln wenn du gehst 2016
Andrea berg Ich werde lächeln wenn du gehst (fox mix) 2016
Andrea berg Ich werde wieder tanzen geh'n 2010
Andrea berg Ich würd dich so gern wiedersehn 2019
Andrea berg Im nächsten leben 2013
Andrea berg Ja ich will 2017
Andrea berg Jung, verliebt und frei 2019
Andrea berg Kilimandscharo 1992
Andrea berg Kilimandscharo (neuaufnahme) 1992
Andrea berg Lass mich in flammen stehen 2016
Andrea berg Lebenslänglich 2011
Andrea berg Leise rieselt der schnee 2008
Andrea berg Lust auf pures leben 2016
Andrea berg Märchenschloss 2016
Andrea berg Mein prinz 2011
Andrea berg Mosaik 2019
Andrea berg Piraten wie wir 2011
Andrea berg Schenk mir einen stern 2010
Andrea berg Schwerelos hitmix 2010
Andrea berg Seelenbeben 2016
Andrea berg Seemann, deine heimat ist das meer 2011
Andrea berg Solang die erde sich dreht 2016
Andrea berg Steh auf 2019
Andrea berg Sternenträumer 2016
Andrea berg Über alle sieben meere 2011
Andrea berg Und heute abend geh ich tanzen 2001
Andrea berg Unendlichkeit 2019
Andrea berg Vielleicht ein traum zu viel 1999
Andrea berg Wenn du mich willst, dann küss mich doch 1995
Andrea bocelli Ave maria 1995
Andrea bocelli Because we believe 2006
Andrea bocelli Bésame mucho 2006
Andrea bocelli Blue christmas 2009
Andrea bocelli Can't help falling in love (duet) 2006
Andrea bocelli Champagne 2013
Andrea bocelli Con te partirò 1995
Andrea bocelli Con te partiro
Andrea bocelli Contigo en la distancia 2013
Andrea bocelli Dare to live (vivere)
Andrea bocelli Dare to live (vivere) 1995
Andrea bocelli E più ti penso 2015
Andrea bocelli Fall on me 2018
Andrea bocelli Gloria the gift of life 2018
Andrea bocelli If only 2018
Andrea bocelli Il mare calmo della sera 1994
Andrea bocelli L'appuntamento (sentado à beira do caminho) 2006
Andrea bocelli La voce del silenzio 2008
Andrea bocelli Love me tender 2013
Andrea bocelli Musica è 1997
Andrea bocelli Nel blu dipinto di blu (volare) 2011
Andrea bocelli O sole mio 1996
Andrea bocelli Panis angelicus 1994
Andrea bocelli Qualcosa più dell'oro 2018
Andrea bocelli Quizás, quizás, quizás 2013
Andrea bocelli Romanza 1996
Andrea bocelli Somos novios 2006
Andrea bocelli Time to say goodbye 1996
Andrea bocelli Un'anima 2018
Andrea bocelli Ven a mi 2018
Andrea bocelli Vive ya 2008
Andrea bocelli Vivo per lei 1997
Andrea bocelli Vivo por ella 1997
Andrea bocelli When i fall in love 2013
Andrea bocelli When i fall in love (feat. helene fischer) 2013
Andrea bocelli & giorgia Vivo per lei (duo italien)
Andrea bocelli & hélène ségara Vivo per lei (avec voix hélène ségara)
Andrea bocelli & hélène ségara Vivo per lei (duo)
Andrea bocelli - Vive ya
Andrea true More, more, more 1975
Andreas bourani Auf anderen wegen 2014
Andreas bourani Auf uns 2014
Andreas bourani Auf uns (akustik version) 2014
Andreas bourani Eisberg 2011
Andreas bourani Hey 2014
Andreas bourani Nur in meinem kopf 2011
Andreas bourani Ultraleicht 2014
Andreas bourani Wunder 2011
Andreas fulterer Donna blue 2011
Andreas gabalier Amoi seg' ma uns wieder 2009
Andreas gabalier Engel 2010
Andreas gabalier Ewig 2018
Andreas gabalier Hallihallo 2018
Andreas gabalier Hulapalu 2015
Andreas gabalier Hulapalu (harris & ford radio edit) 2016
Andreas gabalier I sing a liad für di 2010
Andreas gabalier Sie 2011
Andreas gabalier So liab hob i di 2009
Andreas gabalier Verdammt lang her 2018
Andreas gabalier Verliebt verliebt 2015
Andreas gabalier Volks rock'n'roller 2011
Andreas gabalier Zuckerpuppen 2013
Andreas johnson Glorious 1999
Andreas kümmert Simple man 2013
Andreas martin Aber dich gibt's nur einmal für mich 2010
Andreas martin Amore mio 1982
Andreas martin Deine flügel fangen feuer 1991
Andreas martin Du bist alles (maria maria) 1987
Andreas martin Ich fang' dir den mond 2008
Andreas martin Im himmel ist der teufel los 2010
Andreas martin Nur mit dir und immer wieder 1993
Andreas martin Warum, weshalb, wieso 2016
Andreas martin Wir sind immer noch gut 2005
Andrés calamaro Flaca 1997
Andrew gold Lonely boy 1976
Andrew gold Never let her slip away 1978
Andrew gold Thank you for being a friend 1978
Andrew w.k. I love new york 2002
Andrew w.k. We want fun 2002
Andrzej piaseczny Na przekór nowym czasom 2009
Andy borg Adios amor 1992
Andy grammer Back home 2014
Andy grammer Don't give up on me 2019
Andy grammer Fine by me 2011
Andy grammer Fresh eyes 2016
Andy grammer Good to be alive (hallelujah) 2015
Andy grammer Honey i'm good 2014
Andy grammer I am yours 2019
Andy grammer Keep your head up 2011
Andy griggs If heaven 2004
Andy griggs She thinks she needs me 2004
Andy griggs You won't ever be lonely 1999
Andy kim Rock me gently 1974
Andy williams (where do i begin?) love story 1970
Andy williams A song and a christmas tree (the twelve days of christmas) 1963
Andy williams A song of old hawaii 1959
Andy williams Aloha oe (farewell to thee) 1959
Andy williams Beyond the reef 1959
Andy williams Blue hawaii 1959
Andy williams Butterfly 1957
Andy williams Can't get used to losing you 1963
Andy williams Can't help falling in love 1970
Andy williams Can't take my eyes off you 1968
Andy williams Canadian sunset 1956
Andy williams Charade 1964
Andy williams Days of wine and roses 1962
Andy williams Dear heart 1970
Andy williams Happy holiday / the holiday season 1963
Andy williams Hawaiian wedding song 1959
Andy williams Here's that rainy day 1967
Andy williams I heard the bells on christmas day 1965
Andy williams I'll weave a lei of stars 1959
Andy williams It's the most wonderful time of the year 1963
Andy williams Kay thompson's jingle bells 1963
Andy williams Love is a many-splendored thing 1962
Andy williams Love theme from the godfather (speak softly love) 1972
Andy williams Moon of manakoora 1959
Andy williams Moon river 1962
Andy williams Music to watch girls by 1967
Andy williams On the street where you live 1964
Andy williams Silver bells 1965
Andy williams So nice (summer samba) 1966
Andy williams Song of the island 1959
Andy williams Sweet leilani 1959
Andy williams The impossible dream (the quest) 1968
Andy williams The little drummer boy 1963
Andy williams The shadow of your smile 1966
Andy williams To you, sweetheart, aloha 1959
Aneka Japanese boy 1981
Aneta sablik The one 2014
Angel Wonderful 2012
Angel y khriz Ven bailalo (reggaeton mix) 2004
Angela bofill This time i'll be sweeter 1978
Angela groothuizen De helft van mij 2013
Angèle Balance ton quoi
Angèle Balance ton quoi 2018
Angèle Flou 2018
Angèle Insomnies 2019
Angèle Jalousie 2018
Angèle Je veux tes yeux 2018
Angèle La madrague 2018
Angèle La thune
Angèle La thune
Angèle La thune 2018
Angèle Les matins 2018
Angèle Nombreux
Angèle Nombreux 2018
Angèle Oui ou non 2019
Angèle Ta reine
Angèle Ta reine 2018
Angèle Tout oublier
Angèle Tout oublier 2018
Angèle Tu me regardes
Angèle Tu me regardes 2019
Angèle Victime des réseaux 2018
Angelina Maman me dit
Angelo branduardi La demoiselle 1979
Angelo branduardi Va où le vent te mène 1980
Angels and airwaves The adventure 2006
Anggun Au nom de la lune 1997
Anggun Au nom de la lune
Anggun Cesse la pluie
Anggun Cesse la pluie 2005
Anggun Echo (you and i) 2012
Anggun Etre une femme 2006
Anggun Face au vent
Anggun Face au vent 2015
Anggun Je partirai 2011
Anggun Just être une femme
Anggun Juste avant toi
Anggun Juste avant toi 2006
Anggun La neige au sahara
Anggun La neige au sahara 1997
Anggun Mon meilleur amour 2011
Anggun Si tu l'avoues
Anggun Si tu l'avoues 2008
Anggun Snow on the sahara 1997
Angie stone Brotha 2001
Angie stone Mad issues 2001
Angie stone Wish i didn't miss you 2001
Angus & julia stone Big jet plane 2010
Animotion Obsession 1984
Anis Cergy 2006
Anis Rodéo boulevard 2008
Anita baker Angel 1983
Anita baker Been so long 1986
Anita baker Body and soul 1994
Anita baker Caught up in the rapture 1986
Anita baker Fairy tales 1990
Anita baker Giving you the best that i've got 1988
Anita baker I apologize 1994
Anita baker No one in the world 1986
Anita baker Same ole love (365 days a year) 1987
Anita baker Sweet love 1986
Anita baker You bring me joy 1986
Anita lipnicka I wszystko się może zdarzyć 1996
Anita meyer Sometimes when we touch 1985
Anita meyer They don't play our lovesong anymore 1981
Anita meyer Why tell me why 1981
Anita o'day Peanut vendor 1958
Anita ward Ring my bell 1975
Anita ward Ring my bell
Ann lee 2 times 1999
Ann lee Voices 1999
Ann sophie Black smoke 2015
Ann tayler 1-2-3 2003
Ann tayler Home to louisiana 2003
Ann tayler Let your momma go 2008
Anna abreu Ivory tower 2007
Anna clendening Boys like you 2017
Anna garrott Two more bottles of wine 2009
Anna hanski Kotiviini 2003
Anna margaret Something about the sunshine 2010
Anna nalick Breathe (2 a.m.) 2004
Anna nalick Wreck of the day ('06) 2006
Anna-carina woitschack Stark wie zwei 2019
Anna-maria zimmermann 1, 2, 3, 4: heute nacht da feiern wir! 2018
Anna-maria zimmermann 100.000 leuchtende sterne 2011
Anna-maria zimmermann 1000 träume weit (tornero) 2009
Anna-maria zimmermann 1000 träume weit (torneró) (version 2020) 2020
Anna-maria zimmermann 7 wolken 2010
Anna-maria zimmermann Amore mio 2013
Anna-maria zimmermann Die tanzfläche brennt 2014
Anna-maria zimmermann Du hast mir so den kopf verdreht 2015
Anna-maria zimmermann Himmelblaue augen 2017
Anna-maria zimmermann Lust am leben 2009
Anna-maria zimmermann Scheiß egal 2018
Anna-maria zimmermann Tanz 2013
Anna-maria zimmermann Tinte (wo willst du hin) 2017
Anna-maria zimmermann Wer ist dieser dj? 2008
Annalisa scarrone Il mondo prima di te 2018
Annalisa scarrone Scintille 2013
Annalisa scarrone Senza riserva
Annalisa scarrone Senza riserva 2012
Anne murray As time goes by 2004
Anne murray Could i have this dance 1980
Anne murray Danny's song 1973
Anne murray Daydream believer 1979
Anne murray Do you hear what i hear? 1988
Anne murray I just fall in love again 1979
Anne murray It came upon a midnight clear 1988
Anne murray Just another woman in love 1983
Anne murray Killing me softly with his song 1973
Anne murray Nobody loves me like you do 1984
Anne murray Shadows in the moonlight 1979
Anne murray Snowbird 1970
Anne murray Tennessee waltz 1978
Anne murray The little drummer boy 1981
Anne murray We three kings 1988
Anne murray You are my sunshine / open up your heart 1977
Anne murray You needed me 1978
Anne murray You won't see me 1974
Anne sila Le monde tourne sans toi 2015
Anne sila Let it go 2016
Anne sylvestre Les gens qui doutent 1977
Anne vanderlove Ballade en novembre 1966
Anne-marie 2002 2018
Anne-marie 2002 (acoustic) 2018
Anne-marie Alarm 2016
Anne-marie Ciao adios 2017
Anne-marie Friends 2018
Anne-marie Heavy 2017
Anne-marie Perfect to me 2018
Anne-marie david Tu te reconnaîtras 1973
Annenmaykantereit Barfuß am klavier 2016
Annenmaykantereit Oft gefragt 2015
Annenmaykantereit Pocahontas 2016
Annett louisan Das alles wär nie passiert 2003
Annett louisan Das gefühl 2005
Annett louisan Das liebeslied 2004
Annett louisan Das spiel 2004
Annett louisan Die katze 2004
Annett louisan Drück die 1 2008
Annie (1982 film) It's a hard knock life 1982
Annie (1982 film) Little girls 1982
Annie (1982 film) You're never fully dressed without a smile 1982
Annie (2014 film) You're never fully dressed without a smile 2014
Annie (musical) Maybe 1977
Annie (musical) Tomorrow 1977
Annie blanchard Evangéline 2005
Annie cordy C'est beau de faire un show
Annie cordy C'est beau de faire un show 1999
Annie cordy Ca ira mieux demain
Annie cordy Ça ira mieux demain 1976
Annie cordy Cho ka ka o
Annie cordy Cho ka ka o 1985
Annie cordy En scène 1999
Annie cordy Envoyez la musique ! 1982
Annie cordy Frida oum papa
Annie cordy Frida oum papa (beer barrel polka) 1975
Annie cordy Hello dolly
Annie cordy Hello dolly 1972
Annie cordy Hello le soleil brille
Annie cordy Hello, le soleil brille 1958
Annie cordy L'artiste 1998
Annie cordy L'artiste
Annie cordy La bonne du curé
Annie cordy La bonne du curé 1974
Annie cordy Le chou chou de mon coeur
Annie cordy Le chou chou de mon coeur 1970
Annie cordy Ma vie est une comédie musicale 1975
Annie cordy Nini la chance 1976
Annie cordy Nini la chance
Annie cordy Six roses 1964
Annie cordy Tata yoyo
Annie cordy Tata yoyo 1980
Annie get your gun Anything you can do (i can do better) 1950
Annie get your gun There's no business like show business 1950
Annie get your gun They say it's wonderful 1946
Annie lennox A whiter shade of pale
Annie lennox A whiter shade of pale 1995
Annie lennox I put a spell on you 2014
Annie lennox Keep young and beautiful 1992
Annie lennox No more i love you's 1995
Annie lennox Put a little love in your heart 1988
Annie lennox Take me to the river 1995
Annie villeneuve Ce soir 2009
Annie villeneuve Ce soir
Annie villeneuve Le sais-tu ? 2012
Annie villeneuve Le sais-tu ?
Annie villeneuve Quand je ferme les yeux
Annie villeneuve Quand je ferme les yeux 2005
Annie villeneuve Ta lettre
Annie villeneuve Ta lettre 2012
Annie villeneuve Un ange qui passe
Annie villeneuve Un ange qui passe 2005
Anouk Birds 2013
Anouk Dominique 2015
Anouk Down & dirty 2011
Anouk Everything 2002
Anouk For bitter or worse 2009
Anouk Girl 2004
Anouk Good god 2007
Anouk Hold me 2015
Anouk I don't wanna hurt 2007
Anouk It's so hard 1998
Anouk Jerusalem 2004
Anouk Losing my religion 2003
Anouk Lost 2004
Anouk Lovin' whiskey 2003
Anouk Michel 2008
Anouk Modern world 2007
Anouk Nobody's wife 1997
Anouk One word 2004
Anouk R u kiddin' me 1999
Anouk Sacrifice 1998
Anouk The dark 1999
Anouk Three days in a row 2009
Anouk Woman 2009
Anstandslos & durchgeknallt Egal 2018
Antek smykiewicz Limit szans 2016
Anthem lights Friend medley 2018
Anthem lights The greatest showman medley 2018
Anthony hamilton Best of me 2011
Anthony hamilton Charlene 2004
Anthony hamilton Freedom 2012
Anthony newley Talk to the animals 1967
Anthony smith If that ain't country 2002
Anthrax Bring the noise 1992
Anti-flag Tearing everyone down 1999
Anti-flag You've got to die for the government 1996
Anti-nowhere league So what? 1981
Antoine Les élucubrations
Antoine Les élucubrations 1966
Antoine ciosi Le prisonnier 1975
Antoine clamaran Gold 2009
Antoine dodson Bed intruder song 2010
Antonia aus tirol Ein neue liebe 2009
Antonia aus tirol Er hat ein knallrotes gummiboot 2011
Antonia aus tirol Herzilein 2003
Antonia aus tirol Tränen lügen nicht 2010
Antonie kamerling Toen ik je zag 1997
Antonio banderas Canción del mariachi (morena de mi corazón) 1993
Antonio carlos jobim A felicidade 1959
Antonio carlos jobim The girl from ipanema 1964
Antonio carmona Para que tú no llores 2006
Antonio flores No dudaria 1980
Antonio josé Tú me obligaste 2017
Antonio maggio Mi servirebbe sapere 2013
Antonio orozco La cuestión 2006
Antonio rodriguez La bamba 1978
Anya Beautiful world 2010
Apache 207 Roller 2019
Apollo 440 Ain't talkin' 'bout dub 1997
Apollo 440 Charlie's angels 2000 2004
April wine Sign of the gypsy queen 1981
Apulanta Armo 2005
Apulanta Koneeseen kadonnut 2006
Aqua Back to the 80's 2009
Aqua Barbie girl 1997
Aqua Doctor jones 1997
Aqua Good morning sunshine 1998
Aqua Happy boys and girls 1998
Aqua Lollipop (candyman) 1997
Aqua My oh my 1997
Aqua Turn back time 1997
Aqualung Brighter than sunshine 2003
Arash Temptation 2005
Arcade fire Everything now 2017
Arcade fire Intervention 2006
Arcade fire Rebellion (lies) 2005
Arcade fire Wake up 2005
Arcadian La folie arcadienne 2017
Arcadian La folie arcadienne
Arcadian Ton combat 2017
Arcángel Noche de jangueo 2008
Archie bell & the drells Tighten up 1968
Archie campbell The dark end of the street 1968
Archimède Je prends 2012
Arctic monkeys Brianstorm 2007
Arctic monkeys Cornerstone 2009
Arctic monkeys Crying lightning 2009
Arctic monkeys Dancing shoes 2006
Arctic monkeys Do i wanna know? 2013
Arctic monkeys Don't sit down 'cause i've moved your chair 2011
Arctic monkeys Fake tales of san francisco 2006
Arctic monkeys Fluorescent adolescent 2007
Arctic monkeys From the ritz to the rubble 2005
Arctic monkeys I bet you look good on the dancefloor 2005
Arctic monkeys Mardy bum 2006
Arctic monkeys My propeller 2009
Arctic monkeys R u mine? 2012
Arctic monkeys Snap out of it 2013
Arctic monkeys Teddy picker 2007
Arctic monkeys The hellcat spangled shalalala 2011
Arctic monkeys When the sun goes down 2006
Arctic monkeys Why'd you only call me when you're high? 2013
Aretha franklin (sweet sweet baby) since you've been gone 1968
Aretha franklin (sweet sweet baby) since you've been gone
Aretha franklin (you make me feel like) a natural woman
Aretha franklin (you make me feel like) a natural woman 1967
Aretha franklin A deeper love
Aretha franklin A deeper love 1993
Aretha franklin A rose is still a rose 1998
Aretha franklin A rose is still a rose
Aretha franklin Ain't no way
Aretha franklin Ain't no way 1968
Aretha franklin Amazing grace 1972
Aretha franklin Baby i love you
Aretha franklin Baby i love you 1967
Aretha franklin Chain of fools
Aretha franklin Chain of fools 1967
Aretha franklin Do right woman, do right man 1967
Aretha franklin Do right woman, do right man
Aretha franklin Don't play that song (you lied) 1970
Aretha franklin Don't play that song (you lied)
Aretha franklin Dr. feelgood (love is a serious business) 1967
Aretha franklin Drown in my own tears 1967
Aretha franklin Freeway of love 1985
Aretha franklin I knew you were waiting (for me) 1987
Aretha franklin I never loved a man (the way i loved you)
Aretha franklin I never loved a man (the way i loved you) 1967
Aretha franklin I say a little prayer
Aretha franklin I say a little prayer 1968
Aretha franklin Joy to the world 1994
Aretha franklin Let it be 1970
Aretha franklin Nessun dorma 1998
Aretha franklin Oh me oh my (i'm a fool for you baby) 1972
Aretha franklin Respect 1967
Aretha franklin Respect
Aretha franklin Rock steady 1971
Aretha franklin Rolling in the deep (the aretha version) 2014
Aretha franklin Satisfaction 1967
Aretha franklin Save me 1967
Aretha franklin Son of a preacher man 1970
Aretha franklin Spanish harlem 1971
Aretha franklin The house that jack built 1968
Aretha franklin The house that jack built
Aretha franklin The weight 1970
Aretha franklin Think
Aretha franklin Think 1968
Aretha franklin Today i sing the blues 1960
Aretha franklin Try a little tenderness 1962
Aretha franklin Until you come back to me
Aretha franklin Until you come back to me 1973
Aretha franklin Who's zoomin' who? 1985
Aretha franklin You're all i need to get by 1971
Argent Hold your head up 1972
Ari koivunen Angels are calling 2007
Ariana grande 7 rings 2019
Ariana grande Almost is never enough 2013
Ariana grande Baby i 2013
Ariana grande Bad idea 2019
Ariana grande Bang bang 2014
Ariana grande Be my baby 2014
Ariana grande Best mistake 2014
Ariana grande Bloodline 2019
Ariana grande Boyfriend 2019
Ariana grande Break free 2014
Ariana grande Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 2019
Ariana grande Break your heart right back 2014
Ariana grande Breathin 2018
Ariana grande Dangerous woman 2016
Ariana grande Everyday 2017
Ariana grande Focus 2015
Ariana grande Ghostin 2019
Ariana grande God is a woman 2018
Ariana grande God is a woman (live) 2018
Ariana grande Goodnight n go 2018
Ariana grande Greedy 2016
Ariana grande Honeymoon avenue 2013
Ariana grande Imagine 2018
Ariana grande Into you 2016
Ariana grande Jason's song (gave it away) 2016
Ariana grande Just a little bit of your heart 2014
Ariana grande Last christmas 2013
Ariana grande Leave me lonely 2016
Ariana grande Love is everything 2013
Ariana grande Love me harder 2014
Ariana grande Moonlight 2016
Ariana grande My everything 2014
Ariana grande Nasa 2019
Ariana grande Needy 2019
Ariana grande No tears left to cry 2018
Ariana grande One last time 2014
Ariana grande One last time (attends-moi) 2014
Ariana grande Piano 2013
Ariana grande Problem 2014
Ariana grande Quit 2017
Ariana grande Santa baby 2013
Ariana grande Santa tell me 2014
Ariana grande Side to side 2016
Ariana grande Snow in california 2013
Ariana grande Stuck with u 2020
Ariana grande Tattooed heart 2013
Ariana grande Thank u, next 2018
Ariana grande Why try 2014
Ariana grande Winter things 2015
Ariane moffatt Je veux tout 2008
Ariane moffatt Poussière d'ange 2002
Ariane moffatt Réverbère 2008
Arielle dombasle Amapola 2007
Arielle dombasle Amor amor 2004
Arielle dombasle Bésame mucho 2004
Arielle dombasle Mambo 5 2011
Arielle dombasle Perfidia 2004
Arielle dombasle Porque te vas 2011
Arielle dombasle Quien sera (sway) 2007
Arielle dombasle Quizás, quizás, quizás 2004
Arielle dombasle Rhum and coca-cola 2008
Arielle dombasle Solamente una vez 2004
Arielle dombasle Tico tico 2006
Arisa Amami 2012
Arisa Controvento 2014
Arisa L'amore è un'altra cosa 2012
Arisa La notte 2012
Arisa Meraviglioso amore mio 2012
Aristide bruant Nini peau d'chien 1889
Arizona zervas Roxanne 2019
Arja koriseva Enkelin silmin 1995
Arjon Schudden 2012
Arjon Zakka zakka 2011
Arletty Comme de bien entendu 1939
Arlo guthrie Alice's restaurant 1967
Arlo guthrie City of new orleans 1972
Armand Ben ik te min 1966
Armando manzanero Contigo aprendí 1967
Armin van buuren Another you 2015
Armin van buuren Beautiful life 2013
Armin van buuren Heading up high 2015
Armin van buuren In and out of love 2008
Armin van buuren Sunny days 2017
Armin van buuren This is what it feels like 2013
Arne jansen Meisjes met rode haren 1972
Arno Je ne veux pas être grand 1995
Arno Les filles du bord de mer 1993
Arno Les yeux de ma mère 1995
Arno elias Une question d'habitude 2001
Aronchupa I'm an albatraoz 2014
Arrested development Mr. wendal 1993
Arrested development People everyday 1991
Arrested development Tennessee 1992
Arrow Hot hot hot 1987
Art garfunkel (what a) wonderful world 1978
Art garfunkel 99 miles from l.a. 1975
Art garfunkel Breakaway 1976
Art garfunkel Bright eyes 1979
Art garfunkel I only have eyes for you 1975
Art mengo Les parfums de sa vie (je l'ai tant aimée) 1988
Art mengo Les parfums de sa vie (je l'ai tant aimée)
Art sullivan Ensemble 1972
Arthur brown Fire 1968
Arthur conley Sweet soul music 1967
Arthur simms It's only mystery 1985
Artists for haiti We are the world 25 for haiti 2010
Artists of then, now & forever Forever country 2016
Artists stand up to cancer Just stand up! 2008
As animals Ghost gunfighters 2013
Asa Be my man 2010
Asa Dreamer girl 2010
Asa Jailer 2007
Asaf avidan Different pulses 2012
Asaf avidan One day / reckoning song (live acoustic) 2012
Asaf avidan One day / reckoning song (wankelmut remix) 2012
Asap rocky Fuckin' problems 2012
Asap rocky Wild for the night 2013
Aselin debison Over the rainbow / what a wonderful world 2002
Ash Girl from mars 1995
Ash bowers Stuck 2009
Ashanti Baby 2002
Ashanti Foolish 2002
Ashe Moral of the story 2019
Ashford & simpson Solid 1984
Ashlee simpson Boyfriend 2005
Ashlee simpson Pieces of me 2004
Ashlee simpson Surrender 2004
Ashlee simpson Undiscovered 2004
Ashley gearing Can you hear me when i talk to you? 2003
Ashley mcbryde A little dive bar in dahlonega 2017
Ashley mcbryde Andy (i can't live without you) 2018
Ashley mcbryde Bible and a .44 2016
Ashley mcbryde Fat & famous 2016
Ashley mcbryde First thing i reach for 2020
Ashley mcbryde Girl goin' nowhere 2018
Ashley mcbryde Hang in there girl 2020
Ashley mcbryde Home sweet highway 2018
Ashley mcbryde Livin' next to leroy 2018
Ashley mcbryde Martha divine 2020
Ashley mcbryde Never will 2020
Ashley mcbryde One night standards 2019
Ashley mcbryde Shut up sheila 2020
Ashley mcbryde Southern babylon 2018
Ashley mcbryde The jacket 2018
Ashley mcbryde Tired of being happy 2018
Ashley monroe Hands on you 2018
Ashley monroe I don't want to 2006
Ashley monroe Satisfied 2006
Ashley parker angel Where did you go 2006
Ashley tisdale He said she said 2007
Ashley tisdale It's alright, it's ok 2009
Ashley tisdale Last christmas 2006
Ashley tisdale Suddenly 2008
Ashton shepherd Look it up 2011
Ashton shepherd Takin' off this pain 2008
Ashton, gardner & dyke Resurrection shuffle 1971
Asia Heat of the moment 1982
Asia Only time will tell 1982
Asking alexandria A prophecy 2010
Aslan Crazy world 1993
Aslan This is 1986
Asleep at the wheel Boogie back to texas 1987
Asleep at the wheel Get your kicks on route 66 1976
Asleep at the wheel Miles and miles of texas 1976
Aspects of love Chanson d'enfance 1989
Aspects of love Love changes everything 1989
Assia Elle est à toi 2000
Assia Elle est a toi
Assia La bas
Aston merrygold Get stupid 2015
Astrid nijgh Ik doe wat ik doe 1973
Astrud gilberto Agua de beber 1966
Astrud gilberto Corcovado (quiet nights of quiet stars) 1964
Astrud gilberto Fly me to the moon 1965
Astrud gilberto Manhã de carnaval 1965
Astrud gilberto The girl from ipanema 1963
Astrud gilberto The shadow of your smile 1965
Aswad Don't turn around 1989
Aswad Shine 1994
Aswad Smile 1990
Atb 9 pm (till i come) 1998
Atc Around the world (la la la la la) 2000
Athlete Superhuman touch 2009
Atlanta rhythm section Imaginary lover 1978
Atlanta rhythm section So into you 1976
Atlanta rhythm section Spooky 1979
Atlantic starr Always 1987
Atlantic starr Masterpiece 1991
Atlantic starr Secret lovers 1985
Atom and his package Punk rock academy 1997
Atomic kitten Eternal flame 2001
Atomic kitten Ladies night 2003
Atomic kitten Ladies night
Atomic kitten Someone like me 2004
Atomic kitten You are 2001
Au bonheur des dames Oh les filles
Au bonheur des dames Oh les filles 1973
Au bonheur des dames Roulez bourres
Au bonheur des dames Roulez bourrés 1988
Au p'tit bonheur J'veux du soleil 1991
Au p'tit bonheur J'veux du soleil
Auden Pour mieux s'unir 2013
Audio adrenaline Strong 2003
Audioslave Be yourself 2005
Audioslave Cochise 2002
Audioslave Doesn't remind me 2005
Audioslave Gasoline 2002
Audioslave Getaway car 2002
Audioslave I am the highway 2002
Audioslave Like a stone 2002
Audioslave Original fire 2006
Audioslave Out of exile 2005
Audioslave Show me how to live 2002
Audioslave The last remaining light 2002
Audioslave What you are 2004
Audioslave Your time has come 2005
Audiovent Looking down 2002
Audrey hepburn Moon river 1961
Auf der maur Followed the waves 2004
Augustana Boston 2005
Aura dione Friends 2012
Aura dione Geronimo 2011
Aura dione Song for sophie (i hope she flies) 2010
Aurora Animal 2019
Aurora aksnes The seed 2019
Austin mahone Mmm yeah 2014
Austin mahone What about love 2013
Australian crawl Reckless (don't be so...) 1984
Australian crawl The boys light up 1980
Autant en emporte le vent Nous ne sommes pas 2003
Autant en emporte le vent Putain 2003
Autant en emporte le vent Tous les hommes 2003
Autograph Turn up the radio 1984
Ava max Kings & queens 2020
Ava max Salt 2019
Ava max So am i 2019
Ava max Sweet but psycho 2018
Ava max Torn 2019
Avalanche city Love love love 2011
Avalon I can't live a day without you 1999
Avalon Testify to love 2001
Avant Makin' good love 2002
Avant My first love 2000
Avenged sevenfold Afterlife 2008
Avenged sevenfold Beast and the harlot 2006
Avenged sevenfold Nightmare 2010
Avenged sevenfold So far away 2011
Aventura Angelito 2005
Aventura Cuándo volverás 2004
Aventura Dile al amor 2009
Aventura Ella y yo 2005
Aventura Obsesión 2003
Avenue q Special 2003
Avenue q There's a fine, fine line 2003
Average white band Cut the cake 1975
Average white band Let's go round again 1980
Average white band Pick up the pieces 1974
Avicii Addicted to you 2013
Avicii Addicted to you
Avicii Fade into darkness 2011
Avicii Feeling good 2015
Avicii Heaven 2019
Avicii Hey brother
Avicii Hey brother 2013
Avicii I could be the one 2012
Avicii Lay me down 2013
Avicii Levels 2011
Avicii S.o.s. 2019
Avicii Silhouettes 2012
Avicii The days 2014
Avicii The nights 2014
Avicii Waiting for love 2015
Avicii Wake me up! 2013
Avicii Without you 2017
Avicii You make me 2013
Avril lavigne 4 real 2011
Avril lavigne Alice 2010
Avril lavigne Anything but ordinary 2002
Avril lavigne Complicated 2002
Avril lavigne Don't tell me 2004
Avril lavigne Everybody hurts 2011
Avril lavigne Fall to pieces 2005
Avril lavigne Girlfriend 2007
Avril lavigne Girlfriend (remix) 2007
Avril lavigne He wasn't 2005
Avril lavigne Head above water 2018
Avril lavigne Hello kitty 2014
Avril lavigne Here's to never growing up 2013
Avril lavigne Hot 2007
Avril lavigne I'm with you 2002
Avril lavigne Innocence 2007
Avril lavigne Keep holding on 2006
Avril lavigne Knockin' on heaven's door 2003
Avril lavigne Let me go 2013
Avril lavigne Losing grip 2002
Avril lavigne My happy ending 2004
Avril lavigne Naked 2002
Avril lavigne Nobody's home 2004
Avril lavigne Not enough 2011
Avril lavigne Push 2011
Avril lavigne Remember when 2011
Avril lavigne Sk8er boi 2002
Avril lavigne Smile 2011
Avril lavigne Stop standing there 2011
Avril lavigne Take me away 2004
Avril lavigne Things i'll never say 2002
Avril lavigne Tomorrow 2002
Avril lavigne What the hell 2011
Avril lavigne When you're gone 2007
Avril lavigne Wish you were here 2011
Awolnation Sail 2011
Axe Rock n' roll party in the streets 1982
Axel bauer A ma place 2000
Axel bauer Cargo 1983
Axel bauer Cargo
Axel bauer Eteins la lumiere
Axel bauer Eteins la lumière 1990
Axel fischer Amsterdam 2008
Axel fischer Bella ciao 2018
Axel fischer Bella ciao (oktoberfest 2018 wiesn version) 2018
Axel fischer Norderney (fox version) 2019
Axel tony Avec toi 2012
Axel tony Avec toi
Axelle red A quoi ça sert 2000
Axelle red À quoi ça sert
Axelle red A tatons
Axelle red Ce matin
Axelle red Ce matin 1999
Axelle red Elle danse seule
Axelle red Elle danse seule 1993
Axelle red Je pense à toi 2004
Axelle red Je pense à toi
Axelle red Je t'attends
Axelle red La claque 2011
Axelle red La claque
Axelle red Le monde tourne mal 1993
Axelle red Le monde tourne mal
Axelle red Ma prière
Axelle red Ma prière 1997
Axelle red Parce que c'est toi
Axelle red Parce que c'est toi 1999
Axelle red Rester femme 1996
Axelle red Rester femme
Axelle red Rouge ardent
Axelle red Sensualité
Axelle red Sensualité 1993
Axiom A little ray of sunshine 1970
Axwell Λ ingrosso More than you know 2017
Axwell Λ ingrosso Sun is shining 2015
Aya nakamura Comportement
Aya nakamura Comportement 2017
Aya nakamura Copines 2018
Aya nakamura Djadja 2018
Aya nakamura Djadja
Aya nakamura Pookie 2018
Aylin prandi 24000 baci
Aylin prandi 24000 baci 2011
Aylin prandi Bambola 2011
Aylin prandi L'italiana 2011
Aylin prandi Solo tú 2011
Aylin prandi Tu vuo fa l'americano 2011
Aylin prandi Una storia importante 2011
Aylin prandi Via con me 2011
Ayman Mein stern 1999
Ayna Cette vie m'emporte 2015
Ayo Down on my knees 2006
Ayo Help is coming 2007
Ayo Slow slow (run run) 2008
Ayo Without you 2006
Az yet Hard to say i'm sorry 1996
Az yet Last night 1996
Azealia banks 212 2011
Aztec camera Somewhere in my heart 1988
B-rock and the bizz My baby daddy 1997
B-witched C'est la vie 1998
B-witched Jesse hold on 1999
B-witched Rollercoaster 1998
B-witched To you i belong 1998
B. j. thomas Another somebody done somebody wrong song 1975
B. j. thomas Everybody loves a rain song 1978
B. j. thomas Hooked on a feeling 1968
B. j. thomas I'm so lonesome i could cry 1966
B. j. thomas Raindrops keep fallin' on my head 1969
B. j. thomas The eyes of a new york woman 1968
B.b. king Caldonia 1971
B.b. king Choo choo ch'boogie 1999
B.b. king Come rain or come shine 2000
B.b. king Don't answer the door 1966
B.b. king How blue can you get 1964
B.b. king I'll survive 1998
B.b. king Let the good times roll 1960
B.b. king Please send me someone to love 1965
B.b. king Rock me baby 1964
B.b. king The thrill is gone 1969
B.o.b Airplanes 2010
B.o.b Both of us 2012
B.o.b Magic 2010
B.o.b Nothin' on you 2010
B.o.b So good 2012
B.t. express Do it (til you're satisfied) 1974
B2k Bump bump bump 2002
Baauer Harlem shake 2013
Babe ruth The mexican 1972
Babes in toyland Sweet '69 1995
Baby animals One word 1991
Baby bash Cyclone 2007
Baby bash Suga suga 2003
Baby k Da zero a cento 2018
Baby k Playa 2019
Baby k Roma-bangkok 2015
Baby k Voglio ballare con te 2017
Babyface Every time i close my eyes 1996
Babyface How come, how long 1996
Babyface When can i see you 1994
Babyface Whip appeal 1990
Babyshambles Fuck forever 2005
Babyshambles Killamangiro 2004
Baccara Sorry i'm a lady 1977
Baccara Yes sir, i can boogie 1977
Bachelor girl Buses and trains 1998
Bachman-turner overdrive Hey you 1975
Bachman-turner overdrive Let it ride 1973
Bachman-turner overdrive Roll on down the highway 1975
Bachman-turner overdrive Takin' care of business 1973
Bachman-turner overdrive You ain't seen nothing yet 1974
Bacilos Caraluna 2002
Bacilos Tabaco y chanel 2000
Back dans les bacs Femme like u 2019
Back to the future Earth angel (will you be mine?) 1985
Back to the future Johnny b. goode
Back to the future Johnny b. goode 1985
Backstreet boys All i have to give 1996
Backstreet boys As long as you love me 1997
Backstreet boys Bigger 2009
Backstreet boys Don't go breaking my heart 2018
Backstreet boys Drowning 2001
Backstreet boys Everybody (backstreet's back) 1997
Backstreet boys Get down (you're the one for me) 1996
Backstreet boys I still 2005
Backstreet boys I want it that way 1999
Backstreet boys I'll never break your heart 1995
Backstreet boys Incomplete 2005
Backstreet boys Inconsolable 2007
Backstreet boys It's true 2000
Backstreet boys Larger than life 1999
Backstreet boys More than that 2001
Backstreet boys No one else comes close 1999
Backstreet boys Quit playing games (with my heart) 1996
Backstreet boys Shape of my heart 2000
Backstreet boys Show me the meaning of being lonely 1999
Backstreet boys Straight through my heart 2009
Backstreet boys That's the way i like it 1998
Backstreet boys The perfect fan 1999
Bad boys blue You're a woman 1985
Bad bunny Callaita 2019
Bad bunny Mia 2018
Bad bunny Te boté (remix) 2013
Bad company Bad company 1974
Bad company Can't get enough 1973
Bad company Feel like makin' love 1975
Bad company Good lovin' gone bad 1975
Bad company Holy water 1990
Bad company Movin' on 1974
Bad company Ready for love 1974
Bad company Rock 'n' roll fantasy 1979
Bad company Rock steady 1974
Bad company Run with the pack 1976
Bad company Shooting star 1975
Bad company Simple man 1976
Bad english When i see you smile 1989
Bad gyal Alocao 2019
Bad manners Lip up fatty 1980
Bad manners My girl lollipop (my boy lollipop) 1982
Bad manners Special brew 1980
Bad manners Woolly bully 1980
Bad meets evil Lighters 2011
Bad religion Generator 1992
Bad wolves Hear me now 2018
Bad wolves Zombie 2018
Baddiel & skinner Three lions 1996
Badesalz Alles gute 1991
Badfinger Come and get it 1969
Bagatelle Is it raining in paris 1982
Bagatelle Second violin 1981
Bagatelle Summer in dublin 1980
Baha men Move it like this 2000
Baha men Who let the dogs out? 2000
Baillie and the boys A fool such as i (now and then) 1990
Bakermat Baby 2017
Bakermat Living 2016
Bakermat Vandaag 2012
Balavoine(s) Aimer est plus fort que d'être aimé 2015
Balavoine(s) L'aziza 2015
Balavoine(s) La vie ne m'apprend rien 2015
Balavoine(s) Le chanteur 2016
Balavoine(s) Lucie 2016
Balavoine(s) Mon fils, ma bataille 2016
Balavoine(s) Sauver l'amour 2016
Balavoine(s) Tous les cris les s.o.s 2015
Balavoine(s) Un enfant assis attend la pluie 2016
Balavoine(s) Un enfant assis attend la pluie
Balavoine(s) Vivre ou survivre 2016
Balavoine(s) (cats on trees) Aimer est plus fort que d'être aimé
Balavoine(s) (emmanuel moire) Le chanteur
Balavoine(s) (zaz) Tous les cris les s.o.s
Baltimora Tarzan boy 1985
Bambi Little april shower 1942
Bananafishbones Easy day 1999
Bananarama Cruel summer 1983
Bananarama Help! 1989
Bananarama I heard a rumour 1987
Bananarama I want you back 1988
Bananarama Love comes 2009
Bananarama Love truth and honesty 1988
Bananarama Na na hey hey (kiss him goodbye) 1983
Bananarama Nathan jones 1990
Bananarama Robert de niro's waiting 1984
Bananarama Venus 1986
Band aid Do they know it's christmas? 1984
Band aid 30 Do they know it's christmas? (2014) 2014
Band aid ii Do they know it's christmas? 1989
Band of horses No one's gonna love you 2008
Bandolero Paris latino 1983
Bandstand (musical) Love will come and find me again 2017
Bap Alles em lot 1990
Bap Do kanns zaubere 1982
Bap Kristallnaach 1982
Bap Verdamp lang her 1981
Baptiste giabiconi Je te aime 2013
Barbara L'aigle noir
Barbara lewis Baby i'm yours 1966
Barbara lewis Hello stranger 1966
Barbara lynn You'll lose a good thing 1962
Barbara mandrell (if loving you is wrong) i don't want to be right 1979
Barbara mandrell I was country when country wasn't cool 1981
Barbara scaff Elle donne 1998
Barbara schöneberger Männer muss man loben 2007
Barbra streisand A piece of sky 1983
Barbra streisand All i ask of you 1988
Barbra streisand All in love is fair 1974
Barbra streisand As if we never said goodbye 1993
Barbra streisand Being alive 1985
Barbra streisand Being good isn't good enough 1967
Barbra streisand Children will listen 1993
Barbra streisand Climb ev'ry mountain 2016
Barbra streisand Could i leave you 1987
Barbra streisand Cry me a river 1998
Barbra streisand Don't lie to me 2018
Barbra streisand Don't rain on my parade 1964
Barbra streisand Free again 1968
Barbra streisand Happy days are here again 1965
Barbra streisand Happy days are here again (duet) 2002
Barbra streisand He touched me 1965
Barbra streisand I finally found someone 1996
Barbra streisand I'd rather be blue over you (than happy with somebody else) 1968
Barbra streisand I'm the greatest star 1968
Barbra streisand If i loved you 1985
Barbra streisand If you ever leave me 1999
Barbra streisand It had to be you 2014
Barbra streisand It must have been the mistletoe 2001
Barbra streisand Jingle bells 1967
Barbra streisand Memory 1989
Barbra streisand My funny valentine 1964
Barbra streisand My heart belongs to me 1977
Barbra streisand My man 1965
Barbra streisand On a clear day (you can see forever) 1970
Barbra streisand Papa, can you hear me? 1983
Barbra streisand People 1964
Barbra streisand Sam you made the pants too long 1965
Barbra streisand Second hand rose 1966
Barbra streisand Send in the clowns 1985
Barbra streisand Tell him 1997
Barbra streisand The way he makes me feel 1983
Barbra streisand The way we were 1975
Barbra streisand What kind of fool 1980
Barbra streisand With one look 1993
Barbra streisand You're the top 1991
Barclay james harvest Hymn 1977
Barclay james harvest Life is for living 1980
Barenaked ladies Another postcard (chimps) 2003
Barenaked ladies Big bang theory theme (the history of everything) 2010
Barenaked ladies Brian wilson 1992
Barenaked ladies If i had 1000000 dollars 1992
Barenaked ladies It's all been done 1998
Barenaked ladies One week 1998
Barenaked ladies Pinch me 2000
Barenaked ladies Testing 1,2,3 2004
Barenaked ladies The old apartment 1997
Barrett strong Money (that's what i want) 1959
Barry blue Dancin' (on a saturday night) 1973
Barry kirwan Mary mac 2016
Barry kirwan She only loves me for my willie 2017
Barry kirwan Whenever you come around 2016
Barry manilow All i have to do is dream 2006
Barry manilow Bandstand boogie 1975
Barry manilow Bring on tomorrow 2011
Barry manilow Can't smile without you 1978
Barry manilow Copacabana
Barry manilow Copacabana 1978
Barry manilow Could it be magic 1973
Barry manilow Even now 1978
Barry manilow I made it through the rain 1980
Barry manilow I write the songs 1975
Barry manilow I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter 1982
Barry manilow It's a miracle 1974
Barry manilow Jump shout boogie 1976
Barry manilow Looks like we made it 1977
Barry manilow Mandy 1974
Barry manilow New york city rhythm 1975
Barry manilow One voice 1979
Barry manilow Ships 1979
Barry manilow Somewhere in the night 1978
Barry manilow Sweet heaven (i'm in love again) 1985
Barry manilow The old songs 1981
Barry manilow There's a kind of hush (all over the world) 2006
Barry manilow Weekend in new england 1976
Barry manilow When october goes 1984
Barry mann Who put the bomp 1961
Barry mcguire Eve of destruction 1965
Barry ryan Eloise 1968
Barry white Can't get enough of your love, babe
Barry white Can't get enough of your love, babe 1974
Barry white I'm gonna love you just a little more baby 1973
Barry white It's ecstasy when you lay down next to me 1977
Barry white Let the music play
Barry white Let the music play 1976
Barry white Never, never gonna give you up 1973
Barry white Practice what you preach 1994
Barry white Staying power 1999
Barry white What am i gonna do with you 1975
Barry white You see the trouble with me 1976
Barry white You're the first, the last, my everything
Barry white You're the first, the last, my everything 1974
Bars and melody Hopeful 2014
Basada Good vibes 2018
Basement jaxx Do your thing 2005
Basement jaxx Red alert 1999
Basia Miles away 1987
Basia New day for you 1987
Basia Promises 1987
Basia Time and tide 1987
Basshunter All i ever wanted 2008
Basshunter Angel in the night 2008
Basshunter Every morning 2009
Basshunter Jingle bells (bass) 2006
Basshunter Now you're gone 2008
Bastian baker Hallelujah 2012
Bastille Bad blood 2012
Bastille Can't fight this feeling 2019
Bastille Flaws 2012
Bastille Good grief 2016
Bastille Joy 2019
Bastille Laura palmer 2013
Bastille Pompeii 2013
Bastille Things we lost in the fire 2013
Bastille World gone mad 2017
Bat for lashes What's a girl to do 2007
Bata illic Michaela 1972
Bata illic Mit verbundenen augen 1968
Bausa Was du liebe nennst 2017
Bay city rollers Bye bye baby (baby goodbye) 1965
Bay city rollers Give a little love 1975
Bay city rollers I only wanna be with you 1976
Bay city rollers Saturday night 1976
Bay city rollers Shang-a-lang 1974
Bay city rollers Summerlove sensation 1974
Baz luhrmann Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen) 1999
Bazzi Beautiful 2017
Bazzi Mine 2017
Bb brunes Aficionado 2012
Bb brunes Coups et blessures 2012
Bb brunes Dis-moi 2007
Bb brunes Dynamite 2009
Bb brunes Gaby oh gaby 2011
Bb brunes Lalalove you 2009
Bb brunes Nico teen love 2009
Bb brunes Stéréo 2012
Bbc radio 1's live lounge Times like these 2020
Bbmak Back here 1999
Bbmak Ghost of you and me 2001
Be mine Be my valentine 2003
Be more chill (musical) Michael in the bathroom 2015
Bea bronchal Que te den candela 2004
Bea miller Fire n gold 2015
Beady eye The roller 2011
Beagle music ltd. Daydream 1987
Bear mccreary Outlander main title theme (skye boat song) 2014
Beatfreakz Somebody's watching me 2006
Beatrice egli Auf die plätze, fertig, ins glück 2014
Beatrice egli Beatrice megamix 2013
Beatrice egli Bitte bitte 2016
Beatrice egli Diese nacht hat 1000 stunden 2013
Beatrice egli Federleicht 2016
Beatrice egli Fliegen 2016
Beatrice egli Grenzenlos 2013
Beatrice egli Herz an 2017
Beatrice egli Himmelbett 2013
Beatrice egli Irgendwann 2013
Beatrice egli Jetzt und hier für immer 2013
Beatrice egli Keiner küsst mich 2017
Beatrice egli Kick im augenblick 2016
Beatrice egli Le li la 2019
Beatrice egli Liebe macht blind 2011
Beatrice egli Mein ein und alles 2018
Beatrice egli Mein herz 2013
Beatrice egli Ohne worte 2015
Beatrice egli Terra australia 2019
Beatrice egli Verliebt, verlobt, verflixt nochmal 2018
Beatrice egli Verrückt nach dir 2013
Beatrice egli Was geht ab 2018
Beatrice egli Wir leben laut 2014
Beatrice egli Wo sind all die romeos? 2016
Beats international Dub be good to me 1990
Beau dommage 23 décembre 1974
Beau dommage Ginette 1974
Beau dommage Harmonie du soir à châteauguay 1974
Beau dommage La complainte du phoque en alaska 1974
Beau dommage Le blues d'la métropole 1976
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) Be our guest 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) Beauty and the beast 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) Belle 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) Belle (version française) 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) C'est la fête 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) Gaston 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) Histoire éternelle 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) La bella e la bestia 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) La belle et la bête 1991
Beauty and the beast (1991 film) Something there 1991
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Be our guest 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Beauty and the beast 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Beauty and the beast (emma thompson) 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Beauty and the beast (finale) 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Belle (version française) 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) C'est la fête 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Ensemble à jamais 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Evermore 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Evermore (dan stevens) 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Gaston 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Gaston (version française) 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Histoire éternelle 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) Histoire éternelle (finale) 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) How does a moment last forever 2017
Beauty and the beast (2017 film) How does a moment last forever (music box) 2017
Beauty and the beast (musical) A change in me 1998
Beauty and the beast (musical) Home 1994
Beauty and the beast (musical) If i can't love her 1994
Beauty and the beast: the enchanted christmas As long as there's christmas 1997
Beauty and the beast: the enchanted christmas Tant qu'il y aura noël 1997
Bebe & cece winans Close to you 2009
Bebe & cece winans Joy to the world 1998
Bebe & cece winans Silent night, holy night 1988
Bébé lilly Les bêtises
Bébé lilly Les bêtises 2006
Bebe rexha I got you 2016
Bebe rexha I'm a mess 2018
Bebe rexha I'm gonna show you crazy 2014
Bebe rexha Last hurrah 2019
Bebe rexha Me, myself & i 2015
Bebe rexha Meant to be 2017
Bebe rexha The way i are (dance with somebody) 2017
Bebe rexha You can't stop the girl 2019
Bebo norman Great light of the world 2002
Beck Girl 2005
Beck Loser 1993
Beck Ramona 2010
Beck Sexx laws 1999
Becky baeling Heaven is a place on earth 2003
Becky g La respuesta 2019
Becky g Mala santa 2019
Becky g Mayores 2017
Becky g Play it again 2013
Becky g Shower 2014
Becky g Sin pijama 2018
Becky hill Caution to the wind 2014
Becky hill Gecko (overdrive) 2014
Becky hill Losing 2014
Bee gees Run to me 1972
Bee gees Saved by the bell 1969
Beef I would stay 2008
Beetlejuice (musical) Barbara 2.0 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) Dead mom 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) Girl scout 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) Home 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) Jump in the line 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) Prologue: invisible 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) That beautiful sound 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) The whole being dead thing 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) The whole being dead thing, pt. 2 2019
Beetlejuice (musical) What i know now 2019
Beginner Es war einmal... 2016
Belinda carlisle (we want) the same thing 1989
Belinda carlisle Circle in the sand 1988
Belinda carlisle Heaven is a place on earth 1987
Belinda carlisle It's too real (big scary animal) 1993
Belinda carlisle Leave a light on 1989
Belinda carlisle Live your life be free 1989
Belinda carlisle Summer rain 1990
Belinda kinnaer If tomorrow never comes 2016
Bell biv devoe Gangsta 1992
Bell biv devoe Poison 1990
Belle & sebastian Funny little frog 2006
Belle pérez Amame 2008
Belle pérez El ritmo caliente 2004
Belle pérez La bamba 2003
Belles, belles, belles J'attendrai 2003
Belles, belles, belles (joy esther, aurélie) J'attendrai
Bellini Samba de janeiro 1997
Bellini Samba do brasil 2014
Ben cramer De clown 1971
Ben e. king Halfway to paradise 1987
Ben e. king I (who have nothing) 1963
Ben e. king Spanish harlem 1961
Ben e. king Stand by me
Ben e. king Stand by me 1961
Ben e. king Supernatural thing 1975
Ben folds Bruised 2003
Ben folds Landed 2005
Ben folds The luckiest 2000
Ben folds You don't know me 2008
Ben folds five Brick 1997
Ben folds five One angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces 1997
Ben folds five Underground 1995
Ben haenow Second hand heart 2015
Ben haenow Something i need 2014
Ben harper Diamonds on the inside 2003
Ben harper Steal my kisses 1999
Ben howard Keep your head up 2011
Ben howard Only love 2012
Ben l'oncle soul Ain't off to the back 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Barbie girl 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Barbie girl
Ben l'oncle soul Come home 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Crazy 2009
Ben l'oncle soul Crazy
Ben l'oncle soul Demain j'arrête
Ben l'oncle soul Demain j'arrête 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Elle me dit
Ben l'oncle soul Elle me dit 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Hallelujah!!! (j'ai tant besoin de toi) 2013
Ben l'oncle soul I don't wanna waste
Ben l'oncle soul I don't wanna waste 2010
Ben l'oncle soul I kissed a girl
Ben l'oncle soul I kissed a girl 2009
Ben l'oncle soul L'ombre d'un homme 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Lise 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Lose it 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Lose it
Ben l'oncle soul Mon amour 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Mon amour
Ben l'oncle soul Otherside 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Partir 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Petite soeur 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Petite soeur
Ben l'oncle soul Say you'll be there 2009
Ben l'oncle soul Say you'll be there
Ben l'oncle soul Seven nation army
Ben l'oncle soul Soulman
Ben l'oncle soul Soulman 2010
Ben l'oncle soul Sympathique 2009
Ben moody Everything burns 2005
Ben pearce What i might do 2012
Ben platt Bad habit 2019
Ben platt Better 2019
Ben platt Ease my mind 2019
Ben platt Found / tonight 2018
Ben platt Grow as we go 2019
Ben platt Honest man 2019
Ben platt Hurt me once 2019
Ben platt In case you don't live forever 2019
Ben platt New 2019
Ben platt Older 2019
Ben platt Rain 2019
Ben platt River 2019
Ben platt Run away 2019
Ben platt Share your address 2019
Ben platt So will i 2020
Ben platt Temporary love 2019
Ben saunders Kill for a broken heart 2011
Ben zucker Der sonne entgegen 2018
Ben zucker Du hast mich um 2019
Ben zucker Na und!? 2017
Ben zucker Was für eine geile zeit 2017
Ben zucker Wer sagt das?! 2019
Bénabar A la campagne 2008
Bénabar Adolescente 2007
Bénabar Couche tard et lève tôt 2001
Bénabar Dis-lui oui 2003
Bénabar Je suis de celles 2003
Bénabar L'agneau 2012
Bénabar L'effet papillon 2008
Bénabar L'itinéraire 2007
Bénabar La berceuse 2005
Bénabar Le chien 1997
Bénabar Le dîner 2005
Bénabar Les râteaux 2011
Bénabar Les ricochets 1997
Bénabar Majorette 2003
Bénabar Maritie et gilbert carpentier 2005
Bénabar Paris by night 2014
Bénabar Pas du tout 2008
Bénabar Politiquement correct 2011
Bénabar Quatre murs et un toit 2006
Bénabar Qui le saura 2009
Bénabar Tu peux compter sur moi 2007
Bénabar Vélo 2001
Bénabar Y'a une fille qu'habite chez moi 2001
Benassi bros Cinema 2011
Benassi bros Hit my heart 2004
Benee Supalonely 2019
Benjamin biolay C'est magnifique 2011
Benjamin biolay Comment est ta peine ? 2020
Benjamin biolay La superbe 2009
Benjamin biolay Ton héritage 2009
Benji & fede Dove e quando 2019
Benny benassi Dance the pain away 2013
Benny blanco Eastside 2018
Benny hill Ernie (the fastest milkman in the west) 1971
Benny mardones Into the night 1980
Benny neyman Je hoeft me niet te zeggen hoe ik leven moet 1979
Benny neyman Vrijgezel 1981
Bensé Au grand jamais 2008
Berget lewis Zwart wit 2012
Berk & the virtual band All that she wants 2016
Berk & the virtual band Alone again (naturally) 2006
Berk & the virtual band Billie jean 2006
Berk & the virtual band Can't take my eyes off you 2006
Berk & the virtual band Dolce vita 2006
Berk & the virtual band Enola gay 2012
Berk & the virtual band Every breath you take 2006
Berk & the virtual band Firework 2012
Berk & the virtual band Ma quale idea 2007
Berk & the virtual band Sex bomb 2016
Berk & the virtual band Voyage voyage 2007
Berk & the virtual band Y.m.c.a. 2007
Berk & the virtual band You're my heart, you're my soul 2010
Berlin The metro 1981
Bernard fanning Songbird 2005
Bernard lavilliers Betty 1981
Bernard lavilliers Causes perdues 2010
Bernard lavilliers Idées noires 1983
Bernard lavilliers Idées noires
Bernard lavilliers If 1988
Bernard lavilliers L'été
Bernard lavilliers L'été 2004
Bernard lavilliers L'exilé 2010
Bernard lavilliers La salsa 1980
Bernard lavilliers Les mains d'or 2001
Bernard lavilliers Les mains d'or
Bernard lavilliers Melody tempo harmony 1994
Bernard lavilliers Melody tempo harmony
Bernard lavilliers Noir et blanc 1986
Bernard lavilliers On the road again 1988
Bernard lavilliers On the road again
Bernard lavilliers Pigalle la blanche 1981
Bernard lavilliers Solitaire 2008
Bernard lavilliers Solitaire
Bernard lavilliers Stand the ghetto
Bernard lavilliers Stand the ghetto 1980
Bernard menez Jolie poupée
Bernard menez Jolie poupée 1983
Bernd clüver Der junge mit der mundharmonika 1973
Bernd clüver Schau mal herein 1978
Bernd spier Das kannst du mir nicht verbieten 1963
Bernhard brink Du hast mich einmal zu oft angesehen 2019
Bernhard brink Von hier bis zur unendlichkeit 2015
Bernie paul Lucky 1978
Berry Demain 2008
Berry Le bonheur 2008
Berry Mademoiselle 2009
Berthe sylva Frou-frou 1930
Berthe sylva Le dénicheur
Berthe sylva Le dénicheur 1912
Berthe sylva Le tango des fauvettes 1930
Berthe sylva Les roses blanches 1926
Bertie higgins Just another day in paradise 1982
Bertie higgins Key largo 1982
Beth ditto Fire 2017
Beth hart Ain't no way 2011
Beth hart Am i the one 1996
Beth hart Bad woman blues 2019
Beth hart Baddest blues 2012
Beth hart Bang bang boom boom 2012
Beth hart Better man 2012
Beth hart Caught out in the rain 2012
Beth hart Close to my fire 2013
Beth hart Damn your eyes 2018
Beth hart Delicious surprise 1999
Beth hart Fire on the floor 2016
Beth hart I love you more than you'll ever know 2013
Beth hart I'd rather go blind 2011
Beth hart I'll take care of you 2011
Beth hart La song 1999
Beth hart Leave the light on 2003
Beth hart Love is a lie 2016
Beth hart Sinner's prayer 2011
Beth hart Something's got a hold on me 2011
Beth hart Swing my thing back around 2012
Beth hart Tell her you belong to me 2016
Bethany joy lenz Halo 2006
Bethany mota Need you right now 2014
Bette midler Baby mine 2005
Bette midler Beast of burden 1983
Bette midler Boogie woogie bugle boy 1973
Bette midler Cool yule 2006
Bette midler Do you wanna dance? 1973
Bette midler Friends 1972
Bette midler From a distance 1990
Bette midler From a distance (christmas version) 2006
Bette midler Have yourself a merry little christmas 2006
Bette midler He's sure the boy i love 2014
Bette midler I put a spell on you 1993
Bette midler I think it's going to rain today 1988
Bette midler I'll be home for christmas 2005
Bette midler I've got my love to keep me warm 2006
Bette midler I've still got my health 1988
Bette midler In my life 1991
Bette midler In the mood 1973
Bette midler In these shoes 2000
Bette midler In this life 1995
Bette midler Mambo italiano 2003
Bette midler Mele kalikimaka 2005
Bette midler Merry christmas 2006
Bette midler Miss otis regrets 1990
Bette midler Mr. sandman 2014
Bette midler On a slow boat to china 2003
Bette midler One fine day 2014
Bette midler One for my baby (and one more for the road) (live) 1993
Bette midler Otto titsling 1988
Bette midler Pretty legs (and great big knockers) 2008
Bette midler Stay with me 1979
Bette midler Stuff like that there 1991
Bette midler Tell him 2014
Bette midler That's how love moves 1996
Bette midler The glory of love 1988
Bette midler The rose
Bette midler The rose 1979
Bette midler Too many fish in the sea 2014
Bette midler Under the boardwalk 1988
Bette midler Waterfalls 2014
Bette midler What are you doing new year's eve? 2005
Bette midler White christmas 2006
Bette midler Wind beneath my wings 1988
Bette midler Winter wonderland / let it snow! 2006
Bette midler You can't hurry love 2014
Bette midler You don't own me 1996
Better than ezra A lifetime 2005
Better than ezra Good 1995
Bettina wegner Kinder (sind so kleine hände) 1979
Betty boo Doin' the do 1990
Betty everett Let it be me 1964
Betty everett The shoop shoop song (it's in his kiss) 1964
Betty hutton It had to be you 1945
Betty hutton It's oh so quiet 1948
Betty wright After the pain 1987
Betty wright Clean up woman 1971
Betty wright No pain, no gain 1987
Betty wright Tonight is the night 1978
Beverley craven Promise me 1990
Beverley knight Beautiful night 2009
Beverley knight Come as you are 2004
Beverley knight Gold
Beverley knight Gold 2002
Beverley knight Shoulda woulda coulda 2002
Beyoncé ***flawless 2013
Beyoncé 1+1 2011
Beyoncé 7/11 2014
Beyoncé All night 2016
Beyoncé Amor gitano 2007
Beyoncé At last 2008
Beyoncé Ave maria 2008
Beyoncé Baby boy 2003
Beyoncé Back to black 2013
Beyoncé Beautiful liar
Beyoncé Beautiful liar 2007
Beyoncé Before i let go 2019
Beyoncé Bello embustero (beautiful liar) 2007
Beyoncé Best thing i never had 2011
Beyoncé Blue 2013
Beyoncé Broken-hearted girl
Beyoncé Broken-hearted girl 2008
Beyoncé Check on it 2005
Beyoncé Countdown 2011
Beyoncé Crazy in love 2003
Beyoncé Crazy in love (2014 remix) 2014
Beyoncé Crazy in love (no rap version) 2003
Beyoncé Crazy in love / crazy (live the beyoncé experience) 2007
Beyoncé Daddy lessons 2016
Beyoncé Dance for you 2011
Beyoncé Dangerously in love 2003
Beyoncé Déjà vu 2006
Beyoncé Diamonds are a girl's best friend 2007
Beyoncé Disappear
Beyoncé Disappear 2008
Beyoncé Diva 2009
Beyoncé Drunk in love 2013
Beyoncé Ego 2009
Beyoncé Ego
Beyoncé End of time 2011
Beyoncé Fever 2003
Beyoncé Flaws and all 2007
Beyoncé Formation 2016
Beyoncé Freedom 2016
Beyoncé Get me bodied 2007
Beyoncé Grown woman 2013
Beyoncé Halo 2008
Beyoncé Halo
Beyoncé Halo (acoustic) 2010
Beyoncé Haunted 2013
Beyoncé Heaven 2013
Beyoncé Hello
Beyoncé Hello 2008
Beyoncé Hold up 2016
Beyoncé I care 2011
Beyoncé I miss you 2011
Beyoncé I was here 2011
Beyoncé I'd rather go blind 2008
Beyoncé If i were a boy
Beyoncé If i were a boy 2008
Beyoncé Irreplaceable 2006
Beyoncé Jealous 2013
Beyoncé Lay up under me 2011
Beyoncé Love on top 2011
Beyoncé Mine 2013
Beyoncé Naughty girl 2004
Beyoncé Partition 2013
Beyoncé Party 2011
Beyoncé Pray you catch me 2016
Beyoncé Pretty hurts 2013
Beyoncé Radio 2008
Beyoncé Radio
Beyoncé Resentment 2006
Beyoncé Ring the alarm 2006
Beyoncé Rocket 2013
Beyoncé Run the world (girls) 2011
Beyoncé Sandcastles 2016
Beyoncé Save the hero 2008
Beyoncé Scared of lonely 2008
Beyoncé Single ladies (put a ring on it)
Beyoncé Single ladies (put a ring on it) 2008
Beyoncé Smash into you
Beyoncé Smash into you 2008
Beyoncé Sorry 2016
Beyoncé Speechless 2003
Beyoncé Start over 2011
Beyoncé Still in love (kissing you) 2007
Beyoncé Suga mama 2006
Beyoncé Sweet dreams
Beyoncé Sweet dreams 2008
Beyoncé Sweet dreams medley (i am... yours) 2009
Beyoncé Video phone 2009
Beyoncé Why don't you love me 2010
Beyoncé Xo 2013
Beyoncé Yes 2003
Bézu et la classe Ali baba 1987
Bézu et la classe Ali baba
Bézu et la classe La queuleuleu
Bézu et la classe La queuleuleu 1987
Biagio antonacci Non vivo più senza te 2012
Biagio antonacci Sognami 2007
Bianca atzei L'amore vero 2012
Bianca ryan The rose 2006
Bianca ryan Why couldn't it be christmas everyday? 2006
Bibie J'veux pas l'savoir 1986
Bibie Tout doucement
Bibie Tout doucement 1985
Bic runga Sway 1997
Biffy clyro Black chandelier 2013
Biffy clyro Bubbles 2010
Biffy clyro God & satan 2010
Biffy clyro Many of horror 2010
Biffy clyro Mountains 2008
Biffy clyro That golden rule 2009
Biffy clyro The captain 2009
Biffy clyro Who's got a match? 2008
Big & rich 8th of november 2005
Big & rich Big time 2004
Big & rich Comin' to your city 2005
Big & rich Fake i.d. 2011
Big & rich Holy water 2004
Big & rich Kick my ass 2005
Big & rich Live this life 2005
Big & rich Lost in this moment 2007
Big & rich Loud 2007
Big & rich Real world 2005
Big & rich Rollin' (the ballad of big & rich) 2005
Big & rich Save a horse, ride a cowboy 2004
Big & rich Wild west show 2004
Big al carson Take your drunken ass home 2002
Big bad voodoo daddy Mambo swing 1998
Big bad voodoo daddy You & me & the bottle makes 3 tonight (baby) 1998
Big country In a big country 1983
Big cyc Dres 2002
Big daddy weave Redeemed 2013
Big fun Can't shake the feeling 1989
Big fun Handful of promises 1992
Big joe turner Boogie woogie country girl 1956
Big joe turner Flip, flop and fly 1955
Big joe turner Shake, rattle and roll 1941
Big kenny Long after i'm gone 2009
Big mountain Baby, i love your way
Big mountain Baby, i love your way 1994
Big shaq Man's not hot 2017
Big soul Le brio 1995
Big time operator It don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing) 1998
Big time rush Any kind of guy 2010
Big time rush Famous 2009
Big time rush If i ruled the world 2011
Big tom Four country roads 1981
Big tymers Still fly 2002
Bigflo & oli Demain
Bigflo & oli Demain 2018
Bigflo & oli Dommage 2017
Bigflo & oli Dommage
Bigflo & oli Papa 2017
Bikini kill Rebel girl 1993
Bilal hassani Je danse encore 2019
Bilal hassani Roi
Bill baxter Bienvenue à paris 1987
Bill baxter Embrasse-moi idiot
Bill baxter Embrasse-moi, idiot 1985
Bill conti Theme from rocky (gonna fly now) 1976
Bill deraime Babylone tu déconnes 1981
Bill deraime Babylone tu déconnes
Bill deraime Faut que j'me tire ailleurs 1980
Bill deraime Faut que j'me tire ailleurs
Bill haley & his comets Razzle dazzle 1955
Bill haley & his comets Rock around the clock
Bill haley & his comets Rock around the clock 1954
Bill haley & his comets Rock the joint 1957
Bill haley & his comets Rock-a-beatin' boogie 1955
Bill haley & his comets Rocket 88 1951
Bill haley & his comets See you later, alligator
Bill haley & his comets See you later, alligator 1956
Bill haley & his comets Shake, rattle and roll 1954
Bill haley & his comets Shake, rattle and roll
Bill haley & his comets The saints' rock and roll 1958
Bill labounty Livin' it up 1982
Bill medley Brown eyed woman 1968
Bill ramsey Ohne krimi geht die mimi nie ins bett 1962
Bill withers Ain't no sunshine 1971
Bill withers Grandma's hands 1971
Bill withers Just the two of us 1980
Bill withers Kissing my love 1973
Bill withers Lean on me 1972
Bill withers Lovely day 1977
Bill withers Soul shadows 1980
Bill withers Use me 1972
Bill withers Who is he (and what is he to you) 1972
Billie eilish 8 2019
Billie eilish All the good girls go to hell 2019
Billie eilish Bad 2018
Billie eilish Bad guy 2019
Billie eilish Bad guy (with justin bieber) 2019
Billie eilish Bellyache 2017
Billie eilish Bellyache (live) 2018
Billie eilish Bitches broken hearts 2018
Billie eilish Bury a friend 2019
Billie eilish Come out and play 2018
Billie eilish Copycat 2017
Billie eilish Copycat (acoustic) 2017
Billie eilish Everything i wanted 2019
Billie eilish Hostage 2017
Billie eilish I love you 2019
Billie eilish Idontwannabeyouanymore 2017
Billie eilish Ilomilo 2019
Billie eilish Listen before i go 2019
Billie eilish Lovely 2018
Billie eilish My boy 2017
Billie eilish My strange addiction 2019
Billie eilish No time to die 2020
Billie eilish Ocean eyes 2016
Billie eilish Six feet under 2016
Billie eilish Watch 2017
Billie eilish When the party's over 2018
Billie eilish Wish you were gay 2019
Billie eilish Xanny 2019
Billie eilish You should see me in a crown 2018
Billie holiday Ain't nobody's business 1948
Billie holiday All of me 1941
Billie holiday All the way 1945
Billie holiday Can't help lovin' dat man 1937
Billie holiday Come rain or come shine 1955
Billie holiday Crazy he calls me 1949
Billie holiday Don't explain 1959
Billie holiday Easy living 1947
Billie holiday Gloomy sunday 1941
Billie holiday God bless the child 1942
Billie holiday Good morning heartache 1946
Billie holiday I hear music 2001
Billie holiday I'm a fool to want you 1958
Billie holiday Lady sings the blues 1956
Billie holiday Love for sale 1945
Billie holiday Night and day 1933
Billie holiday Until the real thing comes along 1942
Billie jo spears '57 chevrolet 1978
Billie jo spears Blanket on the ground 1975
Billie jo spears Queen of the silver dollar 1970
Billie jo spears Sing me an old fashioned song 1976
Billie jo spears What i've got in mind 1976
Billie myers Kiss the rain 1997
Billie piper Honey to the bee 1998
Billie piper Walk of life 2000
Billie ray martin Your loving arms 1995
Billy 'crash' craddock Rub it in 1974
Billy bland Let the little girl dance 1960
Billy boyd The last goodbye 2014
Billy bridge Le grand m 1962
Billy connolly D.i.v.o.r.c.e. 1975
Billy currington Details 2019
Billy currington Don't 2008
Billy currington Drinkin' town with a football problem 2015
Billy currington Enjoy yourself 2010
Billy currington Good directions 2006
Billy currington Hard to be a hippie 2013
Billy currington Hey girl 2013
Billy currington I got a feeling 2003
Billy currington Let me down easy 2010
Billy currington Like my dog 2010
Billy currington Love done gone 2010
Billy currington Must be doin' somethin' right 2005
Billy currington One way ticket 2013
Billy currington People are crazy 2009
Billy currington Pretty good at drinkin' beer 2010
Billy currington Tangled up 2007
Billy currington That's how country boys roll 2009
Billy currington Why, why, why 2005
Billy dean Billy the kid 1992
Billy dean I wouldn't be a man 1996
Billy dean Let them be little 2004
Billy dean Somewhere in my broken heart 1990
Billy dean Thank god i'm a country boy 2005
Billy dean That girl's been spyin' on me 1996
Billy dean We just disagree 1993
Billy eckstine I got a right to sing the blues 1958
Billy eckstine My foolish heart 1950
Billy eckstine On green dolphin street 1951
Billy eckstine Prisoner of love 1946
Billy eckstine Sunday kind of love 1958
Billy fury A thousand stars 1961
Billy fury Forget him 1983
Billy fury Halfway to paradise 1961
Billy fury I will 1964
Billy fury I'd never find another you 1961
Billy fury In summer 1963
Billy fury In thoughts of you 1965
Billy fury It's only make believe 1964
Billy fury Jealousy 1961
Billy fury Like i've never been gone 1963
Billy fury Somebody else's girl 1963
Billy fury Wondrous place 1960
Billy gilman There's a hero 2000
Billy idol Cradle of love 1990
Billy idol Dancing with myself 1981
Billy idol Eyes without a face 1983
Billy idol Flesh for fantasy 1984
Billy idol Hot in the city 1982
Billy idol L.a. woman 1990
Billy idol Mony mony 1981
Billy idol Rebel yell 1984
Billy idol Scream 2005
Billy idol Shock to the system 1993
Billy idol Sweet sixteen 1987
Billy idol To be a lover 1986
Billy idol White wedding 1983
Billy j. kramer Bad to me 1963
Billy j. kramer Do you want to know a secret 1963
Billy j. kramer I'll keep you satisfied 1963
Billy j. kramer Trains and boats and planes 1965
Billy joe royal Down in the boondocks 1965
Billy joe royal I knew you when 1965
Billy joe royal Tell it like it is 1989
Billy joe shaver Ride me down easy 1982
Billy joel All shook up 1992
Billy joel Hey girl 1997
Billy joel Honesty
Billy joel Just the way you are
Billy joel River of dreams
Billy joel To make you feel my love 1997
Billy joel Where were you on our wedding day? 1999
Billy ocean Caribbean queen (no more love on the run)
Billy ocean Caribbean queen (no more love on the run) 1980
Billy ocean Get outta my dreams, get into my car 1988
Billy ocean Love really hurts without you
Billy ocean Love really hurts without you 1975
Billy ocean Red light spells danger 1977
Billy ocean Suddenly 1985
Billy ocean The colour of love 1988
Billy ocean The long and winding road 1984
Billy ocean There'll be sad songs (to make you cry) 1986
Billy ocean When the going gets tough, the tough get going
Billy ocean When the going gets tough, the tough get going 1986
Billy paul Me and mrs. jones 1972
Billy paul Your song 1972
Billy preston Will it go round in circles 1973
Billy preston With you i'm born again 1979
Billy ray cyrus Achy breaky heart 1992
Billy ray cyrus Achy breaky heart
Billy ray cyrus Brown eyed girl 2020
Billy ray cyrus I want my mullet back 2006
Billy ray cyrus In the heart of a woman 1993
Billy ray cyrus Ready, set, don't go 2007
Billy ray cyrus She's not cryin' anymore 1992
Billy ray cyrus Some gave all 1992
Billy ray cyrus These boots are made for walkin' 1992
Billy ray cyrus Trail of tears 1996
Billy ray cyrus Wher'm i gonna live? 1992
Billy squier Christmas is the time to say i love you 1981
Billy squier Everybody wants you 1982
Billy squier In the dark 1981
Billy squier Lonely is the night 1981
Billy squier Rock me tonite 1984
Billy squier The stroke 1981
Billy stewart Sitting in the park 1965
Billy swan I can help 1975
Billy talent Try honesty 2003
Billy thorpe Children of the sun 1979
Billy vera At this moment 1981
Billy vera Storybook children 1968
Billy ze kick Mangez moi! mangez moi!
Billy ze kick Mangez-moi ! mangez-moi ! 1993
Bing crosby Christmas is a-comin' 1956
Bing crosby Don't fence me in 1944
Bing crosby Get your kicks on route 66 1946
Bing crosby Happy holiday 1942
Bing crosby Here comes santa claus 1949
Bing crosby I'll be home for christmas 2019
Bing crosby In the cool, cool, cool of the evening 1951
Bing crosby It's beginning to look a lot like christmas 1950
Bing crosby It's beginning to look a lot like christmas (with london symphony orchestra) 2019
Bing crosby Jingle bells 1943
Bing crosby Knees up mother brown 1965
Bing crosby Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 2019
Bing crosby Let me call you sweetheart 1934
Bing crosby Mele kalikimaka 1950
Bing crosby Peace on earth / little drummer boy (with london symphony orchestra) 2019
Bing crosby Santa claus is coming to town 1944
Bing crosby Skylark 1942
Bing crosby Swingin' on a star 1944
Bing crosby Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (that's an irish lullaby) 1944
Bing crosby True love 1956
Bing crosby White christmas 1942
Bing crosby White christmas (finale) 1954
Bing crosby White christmas (with london symphony orchestra) 2019
Bing crosby White christmas (with pentatonix & the london symphony orchestra) 2019
Bing crosby Winter wonderland 2019
Bingo players Knock you out 2014
Bird york In the deep 2003
Birdman Written on her 2009
Birdy 1901 2012
Birdy Fire and rain 2011
Birdy Light me up 2013
Birdy No angel 2013
Birdy Not about angels 2014
Birdy People help the people 2011
Birdy Shelter 2011
Birdy Skinny love 2011
Birdy Strange birds 2013
Birdy Tee shirt 2014
Birdy Terrible love 2011
Birdy The a team 2011
Birdy White winter hymnal 2011
Birdy Wild horses 2015
Birdy Wings 2013
Birdy Words as weapons 2013
Bishop briggs Dream 2017
Bishop briggs Never tear us apart 2018
Bishop briggs River 2016
Bishop briggs The way i do 2017
Bishop briggs White flag 2018
Bishop briggs Wild horses 2015
Bitty mclean Dedicated to the one i love 1994
Bitty mclean It keeps rainin' (tears from my eyes) 1993
Biz markie Just a friend 1989
Björk Army of me 1995
Björk Bachelorette 2007
Björk It's oh so quiet 1995
Björk Jóga 1997
Björk Play dead 1993
Black Wonderful life 1987
Black box Everybody everybody 1990
Black box Ride on time 1989
Black eyed peas Beautiful people 2005
Black eyed peas Boom boom pow
Black eyed peas Boom boom pow 2009
Black eyed peas Don't lie 2005
Black eyed peas Don't phunk with my heart 2005
Black eyed peas Don't stop the party 2011
Black eyed peas Hey mama 2004
Black eyed peas I gotta feeling 2009
Black eyed peas I gotta feeling
Black eyed peas Imma be 2009
Black eyed peas Just can't get enough 2010
Black eyed peas Let's get it started 2004
Black eyed peas Meet me halfway
Black eyed peas Meet me halfway 2009
Black eyed peas My humps 2005
Black eyed peas My humps (dance remix) 2005
Black eyed peas Pump it 2006
Black eyed peas Ritmo (bad boys for life) 2019
Black eyed peas Rock that body
Black eyed peas Shut up 2003
Black eyed peas The time (dirty bit) 2010
Black eyed peas Where is the love 2003
Black flag Nervous breakdown 1978
Bläck fööss Bye bye my love 1985
Bläck fööss Drink doch eine met 1974
Bläck fööss Du... (du bes die stadt) 2008
Bläck fööss In unserem veedel 1973
Bläck fööss Katrin 1984
Bläck fööss Mer losse d'r dom in kölle 1998
Bläck fööss Ming eetste fründin 1976
Bläck fööss Unsere stammbaum 2000
Black label society In this river 2005
Black lace Agadoo 1984
Black lace Do the conga 1984
Black lace Hokey cokey 1985
Black lace I am the music man 1990
Black lace Penny arcade 1992
Black lace Superman 1983
Black m French kiss
Black m French kiss 2016
Black m Je garde le sourire
Black m Je garde le sourire 2014
Black m Je ne dirai rien
Black m Je ne dirai rien 2014
Black m Je suis chez moi 2016
Black m La légende black
Black m La légende black 2014
Black m Le prince aladin 2015
Black m Mme pavoshko 2014
Black m Mme pavoshko
Black m On s'fait du mal
Black m On s'fait du mal 2014
Black m Sur ma route
Black m Sur ma route 2014
Black men united (b.m.u.) U will know 1994
Black oak arkansas Jim dandy 1973
Black orpheus Manhã de carnaval 1959
Black pumas Colors 2019
Black sabbath Black sabbath 1970
Black sabbath Changes 1972
Black sabbath Fairies wear boots 1970
Black sabbath Heaven and hell 1980
Black sabbath Iron man 1971
Black sabbath Paranoid 1970
Black sabbath Snowblind 1972
Black sabbath Sweet leaf 1971
Black sabbath The wizard 1970
Black sabbath War pigs 1971
Black sabbath Wicked world 1970
Blackalicious Alphabet aerobics 1999
Blackbear Do re mi 2017
Blackbear Hot girl bummer 2019
Blackberry smoke Good one comin' on 2009
Blackberry smoke Like i am 2009
Blackberry smoke One horse town 2012
Blackberry smoke Son of a bourbon 2008
Blackbird Tell your mama 2019
Blackfoot Highway song 1979
Blackfoot Train, train 1994
Blackgirl Let's do it again 1995
Blackhawk Every once in a while 1994
Blackhawk Goodbye says it all 1993
Blackhawk I sure can smell the rain 1994
Blacko I'm not rich 2015
Blackpink (블랙핑크) Boombayah (붐바야) 2016
Blackpink (블랙핑크) Ddu-du ddu-du (뚜두뚜두) 2018
Blackpink (블랙핑크) Kill this love 2019
Blackstreet Before i let you go 1994
Blackstreet Don't leave me 1997
Blackstreet No diggity 1996
Blackstreet Take me there 1998
Blaine larsen How do you get that lonely 2004
Blaine larsen I don't know what she said 2006
Blaine larsen Spoken like a man 2007
Blake lewis You give love a bad name 2007
Blake shelton A guy with a girl 2016
Blake shelton All about tonight 2010
Blake shelton All over me 2001
Blake shelton Asphalt cowboy 2003
Blake shelton Austin 2001
Blake shelton Boys 'round here 2013
Blake shelton Buzzin' 2014
Blake shelton Came here to forget 2016
Blake shelton Cotton pickin' time 1989
Blake shelton Doin' what she likes 2014
Blake shelton Don't make me 2006
Blake shelton Draggin' the river 2010
Blake shelton Drink on it 2012
Blake shelton Every time i hear that song 2016
Blake shelton Footloose 2011
Blake shelton Friends 2016
Blake shelton Georgia in a jug 2003
Blake shelton Go ahead and break my heart 2016
Blake shelton God gave me you 2011
Blake shelton God's country 2019
Blake shelton Gonna 2014
Blake shelton Good at startin' fires 2008
Blake shelton Goodbye time 2004
Blake shelton Hell right 2019
Blake shelton Hell right (acoustic) 2019
Blake shelton Hillbilly bone 2009
Blake shelton Home 2008
Blake shelton Home (christmas version) 2012
Blake shelton Honey bee 2011
Blake shelton I lived it 2017
Blake shelton I'll just hold on 2008
Blake shelton I'll name the dogs 2017
Blake shelton I'm sorry 2011
Blake shelton Kiss my country ass 2011
Blake shelton Lonely tonight 2014
Blake shelton Mine would be you 2013
Blake shelton My eyes 2014
Blake shelton Neon light 2014
Blake shelton Nobody but me 2004
Blake shelton Nobody but you 2019
Blake shelton Ol' red 2001
Blake shelton Playboys of the southwestern world 2003
Blake shelton Ready to roll 2011
Blake shelton Sangria 2014
Blake shelton She wouldn't be gone 2008
Blake shelton She's got a way with words 2016
Blake shelton Some beach 2004
Blake shelton Someday 2003
Blake shelton Straight outta cold beer 2016
Blake shelton Sunny in seattle 2011
Blake shelton Sure be cool if you did 2012
Blake shelton The baby 2003
Blake shelton The more i drink 2007
Blake shelton Turnin' me on 2017
Blake shelton Underneath the same moon 2003
Blake shelton Who are you when i'm not looking 2010
Blanco brown The git up 2019
Blenders Ciągnik 1996
Blessid union of souls I believe 1995
Bleu jeans bleu Coton ouaté 2019
Blind faith Presence of the lord 1969
Blind melon No rain 1993
Blink-182 Adam's song 2000
Blink-182 After midnight 2011
Blink-182 All the small things 1996
Blink-182 Dammit (growing up) 1997
Blink-182 Down 2003
Blink-182 Feeling this 2003
Blink-182 First date 2001
Blink-182 Going away to college 2000
Blink-182 I miss you 2004
Blink-182 Not now 2004
Blink-182 Stay together for the kids 2001
Blink-182 The rock show 2001
Blink-182 What's my age again? 1999
Bloc party Banquet 2005
Bloc party Helicopter 2004
Bloc party Hunting for witches 2007
Bloc party Like eating glass 2005
Bloc party One more chance 2009
Blof Alles is liefde 2007
Blof Alles is liefde (akoestisch) 2007
Blof Harder dan ik hebben kan 1998
Blof Hier 2000
Blof Later als ik groter ben 2012
Blof Liefs uit londen 1998
Blof Mannenharten 2013
Blof Meer kan het niet zijn 2011
Blof Omarm me 2003
Blof Open je ogen 2014
Blof Wat zou je doen? 1997
Blof Zaterdag 1999
Blof Zo stil 2012
Blof Zoutelande 2017
Blof Zoutelande (feat. geike arnaert) 2017
Blonde I loved you 2014
Blondie Atomic 1979
Blondie Call me
Blondie Call me 1980
Blondie Denis (denee) 1977
Blondie Dreaming 1979
Blondie Hanging on the telephone 1978
Blondie Heart of glass
Blondie Heart of glass 1978
Blondie In the flesh 1976
Blondie Maria 1999
Blondie Medley 2000
Blondie One way or another 1979
Blondie Rapture 1980
Blondie Sunday girl 1978
Blondie The tide is high 1980
Blondie Union city blue 1979
Blood brothers (musical) I'm not saying a word 1983
Blood brothers (musical) Tell me it's not true 1995
Blood, sweat and tears And when i die 1969
Blood, sweat and tears God bless the child 1968
Blood, sweat and tears Hi-de-ho 1970
Blood, sweat and tears Lucretia mac evil 1970
Blood, sweat and tears Spinning wheel 1968
Blood, sweat and tears You've made me so very happy 1968
Bloodstone Natural high 1973
Blossom dearie I wish you love 1964
Blossom dearie Plus je t'embrasse 1958
Blossom dearie Plus je t'embrasse (plus j'aime t'embrasser)
Blu cantrell Breathe 2003
Blu cantrell Don't wanna say goodbye 2003
Blu cantrell Hit 'em up style (oops!) 2001
Blue All rise 2001
Blue Best in me 2002
Blue Breathe easy 2004
Blue Get down on it 2005
Blue I can 2011
Blue If you come back 2001
Blue One love 2002
Blue Signed, sealed, delivered i'm yours 2003
Blue Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Blue Sorry seems to be the hardest word 2002
Blue Too close 2001
Blue U make me wanna 2003
Blue boy Remember me 1997
Blue diamonds Ramona 1960
Blue diamonds Red sails in the sunset 1961
Blue lagoon Break my stride 2004
Blue magic Sideshow 1974
Blue man group Hamster dance 2006
Blue man group I feel love 2003
Blue man group Sing along 2003
Blue october Hate me 2006
Blue Öyster cult (don't fear) the reaper 1976
Blue Öyster cult Burnin' for you 1981
Blue Öyster cult Godzilla 1977
Blue Öyster cult Then came the last days of may (live) 1975
Blue rodeo 5 days in may 1993
Blue rodeo Bad timing 1993
Blue rodeo Try 1987
Blue swede Hooked on a feeling 1974
Blues brothers 2000 634-5789 1998
Blues brothers 2000 Cheaper to keep her 1998
Blues brothers 2000 Funky nassau 1998
Blues brothers 2000 I can't turn you loose 1998
Blues brothers 2000 John the revelator 1998
Blues brothers 2000 Looking for a fox 1998
Blues brothers 2000 New orleans 1998
Blues brothers 2000 Turn on your love light 1998
Blues image Ride captain ride 1970
Blues traveler But anyway 1989
Blues traveler Hook 1994
Blues traveler Run-around 1990
Blues trottoir Un soir de pluie 1987
Blümchen Herz an herz 1996
Blur Charmless man 1996
Blur Coffee & tv 1999
Blur Country house 1995
Blur Girls & boys 1994
Blur Out of time 2003
Blur Parklife 1994
Blur Song 2 1996
Blur Tender 1999
Blur There's no other way 1991
Blur Under the westway 2012
Bo bice Inside your heaven 2005
Bo bice The real thing 2005
Bo diddley Bo diddley 1955
Bo diddley I'm a man 1955
Bo donaldson & the heywoods Billy, don't be a hero 1974
Boa (보아) Eat you up 2008
Bob & marcia Young, gifted and black 1970
Bob & tom The drinking song 1989
Bob azzam Fais-moi le couscous chéri (remix) 1994
Bob b. soxx & the blue jeans Here comes santa claus 1963
Bob beckham Crazy arms 1960
Bob carleton Ja-da (ja da, ja da, jing, jing, jing!) 1918
Bob carlisle Butterfly kisses 1996
Bob dylan Blowin' in the wind 1963
Bob dylan Forever young 1974
Bob dylan Gotta serve somebody 1979
Bob dylan Hurricane 1975
Bob dylan I shall be released 1971
Bob dylan I want you 1966
Bob dylan I'll be your baby tonight 1967
Bob dylan It ain't me babe 1964
Bob dylan Just like a woman 1966
Bob dylan Knockin' on heaven's door
Bob dylan Knockin' on heaven's door 1973
Bob dylan Lay lady lay 1969
Bob dylan Like a rolling stone 1965
Bob dylan Like a rolling stone
Bob dylan Mr. tambourine man 1964
Bob dylan Positively 4th street 1965
Bob dylan Rainy day women #12 & 35 1966
Bob dylan Subterranean homesick blues 1965
Bob dylan Tangled up in blue 1975
Bob dylan The mighty quinn (quinn the eskimo) 1967
Bob dylan The times they are a-changin' 1964
Bob hope Thanks for the memory 1938
Bob lind Elusive butterfly 1966
Bob marley Buffalo soldier 1983
Bob marley Coming in from the cold 1980
Bob marley Could you be loved 1980
Bob marley Could you be loved
Bob marley Get up, stand up 1973
Bob marley I shot the sheriff 1973
Bob marley Iron lion zion 1972
Bob marley Is this love 1978
Bob marley Is this love?
Bob marley Jamming 1977
Bob marley Jamming
Bob marley Kaya 1978
Bob marley Lively up yourself 1976
Bob marley Lively up yourself (45 edit) 1976
Bob marley Lively up yourself (45 edit)
Bob marley Natural mystic 1977
Bob marley No woman, no cry 1974
Bob marley No woman, no cry
Bob marley No woman, no cry (album version) 1974
Bob marley One love (people get ready) 1976
Bob marley Redemption song 1979
Bob marley Satisfy my soul 1978
Bob marley Stir it up 1973
Bob marley Three little birds 1977
Bob marley Turn your lights down low 1980
Bob marley Waiting in vain 1977
Bob seger Against the wind 1980
Bob seger Beautiful loser 1975
Bob seger C'est la vie 1980
Bob seger Chances are 1998
Bob seger Her strut 1980
Bob seger Hollywood nights 1978
Bob seger In your time 1994
Bob seger Katmandu 1975
Bob seger Like a rock 1986
Bob seger Mainstreet 1977
Bob seger Night moves 1976
Bob seger Old time rock & roll 1978
Bob seger Ramblin' gamblin' man 1968
Bob seger Rock and roll never forgets 1977
Bob seger Roll me away 1982
Bob seger Shame on the moon 1982
Bob seger Still the same 1978
Bob seger Sunspot baby 1976
Bob seger The fire down below 1976
Bob seger The fire inside 1991
Bob seger Turn the page 1976
Bob seger Understanding 1985
Bob seger We've got tonight 1978
Bob seger You'll accomp'ny me 1980
Bob sinclar Electrico romantico 2019
Bob sinclar Far l'amore 2011
Bob sinclar Love generation 2005
Bob sinclar Rock this party (everybody dance now) 2006
Bob sinclar Sound of freedom 2007
Bob sinclar Together 2007
Bob sinclar What i want 2007
Bob sinclar World, hold on (children of the sky) 2006
Bob the builder Blonde haired girl in a hard hat 1999
Bob welch Sentimental lady 1977
Bob wills and his texas playboys Faded love 1950
Bob wills and his texas playboys San antonio rose 1938
Bob wills and his texas playboys St. louis blues 1935
Bobbie gentry I'll never fall in love again 1969
Bobbie gentry Morning glory 1969
Bobbie gentry Ode to billy joe 1967
Bobby bare 500 miles away from home 1963
Bobby bare All american boy 1972
Bobby bare Detroit city 1963
Bobby bare Four strong winds 1964
Bobby bare Marie laveau 1974
Bobby bare Tequila sheila 1980
Bobby bland Members only 1985
Bobby bland Stormy monday blues 1961
Bobby bloom Montego bay 1970
Bobby boris pickett Monster mash 1962
Bobby boris pickett Monster's holiday 1962
Bobby brown Every little step 1989
Bobby brown Get away 1992
Bobby brown Good enough 1992
Bobby brown Humpin' around 1992
Bobby brown My prerogative 1988
Bobby brown On our own 1989
Bobby brown Roni 1988
Bobby brown Something in common 1994
Bobby brown Two can play that game 1994
Bobby caldwell What you won't do for love 1978
Bobby darin 18 yellow roses 1963
Bobby darin A nightingale sang in berkeley square 1962
Bobby darin About a quarter to nine 1967
Bobby darin All by myself 1962
Bobby darin All i have to do is dream 2007
Bobby darin Artificial flowers 1960
Bobby darin As long as i'm singing 1964
Bobby darin Baby face 1962
Bobby darin Beatles medley 1971
Bobby darin Beatles medley
Bobby darin Beyond the sea 1959
Bobby darin Bill bailey won't you please come home 1960
Bobby darin Call me irresponsible 1964
Bobby darin Christmas auld lang syne 1960
Bobby darin Clementine 1960
Bobby darin Don't rain on my parade 1966
Bobby darin Dream lover 1960
Bobby darin Feeling good 1966
Bobby darin Hello dolly 1964
Bobby darin Hello, young lovers 1962
Bobby darin I'll be there 1960
Bobby darin If i were a carpenter 1966
Bobby darin Just in time 1994
Bobby darin Lazy river 1961
Bobby darin Mack the knife 1959
Bobby darin More 1964
Bobby darin Multiplication 1961
Bobby darin My funny valentine 1963
Bobby darin On the street where you live 1965
Bobby darin Some of these days 1959
Bobby darin Song sung blue 1972
Bobby darin Splish splash 1958
Bobby darin The curtain falls 1963
Bobby darin The good life 1965
Bobby darin There's a rainbow 'round my shoulder 1962
Bobby darin Things 1962
Bobby darin What a difference a day makes 1964
Bobby day Rockin' robin 1958
Bobby freeman Do you wanna dance 1958
Bobby fuller four I fought the law 1973
Bobby goldsboro Honey 1968
Bobby goldsboro Me and the elephants 1977
Bobby hebb Sunny 1966
Bobby helms Fraulein 1957
Bobby helms Jingle bell rock 1957
Bobby helms My special angel 1957
Bobby lewis Tossin' and turnin' 1961
Bobby mcferrin Don't worry, be happy 1988
Bobby mcferrin Don't worry, be happy (a capella) 1988
Bobby prins Jou herken ik met gesloten ogen 2007
Bobby rydell Forget him 1963
Bobby rydell Sway 1960
Bobby rydell Swingin' school 1960
Bobby rydell Volare 1960
Bobby rydell We got love 1959
Bobby rydell Wild one 1960
Bobby sherman Julie, do ya love me 1970
Bobby solo Du hast ja tränen in den augen 1966
Bobby solo Una lacrima sul viso
Bobby solo Una lacrima sul viso 1964
Bobby solo Una lacrima sul viso (remix) 1990
Bobby vee Come back when you grow up 1967
Bobby vee Devil or angel 1960
Bobby vee How many tears 1961
Bobby vee More than i can say 1961
Bobby vee Rubber ball 1960
Bobby vee Run to him 1961
Bobby vee Sharing you 1962
Bobby vee Take good care of my baby 1961
Bobby vee The night has a thousand eyes 1962
Bobby vee Walkin' with my angel 1961
Bobby vinton Blue on blue 1963
Bobby vinton Blue velvet 1963
Bobby vinton Halfway to paradise 1968
Bobby vinton I love how you love me 1968
Bobby vinton Mr. lonely 1964
Bobby vinton My melody of love 1974
Bobby vinton Please love me forever 1967
Bobby vinton Roses are red (my love) 1962
Bobby vinton Sealed with a kiss 1972
Bobby vinton There! i've said it again 1963
Bobby womack If you think you're lonely now 1981
Bobbysocks! Let it swing 1985
Boby lapointe Aragon et castille 1960
Boby lapointe La maman des poissons 1969
Boby lapointe Ta katie t'a quitté 1964
Bodyrockers I like the way 2005
Böhse onkelz Auf gute freunde 1996
Böhse onkelz Mexico 1994
Bombay bicycle club Luna 2014
Bomshel 19 and crazy 2010
Bomshel Fight like a girl 2009
Bon entendeur La rua madureira 2019
Bon entendeur Le temps est bon 2018
Bon iver Skinny love 2008
Bon jovi (you want to) make a memory 2007
Bon jovi All about lovin' you 2003
Bon jovi Always 1994
Bon jovi Always
Bon jovi Bad medicine 1988
Bon jovi Bed of roses 1992
Bon jovi Bed of roses (acoustic) 1993
Bon jovi Blaze of glory 1990
Bon jovi It's my life 2000
Bon jovi It's my life (unplugged) 2004
Bon jovi Lay your hands on me 1989
Bon jovi Livin' on a prayer 1986
Bon jovi Livin' on a prayer (unplugged) 1989
Bon jovi Never say goodbye 1987
Bon jovi One wild night 2000
Bon jovi Please come home for christmas 1992
Bon jovi This ain't a love song 1995
Bon jovi This house is not for sale 2016
Bon jovi Unbroken 2019
Bon jovi Wanted dead or alive 1987
Bon jovi Wanted dead or alive (live acoustic) 1986
Bon jovi Who says you can't go home 2005
Bon jovi You give love a bad name 1986
Bone thugs-n-harmony I tried 2007
Bone thugs-n-harmony If i could teach the world 1997
Bone thugs-n-harmony Tha crossroads 1995
Boney m Daddy cool
Boney m Mega mix (medley)
Boney m Rasputin
Boney m Rivers of babylon
Boney m Sunny
Boney m. Brown girl in the ring 1978
Boney m. Daddy cool 1976
Boney m. Feliz navidad 1981
Boney m. Going back west 1982
Boney m. Gotta go home 1979
Boney m. Happy song 1984
Boney m. Hooray! hooray! it's a holi-holiday 1979
Boney m. I see a boat on the river 1980
Boney m. Kalimba de luna 1984
Boney m. Ma baker 1977
Boney m. Mary's boy child 1984
Boney m. Mega mix (medley) 2002
Boney m. Painter man 1978
Boney m. Rasputin 1978
Boney m. Rivers of babylon 1978
Boney m. Sunny 1976
Bonifatius Wann trägt der wind mich fort 2004
Bonnie bianco Stay 1987
Bonnie raitt Angel from montgomery 1974
Bonnie raitt Dimming of the day 1994
Bonnie raitt Do i ever cross your mind? 2004
Bonnie raitt Have a heart 1989
Bonnie raitt I can't help you now 2002
Bonnie raitt I can't make you love me 1991
Bonnie raitt I will not be broken 2005
Bonnie raitt Love letter 1989
Bonnie raitt Love me like a man 1972
Bonnie raitt Love sneakin' up on you 1994
Bonnie raitt Lover's will 1998
Bonnie raitt Nick of time 1989
Bonnie raitt Rock steady 1995
Bonnie raitt Runaway 1977
Bonnie raitt Something to talk about 1991
Bonnie raitt Tennessee waltz 2005
Bonnie raitt Thing called love 1989
Bonnie raitt You got it 1989
Bonnie st. claire Bonnie kom je buiten spelen 1980
Bonnie tyler Believe in me 2013
Bonnie tyler Have you ever seen the rain? 1983
Bonnie tyler It's a heartache 1977
Bonnie tyler It's a heartache
Bonnie tyler Lost in france 1976
Bonnie tyler Si demain... (turn around) 2003
Bonnie tyler Si demain... (turn around)
Bonnie tyler Total eclipse of the heart 1983
Booba Pitbull 2007
Boogie boards Hawaiian boogie 2003
Boomkat The wreckoning 2003
Boomtown rats I don't like mondays 1979
Boomtown rats Rat trap 1978
Booty luv Say it 2009
Booty luv Shine 2007
Booty luv Some kinda rush 2008
Boris Soirée disco 1995
Boris gardiner I wanna wake up with you 1980
Boris vian Fais-moi mal johnny 1955
Boris vian J'suis snob 1955
Boris vian La java des bombes atomiques 1955
Borysewicz & kukiz Bo tutaj jest jak jest 2003
Bossa n' marley Get up, stand up 2005
Bosse Schönste zeit 2013
Boston A man i'll never be 1978
Boston Amanda 1986
Boston Don't look back 1978
Boston Foreplay / long time 1976
Boston Let me take you home tonight 1976
Boston More than a feeling 1976
Boston Party 1978
Boston Peace of mind 1976
Boston Rock and roll band 1976
Boston Smokin' 1976
Bots Zeven dagen lang 1976
Boudewijn de groot Avond 1996
Boudewijn de groot Het land van maas en waal 1967
Boudewijn de groot Testament 1967
Bouke Karin 2008
Boule noire Aimer d'amour
Boule noire Aimer d'amour 1978
Boule noire Aimes-tu la vie comme moi ? 1976
Boulevard des airs Bruxelles 2015
Boulevard des airs Cielo ciego 2011
Boulevard des airs Demain de bon matin 2015
Boulevard des airs Emmène-moi 2015
Boulevard des airs San clemente (je voulais vous parler des femmes) 2011
Bourgeois tagg I don't mind at all 1987
Bourvil A bicyclette 1947
Bourvil A dada 1958
Bourvil A joinville-le-pont 1952
Bourvil Ballade irlandaise 1958
Bourvil C'était bien au petit bal perdu 1961
Bourvil La rumba du pinceau 1947
Bourvil La tactique du gendarme 1949
Bourvil La tactique du gendarme
Bourvil La tendresse 1963
Bourvil Les crayons 1945
Bourvil Ma p'tite chanson 1960
Bourvil Pouet pouet 1968
Bourvil Pour sûr 1946
Bourvil Salade de fruits 1959
Bourvil Un clair de lune à maubeuge 1962
Bow wow wow C30, c60, c90, go! 1980
Bowling for soup one more time 2005
Bowling for soup 1985 2004
Bowling for soup Girl all the bad guys want 2002
Bowser and blue Working where the sun don't shine 2003
Box car racer I feel so 2002
Box car racer There is 2003
Boxcar willie Hank williams medley 1980
Boy & bear End of the line 2013
Boy george Everything i own 1987
Boy george Sold 1987
Boy george The crying game 1993
Boy krazy That's what love can do 1994
Boy meets girl Waiting for a star to fall 1988
Boyce avenue A thousand miles 2011
Boyce avenue A thousand years 2013
Boyce avenue All of me 2014
Boyce avenue Apologize 2008
Boyce avenue Attention 2017
Boyce avenue Back for good 2010
Boyce avenue Beautiful girls / stand by me 2008
Boyce avenue Because of you 2008
Boyce avenue Bleeding love 2008
Boyce avenue Blinding lights 2020
Boyce avenue Breakeven 2012
Boyce avenue Call me maybe 2012
Boyce avenue Can't stop the feeling 2016
Boyce avenue Chained to the rhythm 2017
Boyce avenue Cheap thrills 2016
Boyce avenue Circus / just dance 2009
Boyce avenue Closer 2009
Boyce avenue Closer (feat. sarah hyland) 2016
Boyce avenue Demons 2014
Boyce avenue Despacito 2017
Boyce avenue Disturbia 2009
Boyce avenue Don't stop believin' 2009
Boyce avenue Dream on 2016
Boyce avenue Drops of jupiter 2009
Boyce avenue Dynamite 2010
Boyce avenue Every breath 2010
Boyce avenue Every teardrop is a waterfall 2011
Boyce avenue Faithfully 2011
Boyce avenue Firework 2010
Boyce avenue Fix you 2011
Boyce avenue For the first time 2011
Boyce avenue Glad you came 2012
Boyce avenue Grenade 2011
Boyce avenue Happy 2014
Boyce avenue Heathens 2016
Boyce avenue Heaven 2012
Boyce avenue Hello 2016
Boyce avenue Here without you 2011
Boyce avenue Ho hey 2015
Boyce avenue I knew you were trouble 2013
Boyce avenue I look to you 2012
Boyce avenue I want it that way 2012
Boyce avenue I'll be there for you 2012
Boyce avenue I'm not the only one 2016
Boyce avenue Iris 2008
Boyce avenue Ironic 2017
Boyce avenue It ain't me 2007
Boyce avenue It will rain 2012
Boyce avenue It's a beautiful day 2014
Boyce avenue Jar of hearts 2010
Boyce avenue Jumper 2011
Boyce avenue Just can't get enough 2011
Boyce avenue Just the way you are 2010
Boyce avenue Landslide 2009
Boyce avenue Let her go 2013
Boyce avenue Locked out of heaven 2013
Boyce avenue Losing my religion 2017
Boyce avenue Love me like you do 2015
Boyce avenue Memories 2019
Boyce avenue My immortal 2019
Boyce avenue Never enough 2018
Boyce avenue No air 2008
Boyce avenue One more night 2012
Boyce avenue Only girl (in the world) 2010
Boyce avenue Payphone 2012
Boyce avenue Perfect 2010
Boyce avenue Photograph 2015
Boyce avenue Pillow talk 2016
Boyce avenue Radioactive 2013
Boyce avenue Rise 2016
Boyce avenue Roar 2013
Boyce avenue Rolling in the deep 2011
Boyce avenue Say something 2015
Boyce avenue Say you won't let go 2016
Boyce avenue See you again 2015
Boyce avenue Set fire to the rain 2012
Boyce avenue Shape of you 2017
Boyce avenue She will be loved 2010
Boyce avenue Skyscraper 2011
Boyce avenue Somebody that i used to know 2012
Boyce avenue Someone like you 2012
Boyce avenue Someone you loved 2020
Boyce avenue Stay with me 2014
Boyce avenue Story of my life 2014
Boyce avenue Sucker 2019
Boyce avenue Superman 2011
Boyce avenue Tears in heaven 2014
Boyce avenue Teenage dream 2010
Boyce avenue The a team 2012
Boyce avenue The one that got away 2011
Boyce avenue The scientist 2015
Boyce avenue There's nothing holdin' me back 2017
Boyce avenue Thinking out loud 2015
Boyce avenue This is what you came for 2016
Boyce avenue Titanium 2012
Boyce avenue Torn 2017
Boyce avenue Treat you better 2016
Boyce avenue Umbrella 2008
Boyce avenue Use somebody 2011
Boyce avenue Viva la vida 2008
Boyce avenue Want u back 2013
Boyce avenue We are never ever getting back together 2011
Boyce avenue We are young 2012
Boyce avenue We can't stop 2013
Boyce avenue We found love 2011
Boyce avenue What hurts the most 2008
Boyce avenue What makes you beautiful 2011
Boyce avenue When i was your man 2013
Boyce avenue Wherever you will go 2011
Boyce avenue Will you be there 2010
Boyce avenue With you 2008
Boyce avenue Without you 2012
Boyce avenue Wrecking ball 2015
Boys don't cry I wanna be a cowboy 1986
Boys like girls Love drunk 2009
Boys like girls Two is better than one 2009
Boys town gang Can't take my eyes off you 1982
Boyz ii men A song for mama 1997
Boyz ii men I can't make you love me 2009
Boyz ii men I'll make love to you 1994
Boyz ii men In the still of the night (i'll remember) 1992
Boyz ii men It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday 1991
Boyz ii men Motownphilly 1991
Boyz ii men On bended knee 1994
Boyz ii men Thank you 1994
Boyz ii men Thank you in advance 2000
Boyz ii men The color of love 2002
Boyz ii men Vibin' 1995
Boyz ii men Water runs dry 1994
Boyz ii men When i fall in love 2009
Boyzone Because 2018
Boyzone Every day i love you 1999
Boyzone Father and son 1995
Boyzone Gave it all away 2010
Boyzone Higher and higher 2014
Boyzone Love is a hurricane 2010
Boyzone Love will save the day 2013
Boyzone Love you anyway 2008
Boyzone No matter what 1998
Boyzone Picture of you 1997
Boyzone Reach out (i'll be there) 2014
Boyzone The tears of a clown 2014
Boz scaggs Breakdown dead ahead 1980
Boz scaggs Fly like a bird 1994
Boz scaggs Jojo 1980
Boz scaggs Lido shuffle 1976
Boz scaggs Look what you've done to me 1980
Boz scaggs Lowdown 1976
Boz scaggs Sierra 1994
Boz scaggs We're all alone 1976
Br5-49 Cherokee boogie 1996
Br5-49 Seven nights to rock 1998
Brace Alleen 2016
Brace Flink zijn 2016
Brace Why tell me why 2017
Brad paisley Ain't nothin' like 2003
Brad paisley Alcohol 2005
Brad paisley American saturday night 2009
Brad paisley Beat this summer 2013
Brad paisley Bucked off 2018
Brad paisley Camouflage 2011
Brad paisley Celebrity 2003
Brad paisley Country nation 2014
Brad paisley Crushin' it 2014
Brad paisley Don't drink the water 2011
Brad paisley Flowers 2005
Brad paisley Folsom prison blues 2009
Brad paisley He didn't have to be 1999
Brad paisley I wish you'd stay 2002
Brad paisley I'm gonna miss her 2001
Brad paisley I'm still a guy 2008
Brad paisley Last time for everything 2017
Brad paisley Letter to me 2007
Brad paisley Little moments 2003
Brad paisley Long sermon 1999
Brad paisley Me neither 1999
Brad paisley Mr. policeman 2007
Brad paisley Mud on the tires 2003
Brad paisley My miracle 2019
Brad paisley No i in beer 2020
Brad paisley Oh love 2007
Brad paisley Old alabama 2011
Brad paisley One beer can 2017
Brad paisley Online 2007
Brad paisley Perfect storm 2014
Brad paisley Remind me 2011
Brad paisley River bank 2014
Brad paisley Sharp dressed man 2002
Brad paisley Shattered glass 2014
Brad paisley She's everything 2006
Brad paisley Southern comfort zone 2012
Brad paisley Start a band 2008
Brad paisley The best thing that i had goin' 2003
Brad paisley The mona lisa 2013
Brad paisley The old rugged cross 2001
Brad paisley The world 2005
Brad paisley Then 2009
Brad paisley This is country music 2010
Brad paisley Ticks 2007
Brad paisley Today 2016
Brad paisley Try a little kindness (live) 2011
Brad paisley Waitin' on a woman 2008
Brad paisley Water 2009
Brad paisley We danced 1999
Brad paisley Welcome to the future 2009
Brad paisley When i get where i'm going 2005
Brad paisley When i get where i'm going
Brad paisley Whiskey lullaby 2003
Brad paisley Without a fight 2016
Brad paisley Working on a tan 2011
Brad paisley Wrapped around 2001
Brad paisley You need a man around here 2005
Brad wolf Tan lines 2009
Bradd young Grown man 2009
Brady seals Been there, drunk that 2010
Brandi carlile Carried me with you 2020
Brandi carlile That wasn't me 2012
Brandi carlile The joke 2017
Brandi carlile The story 2007
Brandi carlile What can i say 2005